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Application Developer Resume Profile



IT Systems Director Chief Architect

  • Developer of entire LOB application that is now solely relied on for day to day business.
  • Implemented StructureMap to decouple application and adhere to IoC.
  • Using DevExpress controls I revamped the user interface to be much more aesthetic and productive.
  • Developed customer portal using ASP.Net MVC 4, IoC, LLBGen Pro, JQuery while adhering to RESTful principles.
  • Was solely responsible for the full software development lifecycle of the products until early 2012 where I have since managed/mentored a junior developer.
  • Administration and development of a SQL 2005 database and implemented replication with the online web portal eventually upgrading to SQL 2008.
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports for VS 2005/2008, developed SSRS reports, and eventually converted all reports to DevExpress' XtraReport format.
  • Utilized Resharper for increased productivity.
  • Used NUnit and Moq for unit testing and mocking.
  • Beginning rewrite of backend system utilizing SOA implemented with the MVC Web API framework
  • Have begun adoption of Domain Driven Design DDD and have facilitated use of the ubiquitous language between team and the PO's


Software Application Developer

  • Database Administration of MySQL and SQL Server 2005 Databases
  • Intranet Development
  • Advanced Crystal Reports Development and SSRS
  • Development of Smart Client and Web Client software VB.Net and C
  • Developed Data Warehouse utilizing standard database schemas, SSIS Packages DTS

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