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Project Manager Resume Profile


  • Confidential is an effective communicator and motivator with over twenty years of experience delivering products and projects on time and cost. His areas of expertise include direction, planning, and management of software development, systems/software engineering, systems integration, and design and implementation of enterprise solutions. He has lead teams of up to 20 personnel and directed projects in the 20 million range. He has also established himself as an agile project management methodologies and object oriented analysis and design expert.
  • He has provided enterprise level solutions for both Federal DoD US Postal and State Governments. He also has experience in the Healthcare, Bio-Engineering and Pharmaceutical industries including organizations that are HIPAA and FDA compliant. He has experience managing and leading projects in CMMI Level 3, CMM Level 5 and ISO-9000 compliant organizations. He is also a lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and trained in DoD-5000.
  • Confidential is also an experienced mentor and has been a guest lecturer at Villanova University regarding Service Oriented Architecture and is an adjunct professor teaching project management to graduate students.

Work Experience:


having been a guest lecturer in Service Oriented Technology joined the faculty at Villanova University to teach Program Management and Foundation of Algorithms and Data Structures at the graduate level. Based on his experience in simulation and graphics he is also be working on the CAVE system which will provide a full 360 degree virtual reality simulation of the vatacin and other future sites.


Responsible for all aspects of development, distribution, technical support, and maintenance of ANSAR's medical device technology. Oversight and execution of engineering activity, ownership of FDA GMP policy and procedures, staff training, and ensured facility IT support. Proposed many cost saving measures like the outsourcing of printing services and copier lease programs. The ANSAR medical device is a software integration with an EKG device with BP cuff. The software is a LabView based application that integrates with report generation tools. ANSAR encountered severe financial difficulties and is expected to close in the near future. ACT CRM software integration with IP phone system to add customer information automated lookup for support personnel.

Project Manager


  • Authored statements of work. Project management efforts utilized MS Office, MS Project. Software development efforts in C/C /JAVA utilizing Rally for SCRUM efforts. Aircraft relative navigation datalinks utilized Electronic GPS INS EGI Tactical Targeting Network Technology TTNT radios. Embedded systems utilized identical hardware configurations for the X-47b with the NAPIE architecture.
  • Planned costs, budget, spending plans
  • Managed tanker system portion of the master schedule
  • Managed vendor deliverables
  • Co-authored requirements and participated in requirement reviews
  • Authored proposal in response to SBIR RFP regarding voice recognition technology.
  • Performed site-surveys at several USN bases for test suitability
  • Negotiated with site vendors for support activity for flight tests
  • Selected team members to participate as flight test engineers and orchestrated their training
  • Acted as product owner for subsystem development in a SCRUM project
  • Worked with logistics to ensure all assets were on-site and on-time
  • Procured components for system development including network infrastructure, antennas, rack mounted systems
  • Managed design, and production, test, installation, approvals, de-installation of all the tanker systems
  • Coordinated with aircraft maintenance facilities to ensure aircraft antenna installation
  • Managed and executed encryption for data link radios with two person integrity devices
  • Ensured travel plans for the team including test-site housing arrangements
  • Confidential also provided systems engineering support for and the development of the Joint Test and Evaluation System project. Integration of such into the F/A-18 D/E/F, MH-60S, and King Air test vehicles in support of Navy Unmanned Combat Air System N-UCAS and Joint Precision Approach Landing System JPALS test and evaluation efforts. Design includes several rack mounted systems to provide data link communications between aircraft, an engineering workstation, a tanker operator station, and all EGI interfaces utilizing 1553, ARINC-429, RS-422, and Ethernet interfaces.


  • Maintain the vision for the ATC system for the US Aircraft Carrier Fleet, including the amphibious fleet. This entailed all aspects of program management and direction. Software development in C/C /JAVA for the VxWorks,LINUX Fedora, BlueCat , and Windows operating systems. Project management efforts utilized MS Office, ClearCase, Requiisite Pro, and DoxyGen.
  • Directed the execution of approximately 20 mil in contracts
  • Lead a team of 20 senior software/systems engineers in the maintenance and new development, ensure the team remained goal oriented
  • Participate in the PMA Integrated Project Team as the systems engineer
  • Estimation of new efforts, spend planning, and budget tracking
  • Ensure resource levels by performing formal resource analysis
  • Pursue CMMI Level 4 compliance
  • Directed the development efforts to follow established systems engineering principles
  • Organize and manage the integration of external systems as in the following:
  • JPALS Engineering Change Proposal
  • SPN-46 Life Cycle Extension Engineering Change Proposal to utilize TPX-42 hardware as a replacement for the SPN-46
  • N-UCAS R D integration and ship based flight test support
  • Organize and manage core efforts of ATC software activities:
  • Participate in the fleet Change Control Sub Board CCSB for change proposal management
  • Field Change 3 Engineering Change Proposal to integrate Mode 5
  • Field Change 2 fleet support such as ship installation, field support, and laboratory debugging of field issues

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