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Application Developer Resume Profile


Over 18 years experience working with a variety of computers and software in the areas of development/maintenance as Programmer, Analyst and Project leader using Mainframes, mid-range and PC's. Over 9 years experience in cross-platform integration, Analysis, Design, coding, testing and documentation of applications Personnel, Oil/Gas, Accounting, Tax, Insurance, retail, Project Planning, Collection, Etc


  • Windows OS and languages:
  • VB 6.0, VB.NET, C , ASP.NET, SQL Server ,SSRS, SSIS, MDX, Access, Java, VSS MS Project, Windows 7, Office 2012, HTML, XML
  • Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, Documentum , Java. Cognos Impromptu , Open Plan, C, C ,UC4, WebFocus
  • IBM Mainframe MVS/OS390 , VM/SP and VSAM/VSE IDMS, ADSO, OLQ, Culprit ,Endevor JCL, SDSF, File-Aid, TSO, Panvalet, SyncSort ,CICS, Xpediter, Librarian DB2, QMF, Platinum, / SQL, Spufi , Cobol, FORTRAN, PL/1 HP- 3000 Systems MPE Operating system : IMAGE , Cognos Quiz, Quick, QTP, Robelle SuprTool Artemis Data Base and language



Senior Application Developer

Sr Developer involved in all stages of SDLC of Collection applications. Implementation and support of SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services and Integration Services on enterprise and dedicated Windows servers to support Client OLTP and OLAP Data Warehouse, Cubes and Data Marts. Conducts code reviews, write user manuals, application documentation and production support. Conversion of Webfocus reports using SSRS, SSIS, SSAS and MDX , MS Excel, Pivot tables. Creation of User interfaces using javascript ,html and C . Development of financial reports using WebFocus 7703 , MRE and schedule of jobs using Report Caster. Conversion of Mainframe reports into Webfocus. Participated in installations and Webfocus upgrades. Object oriented design using UML and Model View Controler. Creation of monitoring tools and objects for internal use in windows VB.NET , C , VB 6.0 SQL Server and UC4. Creation/maintenance of user KPI views in Sharepoint. Provide support to production applications using HTML, ASP.NET, UC4 Global , VB 6.0, C , VB.NET, VSS, MS SQL Server 2008 R2,2012 .Update content of Company's Intranet .Support MF applications Cobol, JCL, DB2, M204 . ETL data coming from various sources using DTS, and SSIS. Other skills: Java NetBeans ,C , Access, excel and Vba forms, COM objects and macros.


IT Consultant Development and maintenance of collection applications in Mainframe Cobol, JCL,CICS, DB2, M204 , Development of VB applications using SQL Server DB. Data correction and manipulation extraction, transformation, cleansing, FTP coming from various sources. Creation of Access, excel and Vba forms, COM objects and macros. Creation of Scripts and Extract, transform and Load of data coming from Oracle using PL/Sql.


  • IT Consultant / Systems support Analyst supporting Mainframe Human Health applications as well as Windows VB 6.0. Production support and enhancements for Cobol/CICS/DB2 and VB 6.0 applications. Participated in Analysis, design and documentation of new requirements using Merck's system life cycle methodology and in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley. Write Java and PL/SQL, C , C programs for Contract Management Application. Write test plans and support Human Health department users. Other tools used: Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, Documentum . Confidential
  • IT Consultant / Lead Analyst Lead Analyst in charge of expansion of all dates from 2 to 4 digits of Individual Tax programs used in the Treasury Dept. of PR aprox 900 programs . Encompassed: analyzing, modifying and testing all Cobol batch and CICS online programs where Vertex routines were used to pack 4 digits into 2 digits for Y2K compliance. It also included the conversion of Copybooks, VSAM file structures and data to accommodate for the expansion of dates. Participated in project development team to build front end for Mainframe tax applications using XML, EntireX, C , VB 6.0, .NET, Natural Adabas. Analysis of current on-line programs, encapsulation of legacy systems data using XML, creation of web services through screen scrapping of current on-line applications and creation of web enabled front-end using .Net and VB. Confidential
  • IT Consultant / Lead Analyst Analysis, design and implementation of a Refinery Integration Platform and Interfaces. Data modeling in Oracle 8i. Development of the user interface in VB 6.0, C , Pl/Sql, excel , HTML and Asp. Write technical documentation test plans, functional specifications, help documents .
  • Confidential
  • IT Consultant/ Programmer Maintenance of legacy systems in HP-3000 developed in Cobol, Suprtool and Power House, using Image database. Development of new programs, batch jobs and file extracts for customer support. Development of Tax Management Application Access 2000 and VB 6.0 . Data from taxpayers entitled to a refund in overpaid taxes was extracted from the HP3000 and loaded into several relational tables in Access. Created forms to update taxpayers' information. Creation of statistical reports. Creation of some VBA and Sql's scripts to manage data . Confidential
  • System Support analyst Maintenance of Manufacturing System in HP-3000 MPE operating System in Fortran,Quiz, Power House, using Image DB. Development of Excel macros, VB screens and Access programs for user support Invoice application . Maintenance of MANMAN and batch jobs. Development of Quiz reports and file extracts on Image DB. Maintenance of scripts in Hp-Unix. Help desk support for Compaq's North America customers. Confidential

Sr Analyst/Programmer

  • Data migration from Finance Corporate Systems in IBM Mainframe MVS to Data warehouse in client/server. Analysis of existing financial applications AR, AP, Fixed assets in IDMS and DB2 to migrate to a data warehouse. Development of Cobol and Culprit extract programs. Create Sql load scripts Y2K compliant in SQL Server. Development of Impromptu reports and SQL scripts verify data in the DW. Maintenance of Cobol/CICS online programs for the Finance Department. Analysis and Documentation of the existing Rate Mile Model System Gas Pipelines System in Focus . Creation of functional specs documents in order to build a similar application on client/server. Software used: Cognos Impromptu, eztrieve, Culprit, Visio, MS-SQL, Reflection, Chameleon, MS office 97, Windows 95, FTP, MS QUERY, TSO, MVS, Fileaid, Syncsort, ISPF, Panvalet, OLQ, SQL Server, Sagent. Confidential
  • Analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and unit testing of a Finance Corporate Budget application under client/server using Informix DBMS, HTML and Java. Development of JCL's, Cobol ,SQL procedures and chameleon ftp macros in order to extract information monthly flat files from Mainframe financial applications. Load monthly extract to client/server application. Maintenance of HTML screens, and SQL procedures. Other tools used TSO, MVS, fileaid, ISPF, Cobol, MS project.
  • Maintenance/implementation of new requirements for Personnel and Finance Systems in Mainframe IDMS, DB2, VSAM , Cobol, Fortran, Culprit, CICS, Spufi, easytrieve, JCL, Syncsort, Ispf. . Development and maintenance of Personnel programs in Focus. Creation of macros to extract information from Mainframe systems and load into PC's. Creation and maintenance of DB2 tables. Creation of embedded SQL store procedures. Development/maintenance of several Access, Foxpro and Dbase applications for Personnel Dept. Responsible for installation of software on PC's, resolve network issues and integrated solutions to clients using the different platforms and operating systems. Maintenance /development of interfaces for Maximo and Mainframe systems in the refinery.
  • Upgrade of an Oil Inventory and Control System Oracle, Unix, Sun Sparc Computer . System support for Laboratory Sampling system Sql-lims, Dec Vax/VMS . Creation of SQL queries and reports for samples. Support for interfaces with other peripherals and applications. Project leader in analysis, design and implementation of new requirements in and Oil Inventory and Control System and upgrade of the hardware in order to increase disk space and performance using Sun Computer, Unix, and Oracle Design, testing and implementation of on-line Cost control and planning system in Mainframe using Artemis DB and language. Work included the design and development of customer user interfaces, reports and graphics Gant charts, time lines, etc . Design and implementation of a Cost Control System for the Project Department using Artemis. This system allowed users to access information on line from corporate systems and generate graphics and reports and statistics of the budget and spending of each project. Creation of Work Breakdown Structures, detailed CPM schedule development, milestone and integrated project schedule development using Artemis and Open Plan. Creation of customized reporting of project schedule information. Developed the overall critical path method planning/scheduling,cost and trends.Creation of small applications in Artemis and windows support Dos, Open Plan, and Cobra . Development and implementation of on line Oil Inventory System using IDMS, DB2,Cobol, , ADSO, JCL,Vsam and Culprit on Mainframe. This system received information from real time systems in the Refinery flat files and populated IDMS tables in order to feed the On-line application and produce statistics and reports.

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