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Sr. Aws Cloud/ Devops Engineer Resume

Santa Clara, CA


  • Around 8+ years of experience in IT industry with various other public and private cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and PCF along with Build/Release management, CI/CD, CM, SCM tools including Linux Administration.
  • Experienced in other tools like Docker, Kubernetes, several scripting languages and monitoring tools.
  • Expert in completing demanding assignments in short timelines and highly articulate, with proven experience leading, training, and supporting team success.
  • In - depth understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall methodologies.
  • Deep experience with AWS components like EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELASTIC IP, DynamoDB, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, Redshift, IAM, Route 53, Auto scaling, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, Security Groups and other services in the AWS cloud infrastructure such as IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.
  • Experienced in creating configured AWS IAM and Security Group in Public and Private Subnets in VPC and Created AWS Route53 to route traffic between different regions.
  • Designed and developed the backup and archiving, disaster recovery in AWS cloud.
  • Deployed and Maintained Windows phone applications on Azure cloud technologies.
  • Converted Java application to Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Project as part of cloud deployment.
  • Experience in deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting the OpenStackenvironment with Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Swift, Cinder Heat and Ceilometer.
  • Good understanding of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Architecture (Diego Architecture), PCF components and their functionalities.
  • Experience on Virtualization technologies like VMWare, Vagrant and Ansible, Chef & Puppet for Configuration Management tool and understanding containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Orchestrated complex application deployments quickly and predictably by using Kubernetes.
  • Good experience with container based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker registries.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks from scratch in YAML. Installing, setting up & Troubleshooting Ansible, created and automated platform environment setup.
  • Managed Amazon EC2 instances with the help of Chef, Installed and configured to Chef Server.
  • Using Chef, deployed and configured ElasticSearch, Log Stash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and CloudWatch.
  • Hands on experience on automation of configuration and management through Puppet and implementing Puppet dashboard and Puppet database.
  • Expert to Build end-to-end CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins to retrieve code and push build artifacts to Nexus and Jfrog Artifactory’s.
  • Extensively experienced in using Build Automation tools like ANT and Maven.
  • Deployed JAR, WAR, EAR and J2EE applications on Apache tomcat server using Jenkins for auto deployment.
  • Developed Shell/Ruby/php/Python scripts for automation purpose.
  • Hands on experience with Python and Django for XML, JSON processing, data exchange and business logic implementation.
  • Experience in Administration/Maintenance of source control management systems, such as Sub Version, Bitbucket and Git.
  • Experienced with different bug tracking tools like JIRA and Rally.
  • Experienced using different log monitoring tools like Sumo Logic, AppDynamics, Splunk, and Nagios for log information.
  • Building and configuring RedHat Linux system over the network, implementing automated tasks through Crontab, resolving tickets according to the priority basis.
  • Experience in DNS, NFS, NIS, LDAP, Samba, remote access security management and troubleshooting in RedHat Linux.
  • Installing and maintaining Solaris, Jumpstart environment and RedHat Kickstart environment.


Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows. Mac.

Cloud Services: AWS, Open Stack, Azure, PCF.

Virtualization Platforms: Oracle virtual box, Vagrant, VMware ESXI.

Version Control: Git, SVN, Bitbucket.

Build Systems: Maven, Ant.

CI Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo.

Networking: TCP/IP, NFS, Telnet, FTP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, NetStat, HTTP, SAMBA, IPTABLES.

Containerization Tools: Docker, Kubernetes.

Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet, Ansible.

Application Servers: Oracle WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere.

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx.

Databases: Oracle, MS-SQL, MYSQL, DynamoDB.

Application Deployment: UDeploy, Rundeck.

Scripting Languages: Shell, Ruby, Python.

Bug tracking and Ticketing tool: JIRA, Rally.


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. AWS Cloud/ DevOps Engineer


  • Creating the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a Continuous Integration system for all our products.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to Application server in an Agile Continuous Integration environment and also automated the whole process.
  • Actively involved in architecture of DevOpsplatform and Cloud solutions and Worked across both private (OpenStack) and public clouds (Amazon AWS).
  • Launched AWS and OpenStack instances (SUSE/ Ubuntu/ CentOS) and Configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications.
  • Implemented VPC, Auto Scaling, S3, EBS, ELB, CloudFormation templates and CloudWatch services from AWS.
  • Creating S3 buckets and managing policies for S3 buckets and Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • By using AWS IAM to create and manage AWS users and groups, to allow permissions or deny their access to AWS resources.
  • Managed and supported AWS Security related issues, such as IAM and S3 policies for user access.
  • Worked OpenStackservices such as Horizon, Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder, Ceilometer and Swift.
  • Used Docker and Kubernetes to manage micro services for development of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Used Kubernetes to create Pods, ConfigMaps and deployments into the cluster.
  • Hands on experience Kubernetes to automate the deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.
  • Maintained and developed Docker images for a tech stack including Cassandra, Kafka, Apache, and several in house written Java services running in both OpenStack and AWS cloud on Kubernetes.
  • Worked with containerization tool Docker, and Used Docker to implement a high-level API to provide lightweight containers that run processes isolation and worked on creation of customized Docker container images, tagged and pushed the images to the Docker Hub repository.
  • Installation and configuration of ELK stack (Log Management tool) in both legacy and Docker swarm mode.
  • Setup/teardown ofELKstack (ElasticSearch, Log Stash, and Kibana) for OSS functional testing.
  • Created playbooks for OpenStack deployments and bug fixes with configuration management tool Ansible and automated the process of Apache Webserver installation & configuration.
  • Used Ansible as a configuration management tool to manage Web applications, Environment configuration Files, Users, Mount points and Packages.
  • Written Ansible playbooks for automation of launching and managing infrastructure for DEV, QA and PROD environments.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks with Python SSH as the wrapper to manage configurations of AWS Nodes and test playbooks on AWS instances using Python.
  • Written Terraform templates, Chef Cookbooks, recipes and pushed them onto Chef Server for configuring EC2 instances.
  • Built multiple Cookbooks by using Chef and experience in working with data bags, attributes, cookbooks, recipes and templates.
  • Created Chef Cookbooks and wrote recipes in Ruby Script to install and configured Infrastructure across environments and automated the process using Python Script.
  • Worked on branching and merging code lines in the GIT and resolved all the conflicts raised during merges.
  • Used Git for source code management and integrated with Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline, code quality tracking and user management, with build tools like Maven and Ant.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation usingJenkins along with Python and Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Setup Maven script based jobs inJenkinsand Worked withJenkinsPipelines.
  • Used Jenkins and pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes.
  • Integrated configuration tool and Jenkins with uDeploy and Created uDeploy Components, process and installed uDeploy agents on both Windows and Linux machines according to application team requirements.
  • Involved in developing custom scripts using Python, Ruby & Shell (bash) to automate jobs.
  • Configured local Maven project repositories with Nexus repositories and scheduled projects in Jenkins for continuous integration
  • Wrote PowerShell scripts to automatically restart the uDeploy agents on Linux machines.
  • Used different Bug tracking tools like JIRA and Rally.
  • To deploying the code, we used different web application servers like WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS and Built micro services using API gateway
  • Installed, Configured, Managed Monitoring Tools such as CloudWatch, Splunk and Nagios for Resource Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Log Trace Monitoring.

Environment: AWS, S3, EBS, Elastic Load balancer (ELB), Auto Scaling groups, VPC, IAM, Cloud Watch, Glacier, DynamoDB, OpenStack, shell/Python scripts, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Kubernetes, JIRA, Splunk, Nagios, Python, Nginx, Tomcat, Windows and Linux environment, VMware ESX/ESXI Server and Workstation.

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

Cloud /DevOps engineer


  • Worked on build &deployments, Maintenance and troubleshooting applications on different Cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure and Pivotal cloud Foundry (PCF).
  • Mapped workloads to the capabilities of Microsoft Azurefor public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Designed and configuredAzure Virtual Networks, subnets, network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, and Security policies and routing.
  • Worked on AzurePaaS Solutions like Azure Web Apps, Web Roles, Worker Roles, SQLAzure andAzure Storage.
  • Deep experience on Windows AzureIaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Resource Groups, Express Route, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling, Traffic Manager.
  • Hands on experience in managingAzure Storage Accounts and Creating ARM templates for Azure Platform.
  • Deployed and Maintained Windows phone applications on Azure cloud technologies.
  • Implemented Pivotal Cloud Foundry setup /POC/Configuration/maintenance.
  • Deployed and manage Pivotal CloudFoundry (PCF) environment across development, testing and production environments.
  • Developed spring boot applications for REST services and deployed in Pivotal CloudFoundry (PCF).
  • Creating jobs, pipelines in Jenkins also worked with different Jenkins plugins to integrate with Bitbucket, Build Tools Maven and ANT, Chef for continuous deployments and Docker for containerization.
  • Created private cloud using Kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST, and PROD environments.
  • Managed local deployments inKubernetes, creating local cluster and deploying application containers, building/maintaining Docker container clusters managed byKubernetesand managedKubernetescharts using Helm packages.
  • Managing and Monitoring the JVM performance by analyzing Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools on JBoss.
  • Worked on installing of Docker using Docker toolbox and Strong noledge on Docker components like Client, Server, Images, Containers and Registries.
  • Involved in Writing Docker file to build customized images for creating containers and also worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images, and managing Docker volumes.
  • Developed Docker file for Windows based containers and tested newly emerging windows Docker container image registries.
  • Hands on experience on Docker Hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.
  • Experience in writing Chef Cookbooks, Recipes, Resources, run lists, managing Chef-Client nodes, and uploading cookbooks to chef-server.
  • Used Chef, Knife, Ohai to create cookbooks and recipes to install packages that automate with Linux Setting up Chef Cookbooks to perform build and deployment management.
  • Integrated Chef & Jenkins with Rundeck to provide an end to end cycle of instance provisioning to Application Deployment.
  • Configured in setting up CI/CD pipeline integrating various tools with Cloud Bees Jenkins to build and run terraform templates to create infrastructure in Azure.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins CI tool on Linux/Windows/Mac machines and created a master and slave configuration to implement parallel builds.
  • Configured Nexus repository manager for managing the Maven artifacts and Implemented JIRA tool for project tracking and work flow control.
  • Used version Control tools like GIT, Subversion and Bitbucket. In this project we primarily used Bitbucket as a version control tool.
  • Installed/configured Bitbucket and implemented branching strategy suitable for Agile/Scrum development also provided continuous support and maintenance of software builds.
  • Troubleshooting, Configuring and deploying various enterprise applications in WebLogic, WebSphere and Tomcat.
  • Configured and used Nagios as the monitoring tool and used ELK Stack for log management.

Environment: Microsoft Windows Azure, ARM Templates, Azure Network, Bitbucket, Shell/Python scripts, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Maven, Chef, Rundeck, Docker, Kubernetes, JIRA, Nagios, Python, Nginx, Tomcat, Windows, Linux, VMware ESX/ESXI Server and Workstation.

Confidential, Dublin, Ohio

DevOps Engineer


  • Utilized VMware Virtual Client 3.5 in creating and cloning Linux Virtual Machines, and migrating servers between ESX hosts and building KVM hypervisor.
  • Involved in setting up and configuring Install Server, Configuration Server & Boot Server using PXE booting for Kickstart process & performed Kickstart to install OS on Linux boxes.
  • Worked on Multiple AWS instances, defined the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs, Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly availability systems.
  • Configured AWS S3 buckets with various life cycle policies to archive the infrequently accessed data to storage classes based on requirement.
  • Hands on experience with AWS IAM to set up user roles with corresponding user and group policies using JSON.
  • Configuring the rules to each security group that associated to AWS EC2 instances.
  • Designed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Created roles, groups for users and resources using AWS IAM.
  • Installing and configuring of Apache and Nginx webservers on AWS EC2 Instances.
  • Configuring and Networking of AWS Virtual Private Cloud and Written CloudFormation templates and deployed AWS resources using it.
  • Used AWS CloudWatch and ELK for maintaining system Logs.
  • Setting up the build and deployment automation using terraform Scripts...
  • Implemented Docker based CI and Deployment framework. Deploying and maintaining Micro services using Docker.
  • Used Docker containers for eliminating a source of friction between development and operations.
  • Worked with Docker and OpenShift to manage micro Services for development and testing.
  • Configured connection pools and Data sources for Web Logic 9.2/10.3,JBOSS 4.2/5.0.1/5.1.0 , and SJSAS.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks, Recipes, Resources and Run lists, Managed Chef client nodes, and uploaded cookbooks to chef-server using Workstation.
  • Setup Master-slave architecture to improve performance and used Bamboo for CI & CD into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Deployment of build artifacts like WAR, JAR and EAR packages into Jfrog Artifactory using shell/python scripts.
  • Used GIT and GitHub for source code management and versioning.
  • Implemented and maintained the branching and build/release strategies utilizing GIT repository.
  • Managing and architecting more than 3500 virtual servers and Monitoring the Application Servers and Web-Servers through Nagios.

Environment: s: Java/J2EE, Solaris 8/9/10, AWS EC2, IAM, S3, VPC, NAT, CloudFormation, Terraform, Tomcat, Nginx, Git, Linux /Unix, Jfrog Artifactory, Bamboo, ANT, Maven, Python, Ruby, Chef, Docker, Nagios.

Confidential, Springfield Ma

Build and Release engineer


  • Developed and implemented the software management for the release of web applications.
  • Used Git, Maven, Jenkins, Puppet and JIRA as tools for day to day build & release cycles.
  • Worked on setting up the projects in GIT created POM.xml file and integrating with Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Worked on GIT repository implementation, defined branching strategies in GIT and implementation of best practices.
  • Carried Deployments and builds on various environments using continuous integration tool Jenkins. Designed the project workflows/pipelines using Jenkins as CI tool.
  • Installed, configured and administered Jenkins as Continuous Integration Server on Linux machines.
  • Configured GitHub with Jenkins and scheduled jobs using POLL SCM option.
  • Code reviewing and merging Pull requests.
  • Worked with the development team to generate deployment profiles (jar, war, ear) using ANT & Maven Scripts by using Jenkins.
  • Wrote pom.xml and Ant build.xml files to build the projects.
  • Wrote Shell and Python scripts for compilation and deployment process.
  • Deployed EAR, JAR and WAR files into WebLogic and Apache Servers.
  • Installed and configured Nexus Repository Manager to distribute build artifacts between the teams in the organization.
  • Used Puppet to manage Web applications, configuration files, Database commands, Users mount points and packages.
  • Installed and configured continuous management tool Puppet, to ensure the deployment process.
  • Implemented Puppet Master, Puppet Console and Puppet Agents, Create Puppet modules and Classes.
  • Automated Deployment of Java based applications into Tomcat, WebLogic servers using Puppet and Jenkins.
  • Regular Interaction with client teams to understand client deployment requests.
  • Installing and configuration of Tomcat for development and Testing Environments and Application performance monitoring (APM) by AppDynamics.

Environment: Jenkins, GitHub, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Puppet, Web Logic, Apache Server, Tomcat, Nexus, AppDynamics.


Linux / System Analyst


  • Installation, configuration and Operating System and upgradation of, RedHat Linux, Ubuntu and SunSolaris.
  • User account management and support.
  • Worked on Operating System installations and BIOS upgrade and Maintenance.
  • Installation, configuration of LAMP server on Debian and CentOs.
  • Administration of file and directories with basic file permissions.
  • Configured Linux Firewall with IPCHAINS&IPTABLES
  • Worked on installation and configuring VMware/EServer’s for virtualization.
  • Configuring network services like NFS, DHCP, DNS, SAMBA, FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSH and Firewall that runs on Red Hat Linux, SunSolaris, AIX.
  • Worked with LVM for the management of Volumes including creation of physical and logical volumes on Linux.
  • Configured and administered Tomcat and FTP for Production servers.
  • Developed Shell scripts for acquiring information about various Linux servers.
  • Responsible for Connectivity issues among various Servers and various software components
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP network problems for the clients.
  • Performing and configuration of backup for web servers.
  • Worked on issues to resolve daily hardware and software problems of organization machines.
  • Worked on the configuration of server monitoring tool like Nagios.
  • Monitored Network traffic using packet analyzer tools such as TCP/IP dump, Wireshark.

Environment: s: RedHat Linux, Debain, CentOs, Ubuntu, SunSolaris, AIX, NFS, DHCP, DNS, SAMBA, FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSH, LVM, TCP/IP, LAMP, Nagios, Wireshark, VM Ware ESXi Servers.


Jr. System Administrator


  • Responsible for server's software and hardware local ISP, including Installation and deployed Solaris, RedHat, and Windows Servers.
  • Installed, upgraded, configured, tested, maintained and supported operating system software.
  • Apply security patches, and updates for all production systems.
  • Maintained system security and data integrity.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues and hardware issues.
  • Maintain critical OS level issues with day to day issues.
  • Installation, configuration applications including: Confluence, JBoss, Tomcat.
  • Performed daily backup operations, scheduled and monitored backups.
  • Managed and monitored the server and network infrastructure using Nagios.

Environment: Solaris, RedHat Linux, Windows, Bash Scripts, Shell, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Nagios.

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