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Network Administrator Resume Profile

Summary of Qualifications

  • Fifteen years experience in IT systems: 10 years IT Manager 15 years in Windows Server and 12 years Security and Networking.
  • Productive and efficient problem solver who takes the initiative and uses broad IT knowledge to produce innovative solutions to business and IT processes and issues.
  • Proven experience in designing, configuring and maintaining Networks and Network devices, including Routers, Firewalls, IPS devices, WAN, MAN, LAN, WLAN and SAN networks. Certified as a CCNA.
  • Proven experience in Security and securing systems and networks. Certified as a CISSP.
  • Profound experience with Windows, from NT 4.0 to Windows 2012. Experience in installing, maintaining and securing Windows servers running Windows Servers as VMWare hosts Server clusters Active Directory and Group Policy maintenance and modification Backup and Restore to and from tape, hard drives, SAN and Cloud storage.
  • Profound experience in planning, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting MS SQL, VMWare, MS Exchange, and IIS servers.
  • Proven experience administrating databases, including MS SQL, Oracle and Informix.
  • Proven experience in IT Project Management. Including system implementation, system upgrades, and custom software development. Currently studying for PRINCE2 certification.

Professional History


  • Managed IT Team, IT budget and all other IT duties. Created company security policies and procedures.
  • Increased Uptime from 91 to 99.99 and improved the performance of all IT systems, including Windows servers and MS SQL databases, by implementing a complete overhaul of all IT Systems without disrupting business operations.
  • Administered all Windows Servers, including MS Exchange cluster, MS SQL, Siebel, SAN storage and VoIP systems. Responsible for System performance, system security, system installation, troubleshooting and log analysis.
  • Administered and installed all network devices including routers, switches, firewalls, IPS, SSL VPN, Anti-Virus Spam gateway appliances.
  • Programmed Windows scripting to aid in administration and program implementation. Created SQL Databases including Stored Procedures, Functions and Views for system integration.
  • Enhanced IT Security. Implemented IT Policies and changed system configurations to provide additional security. Implemented SNMP system to consolidate logs and alerting. Implemented security network systems and Windows Group Policies to reduce virus and spam issues. Secured company Network with Firewalls, DMZ zones, VPN's and secure network design, including 802.1X authentication. Secured ERP systems using Separation of Duties and implementing database security. Responsible for PKI certificates and SSL / TLS implementations.
  • Assisted Legal, HR and Marketing departments with security and legal issues, including PCI DSS and software licensing compliance copyright infringement cases Personally Identifiable Information protection and other legal issues.
  • Reconfigured the company network, including WAN links, LAN and WLAN, to take advantage of newer technologies such as MLPS and VPN, and optimized LAN and WAN networks for VoIP traffic. Administered all network devices including routers, switches, firewalls, IPS, SSL VPN, Anti-Virus Spam gateway appliances.
  • Initiated and managed IT Projects including system implementation, system upgrades, and custom software development.
  • Liaised with other business units. Initiated and managed various projects resulting from analyses of employee procedures, including implementing middleware, HR Self Service and Management Reporting systems.
  • Implemented secure SSL devices to enable remote access into corporate systems for dealers and users.
  • Trained users on computer security.
  • Corporate Data Owner.


Network Administrator and Senior Windows Administrator

  • Supervised IT team to provide Windows Server and Client support corporate wide.
  • Responsible for security and performance on both division and corporate systems.
  • Divisional Project Lead on Oracle ERP Implementation. IT Project Manager for various IT projects.
  • Secured and monitored Windows and Linux servers and TCP/IP Networks.
  • Implemented company-wide centrally administered Anti-Virus systems, including gateways.
  • Implemented EMC EmailXtender to comply with Email Retention policies, Implemented ManageEngine for application management and inventory, and RIS for client imaging.
  • Secured ERP systems using Separation of Duties.
  • Administered all Windows Servers including 4 sites Active Directory, Group Policy and SAN storage.
  • Responsible for PKI certificates and SSL / TLS implementations.
  • Divisional Data Owner and Corporate Data Custodian.
  • Reduced IT administration costs by designing and implementing a complete overhaul of both local and corporate IT Systems, including reducing servers by implementing VMWare, combining and removing physical Servers and migrating local Users and User Data from Novell 3.12 to Windows Active Directory, without disrupting business operations.
  • Responsible for corporate and local network devices, including routers, switches and phone systems.
  • Implemented DNS, WINS, DHCP for corporate and remote LAN's, and maintained and modified SAN systems.
  • Responsible for User Maintenance, System performance, Backups and restorations, system installation, troubleshooting and log analysis.
  • Administered Enterprise systems including MS SQL Oracle Fedora Linux Novell 3.12 MS Exchange 2003 Anti-spam and Antivirus systems.
  • Improved IT Performance by monitoring system performance and initiating any resulting IT projects, and initiating and implementing an IT Helpdesk system.
  • Increased productivity and functionality in the local division by implementing SharePoint Services.


IT Manager

Managed team to provide all IT Services

  • Designed and Implemented Lang-Mekra NA and related companies computer systems using Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Active Directory . Responsible for system performance, Backups and restorations, system installation, troubleshooting and log analysis.
  • Implemented SNMP system to assist in monitoring Network and Server performance.
  • Managed all IT Projects including the replacement of ERP systems, replacing MS Exchange with Lotus Domino, and the replacement of PBX phone systems across all companies.
  • Instigated and managed all LAN, WLAN and MAN networks by implementing Fiber Optic Cable both within warehouses and between buildings, Category 5 cabling to the desktop and securing the network using Firewalls, Routers and Switches.
  • Creating and Programing companywide Intranet including MS SQL Databases, to improve and secure access to company ISO 9001 documents.
  • Assisted in the design and implementation of Automatic Line Testing Equipment and their connection to the Network.

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