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Senior Technician Resume Profile


To lead or be a driving force in the leadership team of a company's Information Security operations. I will work to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of a company's Information resources, and to increase the company's security on internal and external networks. I have a clear vision for a security policy and the know-how and motivation to implement it. My unwavering focus is to provide a safe computing environment for my business and its customers.



Senior Technician

  • Led and trained a group of students in a customer service oriented IT service desk. My primary role was to provide level-three support to university staff and facility and students. I also managed the daily operations of the university's primary service desk and provided training and guidance to student workers.
  • Provided primary support for University Vice President level service requests
  • Designed hiring guidelines for incoming students
  • Implemented group policy objects to streamline student user interface
  • Trained incoming students on university policy and procedures and mentored the students who would replace me after I graduated


Battalion Senior Enlisted Leader

  • Supply knowledge and expertise of all enterprise systems technologies
  • Develop career progression plans for direct reports
  • Track individual soldiers' preparedness metric
  • Develop quarterly training outlines
  • Advise the Commander, validate training, enforce standards, provide a soldier-centric viewpoint that maintains focus on technical training. I provide the practical know-how to implement the Commander's vision and help ensure that the available resources get applied in the most appropriate way. It is also my responsibility to ensure that the unit is an inviting, safe environment for people of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds regardless of gender, race, religion or creed.
  • Grew the unit by 11 through my personal recruiting efforts and sponsorship program
  • Responsible for physical security and safety of all unit assets and assigned soldiers
  • Oversaw the team that won third place in the DC3 International Forensics Challenge
  • Selected as the HBSS team leader for Cyber Endeavor 2014


NCOIC Computer Network Defense Team

  • Supervised the deployment, installation, operation and unit level maintenance of multi-function/multi-user information processing systems. Determined requirements, assigned duties and coordinated activities of personnel engaged in information system analysis and maintenance. Performed system studies using established techniques to develop new or revised system applications and programs. Supervised and performed maintenance management and admin duties related to facility operations and personnel.
  • Received, analyzed and validated network alerts from various sources within the enclave. Determined possible causes of such alerts
  • Analyzed log files from a variety of sources, including individual host logs, network traffic logs, firewall logs, and intrusion detection system logs
  • Provided leadership and technical expertise to the CND Team during inter-agency exercise, accomplishing an unprecedented rollout of HBSS, ArcSight and IDS sensors
  • Developed a tiered, technical skills improvement program for junior levels of Officer and Warrant proficiency, and all Enlisted levels
  • Developed annual training plans
  • As the Acting first Sergeant, I was directly involved in planning and executing the first ever validation exercise for a forward-deployed element to test and certify the level of readiness for the Regional Computer Emergency Response Team RCERT mission in Southwest Asia.
  • Served as the Senior Information Technology Support Specialist in the Information Assurance Vulnerability Management section for the Southwest Asia Cyber Center in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Conducted the first ever compressive security audit of the theater wide Intrusion Detection System grid
  • Authored the React to INFOCON Change SOP for all of Southwest Asia
  • Supervised the Information Assurance Vulnerability Management team of contractors
  • Served as DISA STIG subject matter expert
  • Performed annual network security audit and supervised team of contractors performing that same audit
  • Served as lead inspector for two battalion level IA inspections


Information Assurance Officer

  • Responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance and administration of all security and information technology policies and procedures for all collateral, Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs using all security requirements outlined in DoD and customer regulation as well as applicable Program Security Classification guides.
  • Enforced security policies, technical security safeguards and operations security measures
  • Implemented technology security planning and training
  • Developed and implemented computer security and IT policies for entire organization
  • Served as subject matter expert for all government IT and computer security regulations
  • Served as a member of the Change Control Board
  • Executed project schedules and prioritized work assignments
  • Developed certification and accreditation processes and procedures
  • Enforced and implemented information systems security plans
  • Developed organization's information technology strategy and operations


Automation Team Leader

  • Trained, managed, and guided the Automation Team
  • Managed, obtained, maintained, and deployed existing and future Information Technology resources
  • Advised the Commander on information security, technical and policy issues and develops support standards
  • Prepared technical reports and IT evaluations in support of IASO duties
  • Served as key decision-maker in IT purchasing for the Command and made recommendations to Senior Management for purchasing
  • Designed and developed the long-range strategies and direction for the department and made hiring decisions
  • Performed vulnerability scans and remediated any vulnerabilities found
  • Served as the local administrator for several domains
  • Managed work load and daily activities of subordinates
  • Managed and set policy for a busy Help Desk operation and HEAT help desk software administrator
  • Ensured that all Information System assets met regulatory and policy hardware and software guidelines

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