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System Analyst Resume Profile

Key Accomplishments

  • IT solution provider chosen by Lowe's executive management to return for subsequent consulting engagements to perform root cause analysis and correct a 70MM project failure.
  • Designed software enhancements to increase accuracy of forecasts 22 by connecting planning and execution systems, increasing collaboration with vendors and improving system integration.
  • Managed technical solutions to project spanning over 100 applications and 4,000 data feeds, processing millions of records nightly. Facilitated business analysts and off-shore resources to resolve outstanding defects and regain clarity on the effort.
  • Converted national legacy commercial accounts into a new format, using updating systems and processing, achieving 100 error-free conversion rate at go-live execution.
  • Implemented logistical solution to increase transportation carrier efficiency by 30-35 .
  • Managed ETL processing for migration upgrade of Supply Chain and Forecasting System.
  • Lead and managed team of offshore developers and support staff.
  • Developed over 1,000 batch applications processing millions of rows of data.
  • Created extensive documentation Business/Technical Impact Analysis, BRDs, Specifications, Disaster Recovery to satisfy auditing and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
  • Designed and implemented upgrades for Nuclear Asset Suite, merging financial/GL processing with legacy Oracle systems and data.
  • Created data warehouse for Oracle feeds migrating to Passport processing. Completed project 6 months ahead of anticipated completion.
  • Successfully worked with tax analysts to understand and create logic based upon complex IRS rules and regulations.
  • Awarded the Northern Trust Award for Signature Service for leading team of tax analysts to define enterprise-specific IRS regulations.
  • For my contributions to creating a more positive and productive work environment, I was awarded the Five Star Service Award for Excellence by Hewitt Associates.
  • Regular contributor to weekly meetings and member of Change Advisory Board as well as the Diversity and Inclusion Panel.

Technical Expertise

Project Related

Team Lead, Requirements Analysis, Structured Code Analysis and Design, Systems Development Life Cycle SDLC in Agile, Waterfall and Rapid Application Development RAD methodologies, Testing, Defect Resolution, Training Documentation in native English , Issue Management, Team Collaboration and Leadership, System Analysis, Database Analysis Supply Chain, PS Financials, Imports, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Technical Writing,.

Technical Knowledge

  • Cobol, WebSphere MQ, CICS, PL/1, EDI, ETL processing Informatica et al , Java, MVS,TSO, JCL, Easytrieve, Crystal Services Quick Reports, SAP/ERP, IBM Sterling Gentran , BizTalk, Teradata, UNIX, CA-ADS, SAS, Crystal Reporting, C/C , SAP ERP Financials, TSO/ISPF, IBM Utilities incl SyncSort , File-Aid, Expeditor, VSAM, Kronos, Endevor, Panvalet, CA Librarian, Control-M, HP/QC Test Director, MS Office, Sharepoint, SQL, SPUFI, MS SQL Studio with T-SQL, Visual Basic, Assembler, Tradestone, Powerbuilder, HP Quality Center, Remedy/BMC, HOGAN, UNIX scripting
  • MVS, Z/OS, OS/390, Unix, DB2, IMS, Teradata, Oracle, IMS, Data Warehousing, MS Access, Client/Server environments

Professional Experience Career History


ERP Implementation Analyst

  • Summary: Assisted remote location with ERP migration. Entered mid-stream after 2 predecessors left the project and regained clarity on project. Identifed gaps and removed show-stopping obstacles to completing trial runs and formal adoption.
  • Identified and prioritized tasks required to correct deficiencies with existing implementation plan.
  • Re-conditioned core data and identified necessary components for business to utilize application.
  • Created documentation where possible and collaborated with vended software provider, assisting them with correcting deficiencies with the implementation.
  • Communicated with business users to further identify missing components required for successful implementation.


Senior Business Systems Analyst

  • Summary: Established core business functionality analyze, discover and document for applications migrating to new MRP platform. Designed, tested, and implemented system to reproduce legacy business process on new platform.
  • Performed project scoping, developed high level business and functional requirements documents, and managed issue tracking.
  • Improved efficiency of processing and reduced project costs by finding duplication of functionality and processing
  • Performed base analysis and conferred with business partners to diagnose and re-create applications on alternate platform for worldwide manufacturing centers, creating Functional Specs, BRD's and Technical Specs. Responsible for all aspects of the analysis, supervision of technical resources, and migration reporting to senior management directly.


Senior Business Systems Analyst

  • Summary: Migrated Nuclear Invoice processing from legacy Progress systems into Duke's Nuclear Asset Suite, managed 22 applications and their interfaces, requiring 12 months but completed within a six month timeframe.
  • Managed 22 applications and created interface between legacy Passport and CAPS financial systems, including processing EDI and WebMethods transactions.
  • Designed and constructed new data warehouse model as part of feedback loop, and performed ETL to populate warehouse.
  • Coordinated testing and defect resolution efforts with business, using HP Quality Center to complete UAT testing running automated and manual testing scripts managing all defects via HP QC, and working directly with business partners and developers. Project success depended upon these efforts.
  • Advised management and made recommendations to resolve problematic events uncovered during testing. Identified major milestone points and provided graphical interpretations in regular status reports or meetings.
  • Partnered with Business Analysts and Line of Business to upgrade existing business rules and apply them to new and existing processing, under federal nuclear guidelines.
  • Provided comprehensive analysis of processing and generated 450 pages of new support documents for compliance with Nuclear and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.
  • Technical skills covered SQL, COBOL, JCL, EDI, MVS/TSO, MQ, EasyTrieve, File-Aid, Expeditor, VSAM, Endevor, HP Test Director, MS Office, SQL, DB2/IMS, ETL/Informatica Data Mapping, WebMethods, Sharepoint


Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Summary: Corporate reorganization to new platform/team. Created platform, architecture, and business documentation to correct deficiencies with system documentation SLA, BRD, SOP, and Deployment documents , allowing compliance with audit and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance tests. Managed Kronos system upgrades for all 1800 retail locations.
  • Performed project scoping, developed high level business and functional requirements documents, prepared cost/benefit analysis, user test planning and review, issue tracking, pilot, rollout, and project closure tasks.
  • Directed offshore resources on technical assignments and interfaces
  • Provided production support of vendor product interfaces which impacted all retail stores, and supported internal store Sharepoint sites Visual Studio .
  • Corrected system errors for 1,800 retail locations in real time 24/7.
  • Reduced system down-time, increasing national store profitability and the ability to accurately create employee schedule/demand forecasts.
  • Reverse-engineered and created technical documents for the Workforce Development system conferring with business to add business functionality to documentation.
  • Provided regular status reports and participated in weekly team/CAB meetings.


  • Summary: Actively recruited by Lowe's to support Supply-Chain/Forecasting systems. Provided technical expertise to perform root cause analysis, and resolve critical production issues for 250 applications. Designed/built enhancements to systems per business requests and project specifications.
  • Improved metrics for meeting SLA by 5 for forecasting/replenishment system.
  • Improved scheduling of batch processing, increasing open window by 7 . Eliminated gaps in batch application processing which delayed critical-path delivery of data.
  • 24/7 support to Imports/Transportation and Coastal Holding Facility forecasting systems
  • Data mapping for 1,000 fields for Tradestone conversion project.
  • Further modified and created custom job streams and logical procedures to parallel with third-party vendors Tradestone, JDA and Manugistics .
  • Obtained necessary requirements, analyzed programs, and drafted business, technical design and test documents to satisfy different stages of testing. This included extensive, detailed specifications and testing plans.
  • Conducted walk-throughs of system enhancements with line of business.
  • Technical skills covered team collaboration, system analysis, database analysis, SQL, COBOL, CICS, JCL, EDI, Java, MVS/TSO, MQ, File-Aid, Easytrieve, Expeditor, VSAM, Endevor, Test Director, MS Office, DB2, CA-ADS, Crystal Reporting, IBM Sterling, BizTalk, Java, Websphere MQ, Data Mapping


Senior Application Analyst

  • Summary: Updated applications and managed full production schedule through night batch conversion streams, migrating Wachovia's data format into that of Wells Fargo. Tested all batch processes before each full production conversion event, and worked with a cross-country team to ensure a smooth conversion into desired formats.
  • Executed full end-to-end batch cycles of entire national production processing system.
  • Improved existing testing procedures as well created a comprehensive instructional manual 212 pages to fully document the conversion process and the specific testing protocols.
  • Performed data warehousing, preparation of test/simulation environment, scrubbing, and twelve monthly simulations of full production data conversions.
  • Skills covered: SQL, COBOL, JCL, TSO/ISPF, HOGAN, File-Aid, VSAM, Easytrieve, Endevor, CA7, MS Office, DB2, Data Mapping


Senior Systems Analyst

  • Summary: For Healthcare Reform Legislation, updated and tested applications to conform to current HIPAA regulations within a batch and online environment. Interpreted and updated specifications based upon feedback from business units, to ensure changes were correct and that documentation remained in sync to coding changes.
  • Ensured compliance with Federal mandates for processing healthcare information, including extensive regulation surrounding HIPAA laws.
  • Collaborated with distributed systems engineers to insure data hand-off stability.
  • Updated source applications and tested modifications per directions of business analysts and subject matter experts.
  • Requirements gathering, UAT Lead reviewer
  • Skills covered: SQL, Data Mapping, Micro-Focus COBOL, EDI, JCL, TSO/ISPF, File-Aid, Easytrieve, Endevor, MS Office, SQL, CA-ADS, and DB2.


Senior Systems Analyst TEAM TECHNICAL LEAD

  • Summary: Directly called by Lowe's upper management to fix and save a core-critical project, as part of an expert 4-person team. Created new business solutions and implemented them under tight deadlines and close business scrutiny, for an out-sourced system that had completely failed. Performed extensive re-engineering of 200 applications.
  • Project Identification - Identified opportunities to address the systems aspects of issues, objectives and strategies in the assigned business area.
  • Data mapping for 4,000 fields and tracing/documenting of just as many data feeds.
  • Successfully able to translate keystone BA knowledge into corrections to system.
  • Re-engineered code that was incorrect, unmanageable, or unsupportable, without any existing supporting documentation. Corrections were proved to be stable and reliable.
  • Provided analysis of system to line of business for resolving discrepancies between current state and future state of the original build and Tradestone interfaces.
  • Developed comprehensive, concise technical documentation, including full technical specifications and test-plans. Created full system flowcharts and organizational checklists, covering over 4,000 data feeds.
  • Directed off-shore teams to address problems detected during nightly cycles, allowing completion of overnight batch and availability of data and online applications.
  • Ensured the project would pass audits and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance tests.
  • Technical skills covered team collaboration, system analysis, database analysis, SQL, COBOL, CICS, JCL, EDI, Data Mapping, Java, MVS/TSO, MQ, File-Aid, Easytrieve, Expeditor, VSAM, Endevor, Test Director, MS Office, DB2, CA-ADS, Java, Websphere MQ, HP Test Director


Senior System Analyst

  • Summary: Analyzed, designed, tested and implemented enhancements for a complex supply chain application system, including client/server interfaces. Monitored production batch cycles, performed problem resolution, and generated ad-hoc reports for Business. Managed systems affecting over 100 million rows of data.
  • Modified and created 300 applications for Supply Chain, Replenishment, and Logistics processing systems. These improvements allowed the business to save millions annually due to improvements in efficiency and communication between business segments.
  • Performed mapping of legacy data, Teradata, and Unix feeds into new process
  • Improved forecast reliability by 18-22 over the prior system.
  • Generated more accurate forecasts by connecting the planning and execution systems with new feedback loop functionality.
  • Modified and created custom job streams and logical procedures to parallel with proprietary third-party vendors JDA and Manugistics .
  • Performed interpretation of requirements and analysis of programs, then crafted business, technical design and test documents to satisfy different stages of testing.
  • Authored a system which produced statistical forecast data, and reported any internal transaction errors within the supply pathway. This allowed tracking and identification of nearly 1.5 million inventory records which were lost in processing weekly.
  • Technical skills covered SQL, COBOL, CICS, JCL, TSO, File-Aid, EasyTrieve, Expeditor, VSAM, CA Librarian, Data Mapping, MS Office, DB2, UNIX.

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