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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Oak Brook, IL


C/C++ senior software engineer with proven track record including multiple Confidential . Extensive and varied experience as software architect and developer for employers and clients. Ability to assimilate new technologies quickly. Deep C/C++ skills on multiple platforms, including UNIX and Windows. Familiar with Java, XML, and web technologies such as webMethods, WebSphere, and Lotus Domino. Strong knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and networking. Expert in EDI, B2B, and messaging - based applications. Hands-on hardware experience including all phases of standard hardware lifecycle and custom integrations.











Scripting webMethods

IBM 370 and Intel mnemonics;

Microsoft Visual Basic .net;

IBM, Microsoft and Burroughs ANSI COBOL;

IBM xlC, Microsoft C, Borland C, Apple Objective C;

IBM xlC++, IBM VisualAge C++, MS Visual Studio .net, Borland C++ Builder;

XHTML, JavaScript;

Sun Netbeans, Eclipse;


Microsoft, Borland, UCSD P-System (DEC);

Unix shell (ksh), Perl, MS DOS .bat, vbs;

Web app code generator







MS DOS, OS/2, iRMX, Windows NT/EE, XP, XPe, Win7, 2003, 2008, 2012 Server;

Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Raspbian;

VM, DOS/VSE, MVS/CICS, Command Level CICS;

IBM AIX, ATT System V, BSD, SunOS, SCO XENIX/Unix, OpenSolaris, Ultrix





IBM DB2 and Oracle;

C-ISAM engine;





Office Software

Source Control

Tech Drawing


MS Windows Cluster Server, IBM HACMP;

OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, XOpen MTA, STL, ReSharper, Moq, NUnit;

Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, OpenOffice, Sublime, WebStorm;

CMVC, PVCS, SCCS, Subversion (SVN), Github/GITExt;

Microsoft Visio, RF Flow, Software Through Pictures (STP), Easy Case;

VMWare Server & Workstation, Hyper-V, Virtual Box



IBM Mainframes

IBM pSeries

Intel Servers

Northern Telcom

Protocol Analyzers



A Series, B Series mainframes;

PDP 11/44, VAX 11/780;

4331, 3083; various midrange servers including RS/6000-SP2, Power & Power PC based; iAPX386 based, 486 based, Pentium and Xeon based, IBM xSeries/Netfinity Servers;

Electronic Mobile eXchange (EMX) Cellular Switching system;


Network General, Northern Telecom BERT's;


Various model workstations





BiSync and SNA/SDLC;


Data formats include





Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Design, develop and maintain software for a Windows Server based system running virtual UNIX in VMWARE deployed to thousands of locations;
  • Node.js/Javascript communications using XMLRPC to gather data from external devices.
  • MS VB, MS C# with Ravendb and Balsamiq mockups for rapid prototyping of Windows applications.
  • Developed C/ C++ enhancements to tax, currency exchange rate and other processing.
  • Perl, Microsoft VBS and UNIX shell scripts for various maintenance projects.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Create webMethods functions for eCommerce/EDI systems on Linux platforms using SQL with Oracle database products using Agile development methodology to process X.12, UN/EDIFACT, UN/TDI, UCS and XML data.
  • Contracted back to Confidential to support an eCommerce system that wasn’t sold (UPS package tracking). Multiple enhancements to existing system developed using C/C++.
  • Developed C/C++ text parsing applications to assist migrating Confidential customers to Confidential platforms

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Worked in network services area of Confidential Global Services with a focus on various types of B2B exchanges.
  • Designed, developed, and tested B2B RFC4217 compliant SSL/TLS daemons for use in various custom internet business exchanges. Implemented using C/C++ with OpenSSL and Netscape/iPlanet LDAP for user authentication against Confidential WebSphere SecureWay LDAP and OpenLDAP servers. Services parsed EDI data, performed X12 lookups via DB2-enabled LDAP databases, delivered data and returned confirmation messages.
  • Some generated XML data and forwarded info via WebSphere MQ to Ariba or I2 processes, or transferred files to legacy EDI hosts for further processing.
  • Designed and developed on Confidential AIX using Confidential xlC++.
  • Developed major enhancements to Windows 2003 Server/MS Host Integration Server, multi-threaded, EDI store-and-forward system for deploying multiple servers for load distribution using Borland C++ Builder for AutoVANs driving Just-In-Time parts inventory.
  • Implemented Confidential interconnect with NASA SEWP (S/MIME SMTP) linking Confidential legacy system STEDI. Implemented on AIX based Confidential hardware.
  • Chief Hardware Architect for Confidential 's Domino Application Environment/Common Operating Environment, IBM’s first ‘On Demand’ ™ offering (‘the cloud’ before the world had heard the phrase. Documented and implemented hardware/network standards for this Lotus Domino-based service marketed to SMBs.
  • Developed archiving and deletion using Notes C API. Developed under both Confidential AIX and MS Windows Server using Confidential xlC++, Borland C++/IBM VisualAge C++.
  • Assisted deployments in Confidential 's North American and EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) divisions.
  • Modified Notes Perl AIX installation scripts to support automatic install and configuring for mass server building in Confidential Universal Server Farms (USF) Global Hosting initiative.
  • Developed eCommerce gateways allowing customers using FTP over TCP/IP to drop off and pick up data from Confidential legacy systems which communicated via SNA. Developed on Confidential AIX. Migrated applications from AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.2.1 (no threads to multi-threaded).
  • Internet Data and Document Exchange (IDDX); Implemented routines for IDDX allowing external C and C++ programs to lookup names via Cyclone Java interface. Developed under Confidential AIX using Confidential xlC++ and Java. Created performance test plans to generate reports for upper management on hardware needs to meet required transaction count thresholds.
  • Designed and implemented email exchange system for global deployment which allowed cross flow for SMTP, X.400 and Lotus cc:Mail. Implemented NLS error messages based on country of origin.
  • Created website for support access to report throughput.
  • Developed main switching portion in C using MTA libraries from XOpen for MTA transfer on an Confidential RS-6000/SP2.

Confidential, Oak Brook IL

Lead Technical Analyst


  • Developed “PC POS”, touch screen POS system deployed to most Confidential .
  • Originally proposed concept of “Cheap POS” based on PC hardware while working as a consultant.
  • Developed under MS-DOS with Microsoft C/C++ and MS Assembler.
  • Interfaced to RAMCOR's ArchDrink robot, allowing robot to pour drinks as ordered at registers.
  • Various research projects to develop external displays on existing Panasonic POS systems using Microsoft-C by snooping existing RS-485 LAN traffic:
  • Developed outdoor displays to show drive-through customers orders as placed.
  • Developed outdoor displays to show anticipated serving time for Drive Thru Customers.
  • In-store processor (ISP) system for cash and inventory control.
  • Developed in C on SCO XENIX/Unix.
  • Developed cash and “forever reading” reconciliation routines.
  • Developed Telxon inventory recorder functions for synchronizing and transmitting inventory from hand held units, driving replenishment process.
  • Developed routines to program POS key positions based on corporate approved layouts downloaded to stores.
  • Created data feeder program to program ArchFry robot.
  • This robot used predictions based on past sales data to determine quantity of fries to cook at a certain time.

Confidential, Chicago IL

Software Architect


  • Confidential Corporation worked on various projects.
  • Later hired by Confidential ; see project descriptions there.
  • Confidential Cellular developed products for controlling Confidential 's Electronic Mobile eXchange (EMX) cellular phone switch and creating reports based on usage and failures.
  • Developed on Sun workstations running SunOS (BSD) with OpenLook using C.
  • Graphical design tools included Software Through Pictures (STP) and Interleaf technical publisher.
  • Harris Bank Corp developer in internal systems.
  • Created one of the first new General Ledger systems reconciling branch bank accounts based on input from Confidential as banking regulations changed to allow semi-independent branches. Projects done in COBOL on Burroughs B7800 and Unisys A10, A12 mainframes.

Confidential, Northfield IL

Programmer/DataComm Tech


  • Developed Pascal software to facilitate faster installation of telephone accounting systems automating DID, DOD and DIDO setup.
  • Implemented Confidential Data over Voice Network, 3270 to ASCII protocol conversion at this Confidential 3083 location.
  • Developed command level CICS assembler (370) software to program terminal function keys.
  • Implemented 3767 emulation for First Card and assisted them in creating their first interactive query with TRW credit bureau.
  • Supported protocol conversion via Confidential cabling plan.

Confidential, Forest Park, IL

Customer Support


  • Initial project automated entry of classified ads to decrease time to print.
  • Project expanded to other areas of the newspaper after success of initial phase.
  • Responsible for installation, training and support.
  • Presentations on computers in the home to Home Economics Classes
  • Presentations on computers in the classroom to teachers.
  • Various hardware interfacing projects relating to Supermicro S-100 systems installed in a local medical facility.

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