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Technical Consultant Resume Profile


Analytical executive and manager with 20 years of solid technical experience, offering special expertise in LAN/WAN installation projects, network security, and IT Department startups. Network strategist skilled in successfully navigating corporations large and small, through IT challenges, demands, and successful solutions. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy, enhancing profitability due to team building and motivation in completing projects on time, and within budget. Observing company's' legal and technical requirements in all areas, including organizational and administrative. Areas of Expertise include:

  • Network Security
  • Group Deployment Schedules
  • Budgeting
  • ISSM
  • Installation Management
  • Corporate Infrastructures
  • ISSO
  • Classified Lab Management

Experience Notable Contributions


I.T. Manager - ISSM

  • Running the helpdesk, overseeing network functionality, telephone and facilities.
  • Budgeting, long term financial planning and future infrastructure planning and design.
  • Construct and implement company's email, website, and other developmental environments.
  • Responsible for classified lab, including management of system administrators / ISSOs.
  • Corporate ISSM, Handling hardware replacement schedules, network design, implement and maintain DSS approved documentation M SSP, hardware profiles, software profiles, system profiles for all offices.
  • Accountable for company facility issues and build outs, and/or expansions, and meeting with architects and contractors, ensuring that work is done according to plans, and alleviating any problem areas.
  • Handle all shipping and receiving of Government Furnished Property.


Director of Information Technology

  • Temporary position based on purchase of Psynapse Technologies LLC's intellectual property.
  • Developed and implemented group deployment schedule for company mandated hard disk encryption software.


Director of Information Technology

  • Facilities responsibilities included receiving and inventory of all furniture, beverage consignments, and successfully handling any issues or problems.
  • Management of production schedules, shipping and receiving of all company products shipped to customers.
  • Chief system designer for organizational network infrastructure and software development client-server, environment composed of multiple distributions of Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Headed corporate system development of e-mail, including definition, design, deployment, operations/maintenance, and disaster recovery.
  • Deployed and managed corporate-wide anti-spam and antivirus systems.


Senior Systems Engineer

  • Account maintenance, development of virtual machines, rebuilding kernels, installation of OS and IP address management and desktop support for the developers.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained a DNS server, Mail server, and Jabber server.
  • Control and maintenance of asset management equipment procedures, including procurement tracking, system specs, and asset logging.
  • Configuration Management responsibilities, which included tracking system setup from initial OS load through deployment, and any subsequent software or configuration changes.


Senior Technical Consultant

  • Responsible for the security assessment team for the cable wireless B2B project in Hong Kong.
  • Performed platform security testing and application security testing.
  • Held lead role responsible for platform testing team's progress that required workload scheduling and deliverable development.


Technical Solutions Consultant

  • Build-out of network racks at the customer site, and configuration and support of the servers, including the installation of routers and DSU's.
  • Successfully delivered project and work load assignments on schedule.


Project Leader

  • Team leader of the Reston Building Project restructure that included design, implementation, and supervision of the tasks in ensuring a successful redesign of the data center, that included developing milestones, evaluating software systems, offering recommendations to management and implementing the decisions.
  • Training, testing and installation of the software implementation project.
  • Move-in required support of the telecommunications group, installation of phones, setup and installation of workstations, while supporting desktop and telecommunication staff, running cross-connects, and fielding troubleshooting calls.

Hot Jobs Project:

Responsible for building and implementing a PC based web server running Solaris x86. This required recompiling all associated support software. The support software included Apache Web Sever and Perl. This web server handles all of TRW's job advertising to the public.

PeopleSoft Payroll Project:

Liaison for Operations, including coordinating efforts between the development/implementation of staff and the operations staff to ensure minimal impact to the end user. Spearheaded the redesign of the check printing process, reducing print time.

SAP Upgrade Project:

Provided technical assistance during the software upgrade, requiring 48-hours to complete. Responsibilities included assisting the SAP system administrator and ensuring backups were complete and verified.

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