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System Development Resume Profile


Implement various technical writing formats, adapting content to encompass a broad and diverse audience. Take pride in collaborative and personal accountability, in multitasking, in adhering to time constraints, and with assimilating communication technologies. Perform to exceed expectations when those efforts yield positive gains. Maintain and/or improve quality. Embrace new challenges.

Key Strengths

  • System Development
  • Communication
  • Administration and Operations


System Development

  • Automate the collection, sorting, and validation of data compiled from various sources.
  • Design intuitive user friendly database of lessons learned.
  • Automate data extraction between MS Office products, and its convergence into assembly manuals, test procedures, and presentations.
  • Design user friendly activity diagrams to streamline collaborative efforts.
  • Design capacity planning into work stations, compiled from metrics of assembly times.
  • Communication
  • Compile interdepartmental activities into presentations for a diverse audience support staff coworkers and upper management.
  • Incorporate company goals into writing documents of production assembly and testing, and of quality control procedures.
  • Collaborate with focus groups that evaluate designs, and that implement lean manufacturing principles.
  • Coordinate efforts to maintain continuous improvement strategies.
  • Liaison between technical staff and upper management.

Administration and Operations

  • Participate in the verification of design intent incorporated graphics, scope of supporting theories, references to detailed theories, and layouts of manufacturing processes.
  • Oversee change approval protocol of product, process, assembly, and quality documentations.
  • Maintain various databases.
  • Audit conformity between activity diagrams and configuration control, national standards, and various customer proprietary websites.
  • Evaluate critical points of statistical process control SPC , and the visibility of reporting structures.
  • Isolate non-value added steps in procedures and processes.
  • Verify documentation incorporating new or revised procedures, assemblies, and functional testing manuals.
  • Assist with planning work assignments for summer help.
  • Companies awarded me with self release of product, due to the quality of the verification processes.
  • Supervise technical staff.



Aerospace Engineer Technical Writer Assimilated majority of key strengths.


Manage medication, nutrition, therapy, expenses, home garden maintenance, repairs.


Computer Aided Design CAD PC Specialist mechanical, architectural, and foundation layouts develop manuals for automated wrapping and packaging systems.


Medical Records Clerk data processing and management.


Production Line Operator Sanitation Warehouse Stock Inventory Process Monitoring.


Shelves Stocker Forklift Operator Inventory Auditor.


Moderate level:

MS-Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, Visio AutoCad MicroStation ProE CINCOM ERP - product flow database AGILE configuration control structure Internet.

Intermediate Level:

Extensible Markup Language XML Cascading Style Sheets CSS Hypertext Markup Language HTML JavaScript ASP Visual Basic C Structured Query Language SQL and Statistics .

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