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Devops/build And Release Engineer Resume

Houston, TexaS


  • Around 7+ Years of Devops experience with 9 years in the IT industry having worked with a variety of platforms including SCM Continuous Integration and Continuous Development along with Build and Release Management.
  • Extensive experience as a DevOps engineer.
  • Skilled at Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) and Agile Programming methodologies.
  • Experienced in Perl, Python and shell scripting for automating tasks.
  • Ability to accomplish all aspects of the software configuration management (SCM) process, DevOps and Build/Release management and Openstack.
  • Extensive experience in Linux/Unix system Administration, System Builds, Server Builds, Installations, Upgrades, Tuning, Migration, Trouble shooting on RHEL 4.x/5.x.
  • Ability to manage SCM processes which include compiling, packaging, deploying and application configurations.
  • Experience in working on source controller tools like GitHub (GIT),Subversion (SVN),CVS, IBM Clear case,Perforce.
  • Strong experience creating ANT/ MAVEN with Puppet build script for deploymentartifacts.
  • Good experience in converting build.xml into pom.xml in order to build the applications using MAVEN.
  • Extensively worked with Change tracking tools like ITSM, BMC Remedy, JIRA, HP Service Center
  • Expertise in Application Deployments & Environment configuration using Chef, Puppet
  • Worked on Puppet for the deployment of servers with custom scripts.
  • Working on Docker on Linux installs as well as cloud providers. Creating Docker Image On one hand I can spawn a container and build it interactively.
  • Took Part in DevOps pilot program and was trained in DevOps methodologies, tools like Puppet, Ansible. GIT repositories for projects JavaScript testing frameworks
  • Experience in Configuring and Managing monitoring tools like Nagios, BPPM
  • Worked with multiple DevOps methodologies and tools Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery tools( Jenkins) Infrastructure.
  • Administered and Implemented CI tools Hudson and Jenkins for automated builds.
  • Strong experience utilizing Build Forge and Jenkins for enterprise scale infrastructure configuration and application deployments
  • Experience in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, EBS, AMI, EBS, Cloud Watch, VPN Servers.
  • Experienced in Elastic Search, Logstash and kibana.
  • Experience on working with monitoring tools likeSplunk, Kibana and Wily - introscope
  • Experienced installing and configuring Web Servers including IBM HTTP Server, Tomcat and Apache Web Server
  • Strong knowledge of DNS, DHCP and IP Addressing.
  • Experience in configuration of DNS, DHCP, NFS, SAMBA, SQUID, postfix, send mail, FTP, remote access, security management and Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Experienced in implementing and maintaining an Apache Tomcat /MySQL/PHP, LDAP, LAMP web service environment.
  • Expertise in provisioning tools such as Vagrant and integrate it with AWS, Rackspace, and Other hypervisors.
  • Experience in Creation and managing user accounts, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring in Solaris and Red Hat Linux.
  • Expertise in scripting for automation, and monitoring using Shell, PHP,Bash,Python, Ruby& Perl scriptsconfiguration management tools Chef, Puppet and Web Service like AWS
  • Good understanding of OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, and TFTP)
  • Experience in implementing and making teams adapt to Release/Change Management Process
  • Experience in Installing Firmware Upgrades, kernel patches, systems configuration, performance tuning on Unix/Linux systems.
  • Installation and configuration of Web Sphere 5.1/6.0 Application Server on Solaris and Linux boxes.
  • Good knowledge on ITIL Process and have worked on coordinating releases across the projects.
  • Independent problem solving and a good team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience supporting 24x7 production computing environments. Experience providing on-call and weekend support.


Operating Systems: RHEL 3/4/5,6, Sun Solaris Release 2.10/2.9/2.8/2.7 , IBM-AIX 5.X, zVM Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 and NT, LINUX, UNIX

Web/ Application Server: Tomcat, Apache DB2, Oracle, Web logic, Web Sphere, JBoss, IIS

Containerization and Search Engine: Docker, Elastic Search, Kibana ( Visualisation), Logstash (Logs )

Continuous Integration and Configuration Tools: Puppet, Chef and Nagios, DevOps, Docker,ANT, Maven,GitHub, Jenkins, Rundeck, ELK, JIRA, Bamboo

Databases: My SQL, MS Access, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DB2

Monitoring and Testing: Nagios, Selenium IDE, BPPM(BMC), Splunk

Languages: Python, Ruby, asp.net, PL/SQL, Java/J2EE

Scripting Languages: Shell scripting, Perl scripting.

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, Harvest, Perforce.


Confidential, Houston Texas

DevOps/Build and Release Engineer


  • Involved in Establishing and improving entire Build and Release Process across all Environments.
  • Provide best practices and policies of SCM and implement accordingly to fill the gaps in current releaseprocess.
  • Supporting infrastructure environment comprising of RHEL and Solaris.
  • WroteJavaMySQL proxy with query cache support
  • Creating the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a continuous integration system.
  • Supervised and trained two assistant
  • Introduced Vagrant to facilitate disposable and repeatable development environments.
  • Designed and developed automated deployment and scaling processes based on Vagrant and Chef for a wide range of server types and application tiers, including Elasticsearch, and Zend PHP and IIS Clusters
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Maven in Linux environment.
  • Deployed centralized logging via rsyslog and Logstash with Kibana as the web frontend.
  • Responsibilities include designing and developing new back-end services, maintaining and expanding our AWS infrastructure, and providing mentorship to others on my team.
  • Working on customers builds scalable, resilient, and high-performance applications and services on AWS.
  • Experience in AWS cloud environment’s and also familiar with EC2, Cloud watch and Elastic IP’s and managing security groups on AWS
  • Worked with active-mq server, to setup mcollective server and agents for parallel job execution systems Infrastructure setup. Managed/Administered Puppet nodes using mcollective.
  • Created puppet manifests and modules to automate system operations.
  • Perform Deployment of Release to various QA & UAT in Linux environments.
  • Deployed puppet, puppet dashboard and puppetDB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2 Auto scaling groups
  • Implemented AWS solutions using E2C, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups.
  • Installation and configuration of various services like DNS, DHCP, NFS, Send mail, Apache Web Server,Samba, SSH, HTTP, RPM package management and experienced in administering Active Directory and group policies.
  • Optimized volumes and EC2 instances
  • Working experience on Puppet in Production environment over 60 servers. Working on version control system GITHub and SVN
  • Performance tuning of Virtual Memory, CPU, system usage in Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Apache, Weblogic, Tomcat and Websphere.
  • Knowledge in IIS and hands on experience with WebSphere, JBoss and WebLogic deployments.
  • Managing Monitoring solution using Nagios Environment.
  • Updating monitoring parameter in Nagios with active and passive check.
  • Work with different team members for automation of Release components.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various application according to the agile process
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into Subversion (SVN).
  • Developed Perl and shell scripts for automation of the build and release process.
  • Installed/Configured/Managed Jenkins CI Automation.
  • Build Java code and .NET code on to different Jenkins servers as per the schedule.
  • Used Jenkins, Build forge for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Deployment and implementation of Chef for infrastructure as code initiative.
  • Excellent configuration management using Puppet Chef and Ansible
  • Worked exclusively on VMware virtual environment.
  • Support application projects and create new applications using python Writtento make, Maven and Ant build tools for application layer modules.
  • Implemented Maven builds to automate JAR and WAR.
  • Experience in building binaries using Maven amdXcode.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.
  • Worked on variety of Linux platforms Red Hat Linux, Solaris which includes installation, configuring and maintenance of applications on this environment.
  • Installed packages using YUM and Red hat Package Manager (RPM) on various servers.
  • Provide support to Account Managers, UNIX and Windows technicians, and other departments.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion/CVS Repositories, views, and the access control strategies and Managed SVN repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Maintained and coordinated environment configuration, controls, code integrity, and code conflict resolution.
  • Responsible for designing and deploying best SCM processes and procedure.
  • Worked on Continuous integration tools like Jenkins to build and test the applications and working on issue tracking tool like iTrack, JIRA, Confluence
  • Deployed the applications to Web sphere Application Server 5.0 and static content to apache web servers.
  • Involved in Research of the project application architecture to support/resolve build, compile, atest issues/problems.
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting of FTP Server, Samba Server of the client Managing Red Hat Cluster, HPC environment etc.
  • Handling the day-to-dayOperations, Install software, manage file systems, monitoring performance and troubleshoot alerts.
  • Building & configuring Red Hat Linux systems over the network, resolving tickets according to the priority basis.
  • Used Jira as ticket tracking and work flow tool.
  • Worked closely with development team and SQA team for product releases.
  • Resolved merging issues during rebasing and re-integrating branches by conducting meetings with Development Team Leads.
  • Ensured all steps are successfully completed and document their completion times and issue

Environment: Subversion, ANT, Maven, LINUX, XML, Weblogic, Oracle, Perl Scripts, Shell scripts, Nexus, Red Hat Linux 5.X, HP & Dell Servers, Oracle/DB2, VMWare ESX 4.x, Autosys, Java, VMware VSphere, ESX, BMC BladeLogic, Subversion (SVN), Jenkins, Java/J2EE, ANT, MAVEN, Vagrant, CHEF, TC Server, Tomcat, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, XML, UNIX, Windows 7, Oracle, JIRA.

Confidential, Dallas Texas

DevOps/Build and Release Engineer


  • Primary duties include in the release cycle of the product, which involves environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production.
  • Working with Subversion for the purpose of Software Configuration management and maintaining the versions.
  • Creating Branching and Merging as per the schedule.
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins, Installingplug-in, configuring security, creating a master and slaves for implementation of multiple parallelbuilds.
  • Developed Bash and python Scripts for the manual deploying the code to the different environments and updating the team after the completion of the build successfully.
  • Implemented Chef best-practices and introduced Berkshelf and Test Kitchen to facilitate a more natural cookbook development work flow.
  • Wrote custom puppet modules for managing the full application stack (Tomcat/httpd/MySQL/Java)
  • Scripting tools like Perl/Shell to automate build and deployment Process.
  • Installing Urban Code Deploy server, agents and doing deployments in various environments.
  • Configured Continuous Integration by setting up Build and test automation Jobs in Hudson/Jenkins by pointing to Orchestration and UI layer Repositories in GitHub/Subversion
  • Worked in Managing the repository, folder and user/groupprivileges different environments.
  • Managed and performed the environment related configuration changes as a part of deployment.
  • Worked as a partial system administrator for Linux and Windows machines.
  • Installation and configuration of Nginx as a Load Balancer.
  • Created the AWSVPC network for the installed instances and configured the SecurityGroups and ElasticIP's accordingly.
  • Installing the LoadBalancers and VPC with Public and private subnets.
  • Coordinated Release effort amongst various teams (Integration, QA, Testing, and BusinessAnalysis) in geographically separated environment.
  • Configured the application on AWSEC2AMI Instances and also installed the storage on S3Buckets.
  • Attended the Minor/Major Event change control meetings to get necessary approvals for the deployment request.
  • Coordinated with developers, BusinessAnalyst and Managers to make sure that code is deployed in the Production environment.
  • Worked on Delivery Note tool administrative activities, setting up the timelines for the releases, PDN, DN, Correction, Fix and EFix Delivery Notes, analyzing the project modules and creating/publishing. conflict modules information to the projects, creating Installation Instructions during Release.
  • Documented the deployment process (Migration Doc) of code to production.
  • Working with JIRA tool to track all the defects and changes released to all environments.

Environment: Amazon AWS Services, RTC, GIT, CVS, Ant, Maven, Chef, Urban Code, Java, WebSphere, Artifactory, Jenkins, Ruby Scripting, Puppet, Python Scripting, AWS, TFS, RAD, Shell, Quality Center, Nagios, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Java/J2EE.

Confidential, Tampa-FL

Build and Release Engineer


  • Participated in the release cycle of the product which involve environments like Development QA UAT and Production.
  • Perform biweekly build cycle and testing processes on Solaris.
  • Used Ant Scripts to automate the build process.
  • Implemented cloud services AWS.
  • Setting up Ant and Maven scripts for JAVA and J2EE Builds
  • Developed UNIX and Perl Scripts for the purpose of manual deployment of the code to the different environments and E-mail the team when the build is completed.
  • Deployed application modules to WAS based clusters via ND admin console.
  • Maintained and monitored all of company\'s servers' operating system and application patch level, disk space and memory usage, user activities on day-to-day basis.
  • Created deployment request tickets in Bugzilla for the deploying the code to Production.
  • Attended the Minor/Major Event change control meetings to get necessary approvals for the deployment request.
  • Evaluated system performance and validated NoSQL solutions.
  • Used Perl/Shell to automate build and deployment Process.
  • Sert up continuous integration environment for applications running on drupal framework using jenkins
  • Coordinated with developers, Business Analyst and Mangers to make sure that code is deployed in the Production environment.
  • Executed the DB Scripts (DML and DDL) which have dependencies on the code on Oracle DB. Documented the deployment process (Migration Doc) of code to production on an Excel Sheet.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting - LAN and TCP/IP issues

Environment: ANT, WebSphere, Perl/Shell Scripts, Oracle, UNIX, Solaris, Bugzilla, Jenkins, Maven, AWS,Java, NoSQL.


System Administrator


  • Installed, upgraded and configured Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6.
  • Configuration and administration of DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS and NIS+ on Red Hat Linux.
  • Hands on experience working with production servers at multiple data centers.
  • Automated server building using Kickstarting RHEL 6 and Jumpstarting Sun Solaris 10.
  • Troubleshooting production servers and configuring standalone production server for testing.
  • Configured yum repository server for installing packages from a centralized server.
  • Created local repository to connect Linux server to RHEL site for downloading packages and patches.
  • Created local repository in yum.repos.d to run packages using yum, rpm and up2date.
  • Configured and managed SELinux (Linux Firewalls) and allowed appropriate ports with help of iptables.
  • Installed and configured DCHP server in Linux to give IP leases to production servers.
  • Management of Red Hat Linux user accounts, groups, directories and file permissions.
  • Configured, managed ESX VM's with virtual centre and VI client.
  • Performed Kernel tuning with the sysctl and installed packages with yum and rpm.
  • Performed Disk management with the help of LVM (Logical Volume Manager).
  • Configuration and Administration of Apache Web Server and SSL.
  • Backup management using CRONTAB, running the backup based on client requirements.
  • Password-less setup and agent-forwarding done for SSH login using ssh-keygen tool.
  • Established and maintained network users, user environment, directories, and security.
  • Documented testing procedures and steps involved in data migration on production servers.
  • Provided 24/7 on call support on Linux Production Servers. Responsible for maintaining security on Red Hat Linux.

Environment: RHEL 4/5, CentOS 4/5, Fedora 9/10/11(beta), Ubuntu 8.10/9.04 Server, Debian SID, Vmware ESX, Veritas File System, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server, HP Proliant DL 360, Dell Power Edge 2400, 2450.


Solaris & Windows System Administrator


  • Installation and customization of Linux and Windowing servers.
  • Patch installation, regular maintenance.
  • Supporting 150 Servers for multi locations.
  • Oracle installation& system level support to clients.
  • Amendment of existing scripts as well as writing new Bourne and Korn scripts related to repeated systems administration tasks.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving of problems related to hardware, operating systems, third party applications and scripts.
  • Backup Schedules for Solaris and Windows Servers using DLT Tape drives.
  • DNS, NFS, NIS administration.
  • Installation, Configuration of Web Servers using Apache, IIS on Solaris and NT Servers.
  • Installation and configuration of Windows NT4.0, MS Back Office Products
  • Network Solutions to various clients using Windows NT.
  • Configuring Windows 95, 98 and NT workstations in NT domains.
  • Installation of RAS on Windows NT server

Environment: Red hat Linux, CentOS, NT 4.0, 2003, RAS, Apache, IIS 4.0 and Oracle 8i.

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