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Windows Systems Administrator/consultant Resume

Camden, SC


  • Over 25 years of professional IT experience and leadership in Systems Administration, Server Support, Desktop Support, Application Support, domain and email migration, integration, and support, active directory management and migration, managed antivirus design and consult, WAN/LAN design and support, 3rd party software integration and support, disaster recovery design, storage management, project and personnel management.
  • Lead and managed a project to build and integrate a 30 server worldwide managed anti virus network designed to service over 40 sites and 22,000 users.
  • Leadership and professional expertise in with the installation, deployment, management, and migration of multiple Microsoft Exchange server versions including 2003, 2007, 2010. These skills taken in conjunction with an even superior knowledge of Microsoft Enterprise Server Operating Systems including versions 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012 and including both hardware and software support both at the enterprise and client levels.
  • Leadership in business process reengineering in integration for networking and server topologies.
  • Experience in Clustering Servers, Cloud utilization, and SAN utilization both as a part of run and maintain as well as disaster recovery initiatives.
  • Experience in taking new technologies from infancy through full development and implementation in order to build models for extended corporate usefulness and revenue generation.
  • Leadership in site coordination of major retail store remodel/reset


  • Microsoft Exchange Server Versions 2003 2007 2010 2013
  • Microsoft Enterprise Server Operating Systems 2003 2008 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Clustering Servers
  • VMware
  • Cloud
  • SAN
  • Windows 9598 NT 4.0 2000
  • XP
  • Vista 7 8 10
  • Windows Server versions 2003 20082008 R2 and 2012
  • Remedy system
  • Data Center
  • Active Directory
  • LAN & WAN.



Windows Systems Administrator/Consultant


  • Specialized exchange server replacement with general mailbox, public folder, and end user support of servers
  • Migration of 64 bit to 32 bit server replacement rebuild in place. Along with the rebuild of exchange with AD rebuild and individual client reconfiguration
  • Repair and update previous code for multiple databases to function correctly with newer hardware and software
  • Upgraded domain to accept Exchange 2010 servers. Migrated Exchange 2003 servers to 2010 with preservation of all data along with BES upgraded from 4 to 5. General server support run and maintain.
  • Assumed all desktop and server run and maintain duties for a cover FTE. Examples are AD migrations, desktop migrations, upgrades, AD support, data center support and architecture realignment
  • Used NTFS file system to construct multiple volumes in RAID configuration on servers and desktops in an effort to improve performance and provide increased level of reliability.
  • Systems Administration duties run and maintain support, Focus on clients requesting AD analysis and restructure plan.
  • Designed and built wireless networks generating cost savings of over one hundred thousand dollars via elimination of cat 5 cabling.
  • Used DFS file system to created virtual volumes for large shared folders for user access.
  • Consulted, implemented, and served as systems administrator for numerous server/PC combinations for commercial and non - commercial business use in conjunction with Active Directory configuration and Activation/KMS resulting in increased accountability generating cost savings of over ten thousand dollars via elimination of resource domains.
  • Utilized VMware and Cloud as a systems administrator remediation of domain version in preparation for server versions 2008 and exchange 2010 in migrated Data Center and enterprise environment.
  • Configured VMware as a systems administrator in an effort to improve application efficiency by maximizing resource availability in accordance with real time production needs.
  • Created and deployed MSI’s to promote desktop standardization as well as utilization of Activation/KMS to streamline support infrastructure for client manageability.
  • Exchange 2003 migrations: 2003 to 2003, 2007, & 2010. Project design, plan, and implementation for hundreds of mailboxes and public folders
  • Experience utilizing SQL queries and coding scripts in versions 2005, 2008 R2, and 2012 in order to facilitate SQL database application maintenance and development
  • Experience utilizing object oriented coding via SQL scripts in order to further develop certain aspects of manufacturing and logistical software
  • Experience setting up multiple servers with SAN unit as a means of consolidating and resolving storage and disaster recovery issues.
  • Configure boot from SAN at direction of engineer to make OS changes and system updates for multiple servers.
  • Investigate, identify, and correct, issues causing multiple inexplicable network outages for ranging over a district network
  • Utilization of scripting software to achieve various goals in database and software vending support
  • Installed and configured firewall software to promote corporate security and minimized potential risk of unwanted network intrusions.
  • Modified existing firewall configurations to facilitate operability within new, existing, and upgraded mainstream and 3rd part applications.
  • Corrected hundreds of production issues as a systems administrator for server versions 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012, as well as desktop versions Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, and version 7 for home and corporate office users.
  • Configured routine aspects of applications, file and print, and email servers for access control and monitoring to ensure stable run environment for home and corporate users.
  • Repaired numerous instances of spy-ware and virus infections due to lack of or defective anti-malicious software on laptop, desktop, and server combinations and generating thousands of dollars in savings via preventive maintenance of mal-ware infections.
  • Used imaging to enable replacement of workstations in normal hardware turnover process for clients and their business units thus generating the cost savings associated with manual builds.
  • Advised on backup and disaster recovery strategy for clients and their business units thus generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost savings associated with potential spending incurred recovering from a disaster.

Confidential - Camden, SC

Senior Systems Administrator/Technician


  • Functioned as a systems administrator for over 10,000 active directory objects to include users, computers, printers, GPO’s, distribution lists, email accounts, etc. and security and installation aspects for said objects.
  • Sole File/Print server manager and systems administrator for 1200 users, 800 workstations, and 60 printers during critical active directory migration and consolidation from resource domains.
  • Used NTFS file system to construct multiple volumes on desktops and servers in various array configurations in an effort to improve performance and reliability on these sytems.
  • Used DFS to manage many large shared folders across single and multiple sites in an effort to improve reliability and access time to these network resources.
  • Managed ERP reports database via SAP software, Seagate Crystal Reports, Maximo, etc. all of which had functional and relational MS SQL databases on multiple servers.
  • Performed systems administration duties for hardware and software support of multiple Microsoft exchange servers and handled service issues arising from multiple layers of database, domain, and group attributes as well as user/client exchange issues for over 1200 users.
  • Functioned as a systems administrator for an infrastructure of clustered production servers for running production specific software directly focused on the manufacture of six-six nylon.
  • Utilized clustering to create fail over and redundancy for production software running 24 x 7 where availability and application utilization were mission critical
  • Managed 30 global antivirus servers as one of only two global managed anti-virus consultants for Confidential . Utilized SAN technology to remotely validate storage data and maintain disaster recovery protocol for these global antivirus servers.
  • Served as primary point desktop support and firewall contact for Camden and Winnsboro sites for all Cisco products.
  • Functioned as duel site firewall engineer of Cisco networking equipment for production and non-production systems to include server, desktop, and application level communications.
  • Assisted with MSI package creation and deployment as a part of global desktop standardization project
  • Systems administration of a managed Symantec Antivirus network on design architecture, risk analysis, report generation and customization.
  • Successfully redesigned site anti-virus definition file delivery method thus reducing definition update time and generating savings of over $2M.
  • Routinely used imaging process to facilitate replacement of workstations and avoided payment lease penalty costs thus saving over $1M.
  • Configured Blackberry as a part of Blackberry enterprise server in maintaining appropriate licenses and accounts.
  • Routinely installed and supported 3rd party software and legacy applications.
  • Served as small project manager systems admin for migrations, upgrades, state of operations, etc for all manner of software and hardware reconciliations with a great deal of focus on active directory for two sites, 1200 users, 850 PC’s and over 60 servers. Active directory migrations were typically performed using Quest and ADMT.
  • Answered, assigned, and resolved calls using remedy system from on site as well as remote users and business.
  • 120 PQR's a month dealing largely with active directory migrations from NT 4.0 to Windows XP and email migrations targeting a Microsoft Exchange model as the solution.
  • Team leader in migration of 1200 users from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Configured hundreds of workstations for use of multiple MS SQL databases.
  • Migrated 12 NT 4.0 server operating systems to Server 2000 and Server 2003 often in conjunction with hardware replacement and migration to active directory with savings of over $50,000 per platform in some instances.
  • Routinely managed OU attributes group, user, and server, for Active Directory as well as Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007.
  • Served as primary Field Services Technician and Systems Administrator for the Camden and Winnsboro sites from June 2005 through December 2006 with duties ranging from server administration to TCOM network analysis and technical support with enormous focus on daily Active Directory management and configuration responsibilities. Management duties involved extensive local and global GPO creation and review.
  • Served as primary backup strategist, manager, and disaster recovery point of contact.
  • Site wide upgrade of all PC's to a managed antivirus topology and then application to global infrastructure as consultant resulting in savings of over $20M.
  • Routinely interfaced with Symantec technical account manager and website in pursuit of latest virus threats for savings of $2M.

Confidential - Charlotte, NC

Senior Customer Service Engineer


  • Functioned as service call coordinator for one dozen field engineers for the downtown campus Confidential office in Charlotte, NC in contractual support of Bank of America headquarters for over $1M revenue generation per month.
  • Functioned, as a member of a team of field service engineers whose purpose was to service the hardware and software needs of a complex 10,000-user network within the corporate headquarters of Bank of America.
  • Installation and maintenance of various hardware and software systems including operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Warp. Included was the installation and maintenance of all hardware associated with network servers, printers, and other peripherals.
  • Managed a service call schedule which requiring field engineers to research, track, order, and subsequently install all of their own parts for hardware maintenance issues arising from various PC, network server and printer combinations.

Confidential - Lejeune, NC

Senior Network Specialist


  • Supervised and coordinated the daily operations and special projects conducted within a Data Communications Support Section comprised of twenty U. S. Marines.
  • Successfully designed, maintained, and coordinated the weekly downloads and data exchange of more than 25 Vines Street Talk Directory Assistance services for a 60 server Vines Network.
  • Provided comprehensive technical advice from a systems administration perspective of secure and non-secure data communications systems, network topologies, protocols, and satellite communications configurations to multiple military organizations for savings of over $100,000 annually.
  • Functioned as a systems administrator for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of an extensive sixty server, 2000 user Banyan Vines Wide Area Network (WAN).

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