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Senior Principal Scientist Resume

Orlando, FL


  • Customer - focused leader with 10+ years of industry experience driving impactful software initiatives across multiple channels.
  • Articulate communicator as a Software and Systems Design Engineer, with proven credentials at hardware digital interface programming and has a complete understanding of successful requirements testing.
  • Hands on experience with design, developing, testing, and delivering embedded real-time software, signal processing software algorithms, modeling / simulation architectures and network analysis / configuration


  • Information Assurance
  • Network Topologies / Protocols
  • LINUX / UNIX Internals
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Software Algorithms / LT2 Arch.
  • RF / Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • Kalman Filtering Processing
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)
  • End to End Testing / Test Mgmt.
  • Military Simulations
  • RF Signal Processing
  • Projectile Synthetic Environment
  • ATEC c3 Driver / Star Gen Interfaces


Languages: JAVA/C++, C, C#, ADA (Rational Rose), FORTRAN, INTEL and MOTOROLA Assembler language, Rational Rose UML, Borland Together Soft UML, VISUAL Basic


Military / Commercial Protocols: 1553B, AR INC 429, IEEE 488, RS-232, RS-422, USB, ETHERNET, TCP/IP, DIS, HLA, JVMF, USMTF, TADIL-J, LINK-16, CDLP, SDSA, DMS and Common Training Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA)


Confidential, Orlando, FL

Senior Principal Scientist


  • Successfully investigated, tested, and documented the sending of industry standard network protocols from high-to-low through a Cross Domain Solution (CDS). Documented engineering, production, and deployment automated procedures to verify a production CDS correctly processed data using the production network topology / configuration and analysis using Wireshark.
  • Process Improvement. Designed deployment software to match unstructured data low side DIS network message data formats to “known” high side DIS network message data. Investigated various network protocols to pass from the high side DIS network to the low side network across a network firewall. Led team of engineers, cost analysts, operations and production personnel for the following efforts:
  • Successfully re-structured the Home Station Mobile Operations Urban Terrain (HS MOUT) program, Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) processes / procedures, and program infrastructure to enable the on-time delivery of all CDRLs.
  • Planned and architected the Radio Frequency Wireless Infrastructure (RFWI) of the Combat Training Center Instrumentation System (CTC IS) proposal. Provided design review of the wireless infrastructure for the of the Multi-spectral Sea and Land Target Simulator (MSALTS) proposal.
  • Developed the engineering Basis of Estimates (BOEs), cost data analysis for Other Data Costs (ODC), engineering requirements, maintained the requirements matrix and managed the labor cost estimates for the Counter Improvised Explosive Device After Action Review System (CIEDAS) proposal.
  • Created and performed data analysis of the signal acquisition transport path for the Combat Training Center Objective, Instrumentation System (CTC OIS) program, and Voice Tactical Monitoring Integrated Product Team (VTM IPT).
  • As the CTC OIS Voice Tactical Monitoring (VTM) IPT chair, successfully conceptualized, established, manufactured, and deployed with customer approval the VTM capability.
  • Team Collaboration. As a design member of the CTC OIS Voice Tactical Monitoring (VTM) IPT, effectively worked with PEO STRI and the Lead System Integrator (LSI, Lockheed Martin) to receive customer approval for the VTM requirements to monitor and record military tactical RF network transmissions. Worked as a design member of the Digital Tactical Monitoring (DTM) IPT.
  • As the CTC OIS Voice Tactical Monitoring (VTM) IPT chair responsible for all milestone deliveries (with LSI approval), design documentation, coordinated CTC site configuration and installations with the LSI.
  • Coordinated with the government customer and LSI in procuring the required AN/VRC-92 SINCGARS radios to standup the VTM engineering and production lab.
  • Worked with the LSI and TCG lead to obtain approval by the customer for a redesign of the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) C3 Driver / StarGen visualization system for use as the DTM tactical network monitor.
  • As directed by the Chief Engineer, productively developed and managed the CTC OIS Interface Control Document (ICD) engineering contractual milestone deliveries to the customer.
  • As a member or the CTC OIS system engineering team and as directed by the Chief Engineer, developed the DOORS database layout for the CTC OIS program Requirements Specification document.

Confidential, Longwood, FL

Software Engineer


  • Received Marketing Bonus Award - Product Improvement.
  • Successfully architected and verified a USB interface driver running under LINUX for a functional control module (FCM).
  • Confirmed a LINUX software language interpreter to enable “high-level” UNIX scripts to link various databases to real-time hardware interfaces.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

Principal Engineer


  • Performed Engineering Management of the Software Engineering and Image Processing Engineering groups including development, delivery schedules and managed the certification of the Automated Operator Qualification Tests (AOQT).
  • Met all contractual milestone deliveries of the FAA L3 X-Ray Scanner program and was on-time and under budget.
  • Testing / Process Implementation. Proven the Confidential Division L3 Security Systems (L3SS) re-design of the FAA L3 X-Ray Scanner program to a Distributed Network Solution (DNS).
  • Created and confirmed the Confidential Division L3 Security Systems (L3SS) re-host of the FAA L3 X-Ray Scanner program Digital Scan Software (DSS) from a SHARC processor to a PowerPC based processor.
  • Provided the TCP/IP LAN driver and ran a series of tests TCP/IP LAN driver and serial bus driver running under Windows XP for the Appended Trainer IRAD program.
  • Successfully corrected the design of the Magnetic Induction Coil (MIC) of the Appended Trainer IRAD program.
  • Provided the sonar algorithms needed for the Mine Warfare Simulation (MWSIM) program.
  • Updated the Mine Warfare Simulation (MWSIM) executive scheduler.
  • Was held accountable for the development and implementation of the Mine Warfare Simulator (MWSIM) embedded system design, LINUX Executive Scheduler, and inter-process communication software library.

Confidential, Melbourne, FL

Engineering Specialist


  • Constructed and verified a host Solaris Operating System, embedded VME real-time MIL-STD-1553B driver running on a Mercury Parallel processor chassis.
  • Confirmed the Kalman filter processing of the RELNAV (RELative NAVigation) processor of the Joint STARS aircraft flight management system.
  • Software Implementation / Management. Architected, executed and verified the MIL STD 1553-B bus architecture of the RASP program.
  • As a member of the RASP IPT, assisted in conceptualizing and clarifying the real-time math library for the Radar Advanced Signal Processor (RASP) program of the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS) aircraft.
  • Successfully verified a target tracker navigation aid that provides the aircraft navigation inputs if the Joint STARS aircraft lost a major navigation subsystem (GPS, INU, etc.).

Confidential, Melbourne, FL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Architected, established, demonstrated, and deployed the Confidential Aircraft Simulator (ACSIM) for the F-14, F-15, F-16, and A-10 aircraft.
  • Designed and verified all driver interfaces for the Pentium based ACSIM.
  • Tested all flight data recording analysis tools and flight data recording interfaces.
  • Accomplishment. Received certification from DISA for the Information Assurance Classification Guide for the LANTIRN Flight Test site at Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB).
  • Received recognition from the EAFB FSO for EAFB base operations.

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