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Desktop Support Specialist Resume


  • Led networking, configuration and installation activities for 1,500 to 6,250 End user's access controlled print management system using card swipe technology for a renowned RI university. Converted people over to 2008-2010 Microsoft exchange server, also supported 2007-2010,2013 Microsoft products, office, word, excel, PowerPoint, one note upgrades on over 1500 to 3000 computer systems
  • Oversaw networking, configuration, installation and troubleshooting of hardware and software systems on a variety of platforms and operating systems for thousands of end users within tight deadlines utilizing a variety of issue management systems.
  • Provided hands on IT desktop, hardware, software and networking support to senior executives, including CIO, CEO and executive leadership teams, including Voicemail and Cicso phone systems.
  • Developed technical skills to support desktop, database servers, hardware, software printer and audio/visual hardware for academia, retail, medical and manufacturing environments. Training Microsoft end users in product usage.
  • Installed maintained print management system using card interface and ID recognition, server provided information and HP-9050 printer systems.
  • Installed and handled multiple clients suing ghost imaging and other client software installation.
  • Helpdesk ticketing software, trackit, heat,
  • Microsoft Office / Active Directory /DNS / DHCP
  • Ability to sit at a desk and work on a computer as needed
  • Ability to frequently lift and move equipment up to 35 poundsandled all AV/Computer and Phone installation and troubleshooting



  • Supporting clients with troubleshooting, new hardware and software installation and providing day to day support to senior and executive staff
  • Facilitating data transfers to new machines, configuring new laptops, installing and setting up VPN access, including hardware and software
  • Providing customer support of Crystal Reports, including client installation and database setup
  • Computer hardware repair and replacement for desktops and laptops Software troubleshooting for Microsoft OS through Windows 7, Mac OSx, and Microsoft Office. Virus removal and antivirus software configuration, Data Migration, Network setup and support including, routers, switches, server support, and network printer setup and support
  • Remedy ticketing system to create and track trouble tickets
  • Successfully assisted 150-225 clients a week,, Microsoft email systems. System installs upgrading windows 7-Data base management.
  • Working with multiple versions of Macintosh and clients of windows 7, and XP, and active directory experience. Microsoft outlook experience and all technical support of program and set up.
  • Symantec Antivirus installation and all antivirus support- monitoring for virus etc.


Technical Engineer

  • Provided troubleshooting and repair of personal computers, printers, A/V equipment
  • Trained end-users in basic computer operations, Microsoft Office products, wireless and hard-wired network operations for business users
  • Installed and trained end users on OS-7-XP-Microsoft 2003,2007,2010-
  • Administration support adding removing users deploying computers in a corporate environment, providing support with exchange server
  • Provided support for over 1,000 end users in a HP/Dell environment
  • Troubleshooting Phone, printer, computer issues-using a variety of equipment and programs, including, Microsoft, lotus notes and outlook email.
  • Also train end users on outlook email and phone use and also Macintosh computers as well, Hands on support for server/ network/ telecom equipment


End User Device Specialist

  • Field all technical calls, emails, walkups personal computers, printers, A/V equipment. Installed, all Microsoft programs-2003-2007-2010-2013
  • Handled all Phone installation and troubleshooting,
  • 2008-2010 Microsoft exchange server, worked with office 365 converted over 1500 end users and supported all Microsoft products in the move over
  • Troubleshoot all 100 sales staff, VPN, printers, Ipad's and I phones
  • Provided hand's on IT desktop, hardware, software and networking support to senior executives, including CIO, CEO and executive leadership teams, including voicemail and Cisco phone systems, implement effective customer satisfaction strategies by identifying and eliminating the root causes of customer problems.
  • Assembled and installed a wide array of computer systems workstations, and peripheral hardware.
  • troubleshoot email issues within Office 365 Strong hands-on knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2013, VPN client installs
  • Installed printer management systems throughout the university installing both hardware and software for the system, using HP printers 9050 set up and install


Computer Support Administrator

Provide system administration and network management

  • Updated vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, including but not limited to password change processing, centralized and distributive network connection
  • Installing, configuring and administering network technologies protection and upgrading the SMTP settings
  • Configuring NIS Servers for Centralized and secure Password and Login Management
  • Recover of root password securing terminals
  • Setting up and securing printers and securing them with updates and password protection, also Computer assembling and maintenance
  • Desktop support troubleshooting and making sure all equipment is functional on daily basis, also able to remote in and configure computers printers and other electronic devices or in or face to face with the end user


Computer Technician End User Device Specialist Support


Desktop Support Specialist

  • Handled all technical set ups and migrating windows xp to windows 7- installed VPN, and troubleshooting IPhone and desktop support
  • andled all technical support printing and upgrading of all system, worked on contract while upgrading installation and business user set up for both Windows and Macintosh environments their system and computer moves


Desktop Support Technician

  • Supported products and services for Macintosh and Windows users
  • Provided troubleshooting and resolution to user problems via phone, email, web and in person using issue Heat issue management system.
  • Maintained Set up and administered client email/ Microsoft, lotus notes, handling all printing and technical support for VPN access and all networking of computer equipment.
  • Upgrading to windows 7-microsoft-also,training staff on use of Microsoft products-learning to interact with clients and end users in a business environment, Networking and hardware installs on a daily bases
  • Maintained the LAN network operations, including hardware software installation and set-up, documentation, administration, technical maintenance and user support


Computer Technician

Network connectivity, Laptops, desktops and printers A/V equipment set up and connections College-wide phone system TV service set up VCR and projector equipment New technologies implemented on campus.


Camera Technician/Computer Operations

  • Set up and managed elected official's equipment, computer repairs and A/V set up's including setup and maintenance of lighting, videotaping and editing equipment
  • Managed and provided technical support for all equipment setups, videotaping, and editing equipment including camera operations for commercial programming
  • Integrated computer and camera equipment for on-air productions

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