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Senior Devops Engineer Resume

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New York, NY


  • Experienced DevOps, Build and Release Engineer dedicated to automation and optimization.
  • Understands and manages the space between operations and development to quickly deliver code to customers.
  • Has experience with the Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Release Management and Cloud Implementations.
  • 8+ years of experience in IT industry as a Build and Release Engineer and DevOps Engineer in the field of Software Configuration.
  • Mastery of build technologies like Jenkins, Ivy, Maven, Gradle and Bamboo.
  • Experience in Utilize configuration management tools Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Docker.
  • Integration and automation of source control applications like Git, Subversion, Liquibase, Team Foundation Server and Artifactory.
  • Hands on experience with a broad range of AWS Cloud Services like EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, VPC, Route53, RDS, S3, IAM, SNS, SQS, Dynamo DB, Elastic search and Cloud Watch with in - depth knowledge of other cloud services like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
  • Used Docker and Open Shift to manage micro services for development and testing.
  • Application Deployments & Environment configuration using Chef, Ansible, Puppet.
  • Developed Puppet modules to automate deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management of key clusters.
  • Managed and deal with system performance and monitoring tools like AppDynamics, Nagios and splunk.
  • Experience working with methodologies such as scrum/agile/Kanban, Sprint planning and Waterfall
  • Used Maven and Gradle as a build tools on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code
  • Good experience in converting build.xml into pom.xml to build the applications using MAVEN.
  • Strong command on source controller concepts such as Branches, Merges and Tags.
  • Efficient in tracing complex build problems, release issues and environment issues in a multi component environment.
  • Efficient experience in using Nexus and Artifactory Repository managers for Maven builds.
  • Extensive experience in working with various teams such as QA, Engineers and other teams to ensure automated test efforts are strongly integrated with the build system.
  • Ability to work closely with teams, to ensure high quality, timely delivery of builds & releases.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying and in production support.
  • Ability to grasp latest technologies and to properly apply new tools to build applications.
  • Hands on administrative experience with the installation of packages and patches on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers
  • Experienced in installation, configuration and support of JBOSS, Tomcat, Apache Web server, WebSphere, LDAP, FTP, Splunk and mail server.
  • Perform build and deployment activities for various releases for all the regions like Development, QA, UAT and Production.


Version Control Tools: GIT and Subversion

CI Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo

DevOps (SCM) Tools: Chef, Puppet, AWS, Docker, Azure

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle

Scripting & Languages: Shell scripting, Ant, Maven, C, HTML, XML, Java, Ruby

Operating Systems: LINUX/UNIX and Windows

Databases: Oracle, DB2, PL/MySQL

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, WebLogic Application Server, Apache, JBOSS and NGINX

Ticketing Tools: JIRA, Service now and QC

Other Tools: Sonar, Nexus, Nagios, Eclipse IDE


Confidential, New York, NY

Senior DevOps Engineer

Environment: Jenkins, AWS, Git, SVN, Maven, Ant, Gradle, Chef, Docker, Splunk, AppDynamics, Nagios, Jira.


  • Advocate for, facilitate and created DevOps culture and automated all the things with the correct DevOps tools.
  • I used Jenkins - Installation, Configuration, Continuous Integration, Server setup including plugins, jobs, server configuration, etc.
  • Designed and managed build and Release cycle activities in Agile Methodologies.
  • Deployed code to different environments DEV, SIT, QA, PROD.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion Repositories and the access control strategies.
  • Managed SVN repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Performed SVN to GIT migration with careful analysis and migrated all branches, tags, along with commit history using GIT -SVN utility.
  • Maintained and Administered GIT Source Code Tool.
  • Responsible for User Management, Plugin Management and END-END automation of Build and Deploy using Jenkins.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline withJenkins, Docker, and Git to build a newDocker Container automatically using Jenkins whenever a new Git branches are created.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Auto scaling groups, Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Worked in DevOps group running Jenkins in a Docker container with EC2 slaves in Amazon AWS cloud configuration.
  • Implemented a continuous Delivery Pipeline withDocker, Jenkins and GitHub to build a newDockercontainer automatically using Jenkins whenever a new GitHub branches are created.
  • Configured Nexus repository manager for managing the Maven artifacts and Implemented JIRA tool for project tracking and work flow control.
  • Written Chef Cookbooks for various DB configurations to modularize and optimize end product configuration and used Chef for server provisioning and infrastructure automation in a SaaS environment.
  • Extensively used Ruby scripting on Chef Automation for creating cookbooks comprising all resources, databags, templates, attributes.
  • Installed, Configured, Managed Monitoring Tools such as Splunk, Nagios for Resource Monitoring/Network Monitoring/Log Trace Monitoring.
  • Using various tools such as Jenkins, Ant, Maven, and Chef, I have established release management processes for the existing Java based applications and established automated build processes that were non-existent previously.
  • Connected continuous integration systems with the GIT version control repository and continually built as the check in come from the developers.
  • Worked with development, testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems
  • Supported and developed tools for integration, automated testing and release management.
  • Share in after-hours rotation as a primary and/or secondary on-call, as well as in general support of the Team as needed.
  • Worked Closely with Technology Change Control Board (TCCB) on Change Management process adherence
  • Performs primary validation of the applications and Identify, troubleshoot the issues on daily deployments.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Configuration Engineer (Build Engineer)

Environment: Puppet, Git, SVN, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Nexus, UNIX Shell Scripting, WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache.


  • Migrated present Linux environment to AWS/CentOS/RHEL by creating and executing a migration plan per the scheduled timeline.
  • Management of build farm environment and workflow management and administration using Jenkins, GIT, Bamboo, Artifactory. Stash, Jira, Confluence, and various target build environments Android, IOS, Windows and Linux.
  • Implemented the setup for Master slave architecture to improve the Performance of Jenkins.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in Stash and GIT.
  • Used Jenkins tool tobuildthe code.
  • Worked on Ansible, Perl and Unix Shell Scripting to build automated deployment tools.
  • Worked on Ant and Maven for the automated build process for all Java projects.
  • Coordinated/assisted developers with establishing and applying the appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using Subversion (SVN) source control.
  • Worked on Puppet, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting to build automated deployment tools.
  • Involved in configuring and monitoring distributed and multiple platform servers using Puppet and used Puppet server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Created automated build for Continuous Integration using Jenkins for Integrated Environments.
  • Executed continuous improvement of project builds with custom Maven plugins and Atlassian tool set.
  • Installed and configured Jenkins tools on Linux and Windows platforms, managed slaves and installed Jenkins plugins.
  • Experience in creating life cycle process in AWS.
  • Performed lot of POC's (proof of concept) for different features of the application to achieve best results.
  • Interacted with the developers and enterprise configuration management teams for changes to best practices and tools to eliminate non-efficient practices and bottlenecks.
  • Introduced Automation into the CI/CD pipeline using Ansible- IT Automation tool.


Senior Build Engineer

Environment: Subversion, Jenkins, Ant/Maven, Puppet,UNIX Shell Scripting, WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache.


  • Software Configuration Manager and Build and Release Manager for the Confidential Credit and Market Risk applications. Performed builds (compiling UNIX (through make files), JAVA, C, and C++) and released the build components into the appropriate test and production environment while developing and implementing SCM policy.
  • Setup the Jenkins server with complete Maven build jobs providing a continuous, automated scheduled QA build environment based on multiple SVN repositories for deployments.
  • Designed Deployment Model for Websphere and Weblogic Applications On AIX, UNIX and Windows Servers.
  • Designed Workflows to automate the Build and Deploy Process.
  • Designed and Developed Work flows for backup process of Applications.
  • Developed Unix-Shell Scripts for Build and Deployment process on Unix Boxes.
  • Developed Build Scripts (pom.xml and Build.xml) for the java Applications which use IDE Builds.
  • Acted as primary role in triage of any build, deployment and testing errors or failures.
  • Implemented a Sonaqube software quality testing metrics server. Sonar testing metrics executed as a built-in Jenkins plug-in to assist in quality build testing metrics. Developed Sonar blocker violation profiles to report build failures expeditiously to the build and development team.
  • Established a complete, sanity QA test report of the Vision IO software build components success or failure that is emailed with actual build logs automatically from the Jenkins server. Assisted in the development of the sanity test scripts executed against software release bit deployments.
  • Responsible for administrative development and maintenance of the Team Forge Collab net SVN repositories.


Build Engineer

Environment: Team Foundation Server 2005, IIS 6.0/7.0/7.5, Wix/Candle/Light, CruiseControl, Nant, MSBuild, VBScript, Batch Scripting, Power Shell, Jira, Oracle 10g


  • Responsible for investigation, characterization, and communication of build and release problems; implementing corrective and preventive actions.
  • As per Change requests (CR) migration of objects in all phases (DEV, QA and PRD) of project and trained developers to maintain system when in production.
  • Migrating/deploying the code through several environments Integration, Test, QA, CopyLive and Production on schedule basis.
  • Worked with Change Management, Infra Structure Team and Database Administrators to make all the changes are in sync for all the deployments/environments.
  • Worked with multiple development groups to design/create automated build using MSBuild.
  • Created automated build for Continuous Integration using Team Foundation Server and CruiseControl.net for Integrated Environments.
  • Worked on automating/creating SSIS packages and batch scripting for upward and downward Data migrations.
  • Worked on writing SQL Scripts to implement DDL changes.
  • Administrator for SCM tool Team Foundation Server 2008. Create Base Lines for each release and Create/Merge Branches for each specific release/parallel development.
  • Setting up the environment by installing third party components/software like Databases (SQL Server) and Autosys.
  • Worked as an IIS Administrator for all the environments.
  • Worked on administrating Windows Servers by installing/Configuring new patches and upgrades.
  • Worked on Automation of Data migrations between multiple environments.
  • Worked on Migration projects from IIS 6.0 to 7.0

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