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Senior Systems Engineer Resume

Malvern, PA


Over Twenty years of extensive experience in IT industry. Experience includes Architecture, Design, System Analysis, Design, Programming, QA, Implementation, Technical Lead, Mentoring, Reengineering, Training and Technical Writing. Experience in developing high quality software using .net Framework, C#,ASP.net, WCF, JavaScript, WPF, C++, Visual C++(MFC), COM+, Java, J2EE, XML, SQL Server, Use Cases, WSDL Web Services and UML.


ASP.net, ADO, ADO.net, ODBC, MDAC 2.6

.net Web Service/ SOAP/WinForms/Web Forms.



SQL Server 6.5/2000/2008

Linux(Suse 10.3)


Visual Studio .net

Visual Studio, Visual C++(VC++), MFC, ISAPI

Web Development, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS


Service Oriented Architecture

Source Control - Visual Source Safe, CVS Repository, MKS, Clearcase

Java, JDK 1.4, Applets, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), Container Managed Persistence, Struts.

TCP/IP Socket Programming

Weblogic, WebSphere

MS Project, Lotus Notes

Active Directory/LDAP, Visual Basic(VB) 6.0

Database/SQL/Stored Procedures


Financial Systems(Brokerage, Tax, Accounting)

Rational Rose/UML

GUI Development

Unix, Solaris

Object Oriented Analysis and Design



Middleware CORBA

Microsoft Visio

MS Installer, InstallShield

QA(SilkTest, BlackBox, TestScripts)


Languages and Technologies: Microsoft .net, C#, ASP.net, Win Forms, WCF, REST Web Service, JSON, Java (JDK1.6), J2EE, JSP, EJB, Session Bean, Entity Bean, Container Managed Persistence, Servlets, C++, Visual C++/MFC, Ant Build Script, JavaScript, Java Swing, Struts, COM+, Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic 6.0, Sockets, ODB - -C, MAPI, ISAPI, ActiveX, SQL, XML using DOM, JSTL, JDOM and SAX Parsers, XSLT, XSL-FO, DTD, XSD, SOAP, Active Directory, LDAP, AJAX, JSON, Java Design Patterns, Winforms, UML, Pro*C, CORBA through VisiBroker, Business Rule Scripting, Lotus Notes, MF-COBOL, TCP/IP, CGI, PERL, HTML, DHTML, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and JQuery.

Tools: and Middleware Visual Studio .net 2010, Microsoft Visio 2007, IBM Synergy Source Control, SharePoint Portal, Visio, BEA Web Logic 8.1, Eclipse 3.2,, Component One Flex Grid, Apache Tomcat, IBM Rational Application Developer 6.0, TOAD 8.6, Microsoft Installer (MSI), Install shield 5.5 scripting, HL7, MQSeries, Segue SilkTest, Roguewave, MS Project, SourceSafe, Rational Rose, Rational ClearCase, MKS Source Code Repository, CVS Repository, Network Monitoring System through WhatsUp Gold, Visual Slick Edit, Service Oriented Architecture, Hibernate 3.0, Stellent 7.5, Informatica, AutoSys, Infragistics, Tortoise SVN Source Code Control, Sprint Pivotal Tracker, Visual Studio Resharper Plugin for source code analysis..

Databases: SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Sybase 11.5, MS Access and DB2

Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/7, Suse Linux 10.3, UNIX (Solaris/AIX), and VAX.

Applications: Financial Brokerage, Trading Systems, Fixed Income, Embedded Software, Insurance System, SOX Compliance, Custom Test Tool, Direct Loan Servicing System, Online Advisor, Cryptology, Portal Development, EDOCS, Shipping System, Business Rule Script interpreter, Coding Business Rules, Maintenance Control System and Graphical Life-scale Chart development in manufacturing, Recognition and Data Capture, Web based Healthcare system, GUI Label Designing Software, Mail Server, CutPlanner, Resource Management, Scheduling system, Financial Accounting, Costing for Automobile manufacturing, Material Accounting system and Account distribution system and Power Grid System Planning, Manufacturing Execution System.


Senior Systems Engineer

Confidential, Malvern, PA


  • Worked n Confidential High volume pharmaceutical manufacturing system.
  • Coded modules that print vial labels in Visual Studio.net, C# and C++.
  • Worked on deploying modules remotely in client sites.
  • Worked on GitHub source code management system.
  • Configured Serial Communication to printers.
  • Configured workstation communications between different modules.
  • Worked on developing configuration modules in WPF.

Technologies: Visual Studio .net, C#, C++, GitHub, JIRA, Stash, Wiki, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), SQl Server 2012,, Asp.net MVC, SubVersion, Stored Procedures, Trigger, XML, C#, Windows 7.

Senior Systems Developer

Confidential, Exton, PA


  • Manufacturing Execution System, Keurig Automation:
  • Worked on a WPF based Proficy system for manufacture of cold coffee cups.
  • Worked on creating Bill of materials and Equipment details modules.
  • Worked on debugging WPF modules. Worked on Material and Equipment information processing.
  • Extensively coded and architected local flat file storage systems in C#. Coded WPF User Controls. Implemented WPF WebBrowser component in the system. Integrated WPF Image component in the system. Implemented WPF TreeView in the system.
  • Worked on Consumption point processing.
  • Worked on Debugging the WPF code interfacing with Proficy.
  • Worked on MRP order and schedule modules that send SAP orders to and from Proficy system through BMML.

Technologies: .net Framework 4.0, C#, Visual Studio 2013, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), LINQ, BMML, GE Proficy Workflow, SQL Server 2008, Resharper Plugin, XML, C#, Team Foundation Services, Windows 7.

Senior Developer/Architect

Confidential, Norristown, PA


  • Working as a Senior Developer in Designing and developing both Backend and Front end of the system.
  • Worked on designing JSON structure for backend data that is consumed by the Front End.
  • Worked on designing Database Tables, Stored Procedures and Views related to the system.
  • Worked on developing JavaScript and C# libraries to be used in the system.
  • Coded LINQ based routines on data structures.
  • Designed and developed a test tool to support the system in ASP.net.
  • Participating in Sprint planning in the team.
  • Coded NUnit based routines to perform regression testing of backend modules.
  • Worked on developing some support tools in WPF using the .net WPF Canvas base.
  • Supporting the team by enhancing the Web Front end written through JavaScript and JQuery libraries.

Technologies: .net Framework 4.0, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Asp.net, NUnit, WCF, LINQ, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Resharper Plugin, Nunit test, XML, C#, SVN Source Control, Windows 7, Pivotal Tracker for Agile Methodology.

Technical Lead

Confidential, New York, NY and Conshohocken, PA


  • Worked as a Senior Developer in developing a group of related application related to Alternate Investments.
  • Worked on ASP.net front End. Worked on Informatica Work Flow manager and Mapping.
  • Maintained AutoSys Jobs related to the system.
  • Performed Production Release Turnovers on a regular basis.
  • Wrote technical design and architecture of modules to be developed
  • Worked on both SQL Server and Sybase databases. Supported teams in maintaining the databases.

Technologies: .net Framework 3.0, Autosys, Informatica, Sybase, SQL Server 2005, DB Artisan, Perforce Source Code Control, Infragistics Controls in .net, Remote Linux Access.


Technical Lead


  • Worked on technically leading a team related to development of Web Services consumed by mobile applications.
  • Wrote technical design and architecture of modules to be developed
  • Performed integration testing and code review of the developed modules.
  • Worked on deployment of developed modules to QA through on core build process.
  • Did analysis on Performance testing of the web services.
  • Integrated the Web Services with an ASP.net dashboard application.

Technologies: .net Framework 3.0, WCF, REST Web Service, JSON, ASP.net, DB2 Database, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visio, XML, UML, SharePoint portal, C#, IBM Synergy Source Code Control, On Core Build Process, AJAX, Windows XP, Windows 7 and JavaScript.

Technical Lead

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Performed the role of Architect and Tech Lead with a Bond Data Feed Application.
  • Worked on Designing prioritization routines and Scheduler routines for the system.
  • Performed Code Review during the development process.
  • Provided feedback on Traceability matrix for use cases.
  • Participated in Data Ware house Analysis.
  • Transformed Requirement specifications into Design documents.
  • Coded routines to update SQL Server Database with Statistical and Server related information.

Technologies: .net Framework 3.5, Visio, MSI Scripts, XML, Data Warehousing, AutoSys, WPF, UML, Data Feeds, ASP.net, C#, SQL Server 2005, CVS, AJAX, Windows XP, Windows 7, JavaScript and XML.

Senior Developer

Confidential, Englewood Cliff, NJ


  • Worked on ASP.net and C# based Social Network Application supported by Confidential Objects.
  • Coded C++ MFC routines for installing Browser based tool bar on the user’s computer.
  • Worked on Globalization of Installation Modules and web pages in ASP.net.
  • Coded Internet Explorer Confidential Objects.
  • Coded JavaScript routines related to interaction of Browser with the Toolbar.
  • Coded ASP.net web pages for managing the contents of the web site.
  • Coded routines to update SQL Server Database with Statistical and Server related information.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2008, .net Framework 3.5, WPF, WCF, VMWare, ASP.net, C#, SQL Server 2005, CVS, AJAX, Windows Vista, Windows 7, ActiveX, JavaScript and XML.

Senior Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Designed and Developed Mortgage based Application related to Evaluation of loans.
  • Worked on the module coordinating Loan Pools, Structures and Classes related to Mortgage Based securities.
  • Coded Reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Coded C# frameworks that deal with Database Repositories which in turn implements Oracle Client libraries. Used advanced features of C# to implement the Winforms modules.
  • Coded sub-classes related to FlexGrid.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2005, .net Framework 2.0, Winforms, ASP.net, C#, Oracle 10g, TOAD, Smart CVS, AJAX, Windows XP,ActiveX, JavaScript and XML.

Lead Developer

Confidential, Pine Brook, NJ


  • Designed and Developed Unified Client Admin Tool for interacting with multifunctional devices.
  • Designed Screens for the system to be used in Functional Specification.
  • Involved in creating packages for QA testing and Production Releases. Worked on Obfuscator.
  • Coded BootScript file generation routines for installing the package in Multi Functional Devices.
  • Worked with Global Scan Web pages using C# and ASP.net under Visual Studio 2005. Coded LDAP Configuration utilities.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2003, ASP.net, C#, VB.net, LDAP, Use Cases, Logical Class Diagram, Rational Rose, AJAX, C++, Java, J2EE, JSDK 1.4, Eclipse, GraphViz, Oracle 9i, Stored Procedures, Windows XP, Technical Design Documentation, Unix Solaris, Tivoli Scheduler, Web Services,, XML/XSLT, XSL-FO, DHTML, Web GUI Design, XSD and Windows XP, Solaris.

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Senior Developer


  • Architected, Designed and coded MIS Reporting system for Trading System, Worked on gathering requirements based on the management expectations for reporting. Gathered data for the call flow. Coded routines in web page related to AJAX, Performed enhancements to the system based on the management feedback.
  • Responsible for writing use cases in the system. Responsible for designing GUI prototypes for modules within the system. Responsible for Analysis and Design of Coding Frameworks in the system relating to Infragistics NetAdvantage, an ASP.net Control library. Assigned to the task of writing frameworks for Session Bean and Entity Bean with Container Managed Persistence connected to SQL Server Database.
  • Responsible for technically leading Rate Maintenance Facility system featuring Artifacts related to Insurance Rating. Worked on Requirements, Responsible for writing Technical Analysis for technical features in the system. Responsible for technical direction of Business Analysts with Design related issues such as Artifacts, Design Strategy, Portal Development, Screens and Use Cases. Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers for database.
  • Responsible for developing BackOffice modules using COM libraries and C++ templates.
  • Developed Fixed Income Reports using C++, COM, XSD and XSL-FO scripts. Developed a .net web Service for monitoring the components installed.
  • Responsible for developing a configuration utility using MFC and Visual C++ 6.0. Integrated the .net Web Services with Confidential Advisor using InstallShield 5.0 with scripting.
  • Improved the existing InstallShield scripts to dynamically create Media files through Meta-Data.
  • Developed MSI files using Visual Studio .net 2003. Used UML for documenting the system.

Technologies: Fixed Income, Brokerage, Visual Studio.net 2003, Visual Studio 6.0/Visual C++(VC++), COM+, UML, InstallShield 5.5, Microsoft Installer (MSI), Rational Rose, MTS, ASP, MSI, LDAP, Active Directory, MS Project, Visual Basic (VB) 6.0, MFC, Web Services, ASP.net, Jakarta Tomcat, J2EE, JavaScript, C#, .net forms, .net Web Services, SOAP, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8 PL/SQL Stored Procedures, TOAD for Oracle 8 PL/SQL, XML, DOM, XSLT, XSL-FO, JDOM, SAX, XSD, JDBC, Windows XP.

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Programmer Analyst


  • Directly Responsible for developing COM based Online Advisor for Department of Education Direct Loan Servicing, Web based Direct Loan Servicing System using ATL (Active Template Library), COM+ (Component Object Model), MTS (Microsoft Transaction server), ASP (Active Server pages) and Visual Basic 6.0. Performed Load Balancing, Scalability testing and configured the system.
  • Used SQL Server database with Stored Procedures, Did scalability testing using Microsoft WCAT.
  • Solely responsible for delivering Network Monitoring Plugins for Whatsup Gold, on SMTP, FTP and Visibroker CORBA. Worked on EDOCS JSP pages. Coded XML Web Services, SOAP and ASP, Active Directory, LDAP, .net Web Services, .net Win Forms and .net Web Forms.
  • Responsible for developing Web pages for Passport module in the global executive management system. Used J2EE, Tomcat, JSP, Servlets DOM, JDOM, SAX, EJB, Ant Build Scripting, JUnit testing, JunitReport, Struts and PL/SQL, Oracle 8. Wrote Oracle stored Procedures. Worked on passport Auto-login. Coded security for the web pages.
  • Solely responsible to for developing a COM component for encrypting and decrypting using Crypto C, BSAFE 4.3. Used Cipher Block. Chaining and Password Based Encryption Algorithm using Public Key Cryptology Confidential 5. Developed a COM+ wrapper for implementing in ASP page. Integrated the component with the service based on SOAP architecture.
  • Coded a Graphical GUI Life-Scale Chart and Maintenance Control System using Visual C++ and SQL Server 6.5. Worked on Software Engineering Core Methodology in the development process.
  • Worked on implementing them in Linux, Visual Basic and Lotus Notes environments.
  • Coded a Socket based Winsock TCP/IP Communication module and multithreaded HL7 Parsing DLL.
  • Coded front-end for a web based healthcare physician information system using C++, Roguewave library, HTML, XML, Cascaded Style Sheet, JavaScript, SQL, Sybase, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Apache Web Server, XML, HTML and Java Applet.
  • Coded an Office Automation System using Active Server Pages (ASP). Worked on MQSeries for messaging between a CICS and Web based front-end system.
  • Coded RAVE Business Rules and RAVE Core Engine. Coded a tool called Rule Property Management using JavaSwing, XML DOM Parser, XSD, XML DTD, UML, XML and XSLT technologies for managing Business Rules within the RAVE component. Assisted clients in SQL Server 2000, TCP/IP Socket Programming, Oracle Database, BEA WebLogic, J2EE and EJB environment to implement API’s and Rules in RAVE. Updated Rational Rose Model by Forward and Reverse Engineering the Code and the Model.

Technologies: Visual C++(VC++), MFC, ASP.net, WSDL, EJB, BEA WebLogic, XML DOM, MQSeries, Multithreading, Graphical GUI, COM, DCOM, ATL, CGI, STL, JavaScript, Java Applet, Sybase, Windows NT Services, Roguewave, TCP/IP Socket Programming, HL7 Parsing Engine, HTML, DHTML, JDK 1.2, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, SQL Server 6.5, CDO, Crystal Reports, ClearCase, Farpoint Controls, Lotus Notes, Linux, Visual Basic, Windows NT/2000 and Unix (Solaris/AIX).


Junior Fellow


  • Designed a GUI Application for Designing Labels for Zweckform Corp., Germany. Worked on Visual C++ and MFC/GUI development. Did system integration.
  • Development of a mail service to collect and dispatch mail from and to a central mail server in Visual C++. Did Object Oriented Analysis of the code and participated in defining C++ class. Used MFC and MAPI-API for mailing operations.
  • Development of a GUI Application related to Project Resource Management package called AutoPlan.
  • This is developed using Visual C++ 2.2, under Windows NT with Unix-Server.
  • Developed Modules for the Product using Visual C++.
  • Worked on designing and developing a financial accounting system called Balance.
  • Designed and developed a DOS based system called Cutplanner used in Yarn manufacturing Industry.
  • Designed DOS screens from scratch using Turrbo C.
  • Used DOS interrupts to code the screens.
  • Worked on MF-COBOL under C, DOS, LAN, Unix and MainFrame Environment.
  • Worked in the training division as instructor for one year. Mentored students extensively to understand concepts of DOS, WordStar, Lotus 123 and WordPerfect.

Technologies: Windows NT, Novell LAN, MainFrame, Unix, Turbo C, Visual C++, MAPi, OOAD, Turbo C++ and MF-COBOL, Lotus 123, Wordstar, AutoCAD, C++, WordPerfect.

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