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System administrator Resume

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Software: SolidWorks, 3D Design, AutoCAD, GD&T, CATIA, Pro/E, ANSYS, Optistruct, Hypermesh, Evolve, FEA

Programming: C, C++, AML (A Manufacturing Language)

Software Modeling Tools: MATLAB, Simulink, ETAS INCA, ATI Vision, CANalyzer, Vector CANape, CANoe, NI LabVIEW, FlexRay, Kvaser CANking, MotoHawk Model - Based Design, MotoTune Calibration Tool

Hardware: Woodward ECUs, CANape, dSPACE Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) System, Dyno, Linear Position Sensors

Tools: Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7/8/10

Spoken Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi



System Administrator


  • Executed a new design by using AutoCAD in previous bush press design to reduce loss and damage in part counts
  • Performed a product planning method to minimize the cost of parts used in manufacturing
  • Monitored the messages and mechanism of the engine’s control system using CAN-Bus (J1939) and ECU Toolkit in CANalyzer
  • Examined the function of transmission, machine and tractor assembly


System Administrator


  • Researched over the process of power generation.
  • Dealt with mechanism of many equipment and its tooling in AutoCAD such as electromagnetic plates, turbine blades, belt conveyor and fire jet
  • Supported an engineer for product planning and requirement by evaluating sheets of product inventories
  • Researched on stress, strain and velocity distribution where failure analysis of composite structure on aircraft wing and metal plate was carried out using FEA
  • Experimented metal extrusion, casting, molding processes, plastics, metal stamping in lab and used SolidWorks to design components used in structural aspects of design
  • Researched on the temperature distribution over heating and cooling (HVAC) on a convective plate where air was the medium
  • Contributed 70% of MATLAB code in a team of two to generate velocity and thermal boundary layer
  • Evaluated 100% correct result to demonstrate proper convection of plate for its heat transfer and temperature change
  • Developed a new design of screw conveyor to move silica sand subjecting to various parameters
  • Practiced APQP methods such as Design for Manufacturing (DFM), DFA, DFMEA, & PFMEA analysis and manufactured 3D design printed prototype of conveyor using SolidWorks in PolyPrinter machine
  • Presented my project as a team leader using PowerPoint
  • Coded on MATLAB and simulated way point generation, obstacle detection and path follow in Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS-IGV)
  • Evaluated a research paper in competition to build an automatic unmanned vehicle which is capable of carrying 20lbs of payload with various sub-systems
  • Practiced on Vision Sensors and Linear Position Sensors
  • Provided 85% of the design requirement and presented paper in presentation seminar
  • Generated MATLAB code for 6 DOF Viper S650 to perform versatile kinematics by automation
  • Detected the availability of parts to be arranged using proximity sensor, and provided signal to the robot to pick and execute the final function. Perfectly executed 100% code

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