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Testing Engineer Resume Profile


  • Comprehensive software testing experience with a variety of commercial tools in both an enterprise high-tech environment
  • Extensive experience in all phases of software testing - unit, system, functional, integration, regression, performance, stress, prototype, documentation, use case, customer acceptance testing process/methodologies using manual and automatic tools
  • Hands on experience and knowledge of software automation, test management, defect tracking, source code control tools.
  • Water Fall Agile of Software development life cycle SDLC on project management experience utilizing Microsoft Project - planning, requirements gathering, modeling, architecture, configuration management, code, test, deployment, documentation, support.
  • Software development implementation experience using C/C /Shell/Perl/VB script design architect/framework/component test
  • Multiple platform/OS/design, mainframe/mid size/PC, Unix/Linux/Windows/Solaris, Client/Server, Firmware/R D/Factory, Lan/Wan/San/Man Network and ERP, SAP, Web Logic, Remedy, Business Objects, Call Center Application, Network Security, etc
  • Gained multi Database experience: Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Access, C C and IBM DB2 on Access and test DB server functions, DB Migration/Update/Split/Test Data/Data Mapping/Data Models/Scripting or Creating Data Scripts, etc
  • Results-oriented individual who always completed projects early or on time even if meant voluntarily working extra hours
  • Recognized as an effective and motivational team player and for having problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Received recognition and many individual and team awards for quality of work and customer satisfaction.


  • Computer Hardware: IBM mainframe AS400, VAX, Sun, HP Microsoft Servers, a variety of PCs
  • Language Software: C , C, COBOL, PowerBuilder, Shell script, SAS, Java, .Net, XML, HTML, VB, VBS, TL1 and variety software
  • Operating Systems: UNIX: HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Linux, MVS, Windows
  • Databases: Oracle, Informix, SQL, Access, Sybase, DB2
  • Testing Tools: WinRunner, QTP, Quality Center, LoadRunner, Doors, Robot, ClearQuest, ClearCase, XML, Selenium, JUnit
  • Network Components: Novell Netware, Ethernet, IBM O/S 2 LAN Server IBM Certified



Senior Contractor TESTER

  • Responsible Oracle DB updates from 8 to 11and some application regression tests on test plan/cases. The query though the SEQUEL command
  • Designed and developed Oracle DB Server name changed project test plan/test cases for many applications that used Oracle DB
  • Compared new and old versions for database tests evaluating tables before, during and after version upgrade. Ensured application links worked appropriately and DB Server function, fixed many bugs while testing the application which were affected by this update
  • Ran multi-tiers architecture regression test packages though CICS Transaction Server to IBM mainframe DB2, return results next day. found many bugs, improved the application quality
  • Updated regression test scripts including the DB update link tests and corrected many links problems by HP/Mercury Quality Center



  • Responsible archaic, design, develop, estimate training manual/automatic/performance test and testing process/procedure for AirNet ERP SAP, web, GUI, DBs Webservice on new function/regression/performance tests requirement support help desk error ticket
  • Designed developed manual/automatic testing process/procedures to meet SDLC process Water fall Agile compliance with ISO/SOX standards to better plan, reporting, error tracking document to source control. With my work, company passed SOX audit
  • Developed detail testing process/procedures, documented templates set error tracking/severity lever criteria, tested review process, maintain test servers lab environment, test database that improve application quality, reduce development life cycle.
  • Designed .Net Web, Java BEA Web Service and Power Builder GUI manual automatic tests on base on Windows base applications UNIX base Oracle/Informix database for AirNet Order/Process/Report/Package tracking management system. Tested all new or update Business Object reports each release for operational package shipment/charter flight system. The resulted improved system.
  • Many times Informix Oracle DB migration/update/split testing on DBs by using PL/SQL and other tools though the SEQUEL command that effect application mid-tier which use the DBs data. The results are adding new, enhance existing function to system
  • Automatic Java BEA Web Service regression by QTP with SOAP protocol partially automate PowerBuilder GUI regression by WinRunner ,Net web by Selenium save regression run from days to hours improve quality. Maintain both regression packages
  • Contact to company business, Call Center/Account/other Departments., to gather their need, wrote functional requirements use cases review the functional requirements use cases with developer and end users. Enhanced operational speed and result
  • Performed ERP/SAP/Business Objects/Price/Policy Management testing included Order Creation/Order Courier Management/Fly resource/Real time reports, marketing to support company business needs found bugs, improved quality business satisfaction.
  • Internal/external Technical/Desktop Support on hardware/Software/network/OS. Recreate service ticket from internal external customer, find the problem solution, return ticket to help desk save the time and help the internal external customers
  • Train and mentor new or recent on broad tester to quick on job help call center trainer to learn new software release save time



  • Designed developed Retail POS Point Of Service new function manual test for Gift/Money Card and Instant Credit Application
  • Planned/wrote POS new function test plan, test cases regression tests suggested and enhanced software testing process
  • Executed those new functional tests and regression test scripts in the test lab against POS software. Identified many bugs. Reran the tests after performing the fix that improved the software quality.



  • Designed, developed new feature, regression, performance tests and automation on GUI Command line tests under Window, UNIX environment with Oracle database, BEA WebService and Java front for Bellsouth DSL Broadband Network Manage System architect for DSL operating service on service/order/provisioning/fault management, measurements and reports. Some ERP SAP testing as well
  • Designed and developed new feature regression/performance tests and automation on GUI/WebService/Command line tests under Window UNIX environments with Oracle database, BEA WebService in middle and Java front
  • Designed and developed Security and fault management new feature test cases on GUI command lines. Identified many bugs. Reran the tests after the fix, which improved the software quality.
  • Performed database migration/update/split tests, querying the Oracle DB before/after running the desired test to insure the data saved/updated to the correct table s and database utilizing tools and/or from C: prompt by though the SEQUEL command. Enhanced business function and records
  • Studied set system performance model used LoadRunner ran performance tests, find application performance bottlenecks the max number of stations on hardware/software that did 1st time suggested hardware/software change to improve system performance.
  • Designed San/Man disaster recovery tests on standby and/or load sharing servers mode that including severs in same room/building/ metropolitan or different location successfully lead a team run the test to improve better operational service
  • Used WinRunner/Quick Test Profession to automate regression tests to save the regression run time from weeks to days.
  • Used TestDirector to write test plan/cases, drive WinRunner/Quick Test Pro scripts and track the system errors. Improved source code control, quality through better planning and documentation. Help add document test to the record keeping passing ISO auditing.
  • Recreated field problems and retested after the fix for the field data migration/Generic Update to achieve customer satisfaction.



  • Acting as a consultant on various projects established tool selection use to perform system/regression automation save test run time
  • Performed the interface/functional testing on Mainframe/Desktops for Nationwide software on front PC , middle server AS400 MS server backend IBM mainframe to improve the system quality, system compatibility and reuse of test eases
  • Used WinRunner TestDirector to automate the desktop GUI regression tests which resulted in the reduction of the run time from weeks to few days -
  • Performed the functional tests on HP Alpha Intel Itanium II 64 bits processors instruction level binary translation tests. Identified many bugs. Reran the tests after performing the fix that improved the software quality. -
  • Executed performance modeling for Intel Itanium II replaced HP Alpha project. Used Rational Robot and Team Tester tools to perform regression, load/performance/reliability tests. Saved regression run time improved performance.
  • System, printer and Unicode tests on barcode new release on Windows 98, 2000, NT XP. Improved product compatibility -



  • Designed, developed end-to-end eight applications integration and automation Web/GUI/Command line tests on Window/UNIX/mainframe Client/Server mode with Oracle database Sequel command , for Global Crossing Verizon optical network's fault management, measurements and reports though the manual and automatic tests. Did customer acceptance tests, field support/up grade/migration on onside/in houses. Worked on UMTS 3G wireless project on HLR, VLR, AC, Short and Unified message.
  • Service Management, Network Management and Element Management test cases for Optical network manual and automatic tests which resulted in improved quality and developed new technology
  • Tested new functional and system integration manual tests including take/cancel/change orders scenarios and performed fault management to meet customer's field operation needs.
  • Used Lucent fault management and network management system to manage system level of alarms for Lucent and non-Lucent products. Successfully tested network elements under service affected and non-affected conditions so that system would pin point the problem location and retrieve trouble reports.
  • Performed integration tests and monitored for Global Crossing Verizon projects, identified many bugs in the integration solution.
  • Successfully managed Global Crossing Verizon integration test project and demonstrated the optical network end-to-end solution tests onsite/in house which led customers to accept each lease of Lucent 7 application products.
  • Wrote the test plan and test cases based on requirements, integration scenarios task model to meet ISO compliance.
  • Automated regression tests by WinRunner scripts. Completed performance test using LoadRunner saved 75 of execution time.
  • Configured lab on linear, UPSR, BLSR ring/linear and other customer field configuration to satisfy needs improve the compatibility
  • Conducted web performance prototype testing by using Silk performer and Silk tools to study possible new application
  • Designed and developed IN/ATM credit card service feature on manual and automatic tests which resulted in better business flow
  • Host Web testing workshop in department to train the new and recent join project engineers to quickly on job
  • Used ClearQuest/ClearCase to control source code, document track defects and Doors as requirement tool to improve system quality
  • Tested new web prototype of development on Remedy base program, find many bugs to learn application on new software.
  • Worked on UMTS 3G wireless project on HLR, VLR, AC, Short and Unified message. Help to development on new technology


  • Responsible for Automation Web GUI front regression and manual system, functional, intersystem tests for Telephone VPN service. This product use Sybase/Oracle Sequel command , Client/Server and objective-oriented design on UNIX back end windows front end
  • Led Automation team to automating Web GUI regression packages by Mercury WinRunner and LoadRunner on performance tests for VPN Service Management System. The results were reducing regression run from few days to a day, increases system performance.
  • Developed integration tests for a German DMTS project. The integrated project testing included Web-JAVA/GUI/Command line tests on order network management/reports/billing/system administration tests for intelligent network service billing. Easy on operation
  • Evaluated a variety of commercial tools, automation/performance/error tracking/source code control test management for Lucent.
  • Used QA Run QA Load on German DMTS project regression and stress tests that saved more than 50 in execution time.
  • Successfully completed order management interface tests working with an IBM developer in Seattle a field person in Confidential
  • Successfully demonstrated Wireless IN feature tests that led to Sprint PCS accepted product new release that reduce development time
  • Supported Sprint PCS data migration/generic update on-site and remotely to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Reviewed user and administrator technical documents found many mismatch that resulted in documents improvement.


  • Lead tester, responsible for manual automatic on performance, functional, system, interface regression test of Intelligent Network application new features tool development. The product is UNIX, C, C environment used Shell/Perl scripts, HP/Sun workstation
  • Led test team that met/exceeded deadlines under normal and/or pressured schedule software to manage project. utilizing timeline. Managed new release by using critical pass and two level contingency techniques to met or exceeded external customer satisfaction
  • Implemented maintained the application and operation regression packages that reduced run time from one week to a day.
  • Designed and wrote scripts to verify the application feature system and intersystem test cases and executed them on both software simulation lab environment always meeting or ahead of project schedule.
  • Reviewed and found the features' requirements defects that result of shortens the application development cycle.
  • Developed, implemented maintained background SS7 traffic tool using C/C /shell script to simulate the network traffic to anticipate application overload which increased the quality of the application.
  • Trained new or recently on join group members to become better qualified testing engineers.
  • Used Sublime in-house tool to control documents, source code, version and track defects to improved the quality of the system.



Supervised staff of four technicians to support PC hardware, software and Local Area Network's LAN problems. Provided consultation to custom hardware, application needs, Novell Local Area Network design, installation, setup and trouble-shooting

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