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Linux Engineer Resume Profile


IT professional with proven leadership skills and demonstrated information systems experience in manufacturing, marketing, financials and pharmaceuticals. Proven leadership ability in Data Center staff supervision. readily assimilates new environments.

Technical Skills

Systems software / Hardware methodology: Solaris 6, 8, 9,10 , Red Hat Linux 3, 4, 5, 6 , CentOS 5,6 , F5 Local Traffic Manager and SSL Accelerator, LVM, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas File System, Veritas Cluster, Red Hat Suite, Netscaler, SAN EMC ,VMware,Netbackup, HP-UX 11.x, Jumpstart, Kickstart, Clearcase, Horizon, Tibco, Falcon Case Fraud Manager, Sybase, IPAC, NFS, NIS, MySql, Secure Shell, Samba, Tripwire, Apache, Weblogic, Websphere, Stronghold Secure Web Server, Oracle 7 to 11g, Oracle RAC, Oracle Clusterware, Remedy, Autosys, JCL, IBM LPAR.

Professional Experience


Sr. Linux Systems Administrator

  • Provide Tier 3 level support in a complex Red Hat Linux and HP-UX environment of over 3000 servers located in multiple remote data centers and comprised of a mix of both stand alone boxes and VM's hosted on VMWare ESX. Current versions of Red Hat are 5.7 to 6.3 and HP-UX 11i
  • Install vendor provided OVF image on ESX and build the server per project specifications. Assigned to Projects requiring implementation of new hardware products and custom builds eg. Layer 7 Secure Gateway, Aruba AirWave, HP 4TB SSD IO Accelerator PCI card,
  • The environment includes Oracle 10 11g, BBSA, , Remedy, SAP, HP Insight, HP ILO, AEGIS /Vortex a custom Kickstart software solution,
  • Support and maintain existing Oracle RAC clusters.
  • Perform day to day Level 3 Administration as dictated by Remedy tickets, assigned Projects and problem resolution as required.
  • Sanofi is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France with a very diverse IT culture due to multiple acquisitions which required meeting the specific needs of European and Canadian clients, Genzyme, in Massachsettes, and Merial in Georgia.
  • Mentor and provide knowledge transfer to the offshore Accenture Level 2 team which included remediation of work performed that did not meet a Project's expectations. .
  • Basic scripting to produce SOX compliance reports.
  • Provide on call support for OS patching, upgrades and security update activities, Due to the number of servers, this activity was scheduled to address as many servers as possible within the weekend maintenance window, every weekend. Netbackup Masters and Clients were done during regular business hours.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with SOX and FDA Regulations throughout all stages of the OS and Applications life, from initial build to EOL.


Sr. Linux Engineer

  • Provide Tier 3 level support in a complex Red Hat Linux environment of over 2000 servers comprised of a mix of both stand alone boxes and VM's hosted on VMWare ESX. Current versions of Red Hat are 5.8 and 6.3.
  • Storage is a mix of SAN and NAS EMC NetApp , Oracle Clusterware is the primary choice for high availability,
  • Other components of the environment include Oracle 10 11g, BladeLogic, Remedy, Tripwire, SAP, Tibco, Evolve, Axway, Tivoli TSM, and Acronis..
  • Support and maintain existing Oracle RAC clusters.
  • Current hardware is primarily HP DL's or Blades. but we also support legacy products, eg. Dell.
  • Install and support the OS and all associated hardware and software
  • Debug problems, often in collaboration with multiple groups.
  • Monitor and report on server performance.
  • Evaluate and test new technology and deploy it into the enterprise
  • Ensure compliance with SOX and FDA Regulations throughout all stages of the OS and Applications life, from initial build out to EOL.


Linux Systems Administrator

  • In a Red Hat 5.8, 6.2 , Centos 5.8, 6.2 , Citrix Bare Metal XenServer, Tomcat, JBoss environment, primary projects currently are to install and configure a Red Hat Satellite server and Spacewalk for Centos and perform day to day Systems Administrator tasks as required.
  • Evaluate and recommend security tools which also provide audit reporting capabilities. Currently I am comparing the Tripwire commercial product against the auditd capabilities built into the Red Hat kernel.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues on servers, eg. Cron not running in a Xen hosted Centos nodes, certain Xen nodes out of sync with NTP, root not receiving mail, identifying what devices map to what in a iSCSI configuration where the NIC is connecting to LUNs from two different SAN vendors: Netapp EqualLogic in preparation for migrating all of the SAN to EqualLogic and migrating all current stand alone Red Hat servers to Xen.
  • Provide day to day Systems Administration support as required.
  • Mentor team members whose skill set is primarily Windows. I am currently the only Senior Linux Administrator and will also be responsible for collaborating with a Junior level Linux Admin. being brought on board.
  • ERT provides clinical trial services to the Pharmaceutical industry and own a medical equipment manufacturer in Germany. As such, I am required to document work done to comply with both FDA and SOX requirements and package the documentation so that it's available to internal and external auditors on demand using OTRS, a free software application.


Install / Test Engineer CCE Merchandiser

  • CCE Merchandiser, aka CCE Storefront is Motorola Mobility's product for delivering Video on Demand VOD and on demand delivery of music, games and enhanced TV Applications..
  • Using the Scrum Project Management framework, worked in a Development Team made up of 9 to 13 people with cross-functional skills who do the actual work analyse, design, develop, test, technical communication, document, etc. . The Development Team in Scrum is self-organizing, interfacing with the project management organization.
  • Build HA cluster using RHCS on a Red Hat Linux 5.6 OS platform by performing the following: Install Oracle 11g R2 64 bit Enterprise Edition on the DB Servers with RAC, install Oracle 11g R2 64 bit Client and support libraries from the Oracle 11g R2 32 bit Client. Create Tablespaces and Users. Install IBM Websphere Application Server WAS 6.1 and 7.0 and the IBM HTTP Server. Install Tomcat and deploy Webapps with Tomcat.
  • The Merchandiser product is made up of at least three proprietary component applications and a third-party search and recommendation engine named Attivio. Each component was installed on 2 nodes of the HA Cluster while Attivion was installed on three.
  • Implementation of relational database systems: Oracle DB and web server technologies including XML, HTML, HTTP/ and Web Services / SOAP protocol.
  • Configured WAS from scratch, eg. creating a new Enterprise Application, mapping Modules to the Servers, mapping Virtual Hosts to the Modules, relating the Shared Libraries to the WAR and deploying the new WAR file.
  • Customize sshd to allow the customer to tunnel in and drop content using sftp.


Linux / Unix Engineer Application Integration

  • Primary responsibility was to provide services as assigned to multiple Project Teams. i.e Corporate wide conversion of the Lawson ERP product to Oracle, upgrade and support the Autosys product during new server rollouts and additional ongoing and new Projects.
  • Install, configure and provide 2nd and 3rd level support for multiple Security and Productivity Applications in a cross platform environment which consisted of Red Hat Linux, Solaris 10, HP-UX and Windows Server running TWS/Maestro, Autosys, PowerBroker, Tripwire, Appworx and SOX Log Review.
  • Responsible for the renewal of 1.4 million dollars in annual maintenance contracts.
  • Manage the Corporate SOX log server providing evidence for quarterly and annual audits.
  • Design, install, and troubleshoot a suite of job scheduling tools that manage over 300,000 tasks.
  • Administer login and group permissions in Solaris, RHEL, and HP-UX
  • Set up Tivoli Workload Scheduler to operate in a Windows Server 2003/2008 cluster.
  • Integrate software into a complex distributed architecture of Enterprise-level servers, Oracle RAC, SAN, and Apache Web services.
  • Author technical documents for various applications and processes.


Platform Engineer - System Design

  • Primary responsibility was to script the automated install of application packages such as Tibco and Oracle Coherence using Bash then deploy the packages across the enterprise with custom built RPMs.
  • Built custom RPM's from scratch, creating both the SOURCE and SPEC files.
  • Provided Third Level support for applications running on Red Hat Linux and Solaris.
  • Managed the local YUM repository server..
  • Scripted the installation of patches and updates to the Falcon Case Fraud Manager deploying them via RPM on Solaris. Primarily the patches and updates applied to Websphere's xml and jar files.
  • Documented processes and procedures for projects I was assigned to.
  • Active role as a member of the Development Group team in the Bank wide project for migrating all servers from Solaris to Red Hat Linux by the currently defined deadline of December 31, 2010.


Platform Engineer Sr. Systems Administrator

  • Provide Systems solutions in an Enterprise environment for a diverse client community:
  • Proven track record incorporating ability to architect, design, implement and manage systems, databases and networks.
  • Actively managed Sun and Linux servers , stand alone and clustered at both local and multiple remote sites, Sun running on proprietary hardware Linux on HP Opteron. Server functions included Oracle Application Server, Oracle RAC, Weblogic, Websphere, Siteminder, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas File System, Veritas Clustering, RHCS, LVM, SAN, Clearcase, Netbackup, LDAP, Security, Web based Scientific Journal subscriptions, and custom applications specific to pharmaceutical development, testing, tracking, and FDA compliance.
  • Installed Test and Development Red Hat instances inside VMWare sessions.
  • Using the Project Management Framework, developed and implemented a support model for the F5 network appliance, a SSL Accelerator and Local Traffic Manager load balancing , including SOP's and Work Instructions.
  • Managed work requirements for customizing and implementing software solutions involving business partners and third party vendors located internationally which required sensitivity to cultural differences. Trained and mentored outsourcing staff.
  • Proactively ensured that all servers were in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act SOX and FDA Validation 21 CFR 11 .
  • Maintained and modified Korn, Bourne, BASH, and Perl scripts.
  • Managed and coordinated migration of Applications for server consolidation projects. .
  • Built and managed a remote Disaster Recovery site including daily replication and nightly uploads of production data to servers attached to both SAN connected EMC Clarion devices and locally attached disk arrays.
  • Maintained recommended and security patches at current levels.
  • Problem determination / resolution on an ad hoc basis, in a 24x7 Enterprise Environment.


Unix and Oracle Administration

  • MCS was a designated Sun Microsystems and Oracle PVAR.
  • Internet and Data Warehousing / Data Mining System and Network Administration.
  • Troubleshooting user reported workstation and network problems, verified backups and network connectivity, analyzed disk and web traffic usage, and security reports.
  • Installed, configured, and supported Apache Web Server and Stronghold Secure Web Server.
  • Configured multi-homed NIC's to support Apache Virtual Hosts.
  • Configured Linux workstations. Installed and configured Solaris 2.x, install internal and external arrays, RAID, CPU's, Veritas Volume Manager, additional memory, and Ethernet cards in Sun 450's and E3500's.
  • Applied patches. Configured NFS and NIS. Mirrored disks using DiskSuite. Assisted in configuring Symbios - Metastor RAID devices using Veritas.
  • Installed and configured multiple third party and GNU software packages such as MySql, Secure Shell, Mutt, Samba, Tripwire, KDE Desktop, Apache, Stronghold Secure Web Server.
  • Maintained and modified Perl, Expect, Korn, and Bourne, shell scripts. Supported Unix to Mainframe processing. Completed Sun Microsystems Solaris 2.x Systems Administration I and II, Network Administration, and Oracle Intro SQL PL/SQL.


Technical Analyst

  • Provided first level problem determination and resolution in a distributed, platform environment Fixed Income, Futures and Commodities : SunOS, Solaris, AS400, Mainframe.
  • My first assignment was to migrate the AS400 Futures and Commodities processing from Chicago to Princeton and train the Operations staff.
  • Established the newly formed Distributed Platform area in Operations. Primarily a Sun environment this required analyzing and resolving problems that occurred due to such conditions as CPU utilization, resource contention, file space utilization, NFS read / write errors and NIS / Network related failures. Also shutdown and startup of clients, tape backup and restores, direct support of users and Sybase DBA's, producing reports using vi, and creating simple shell scripts.

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