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It Systems Consultant/systems Engineer Resume

Seattle, WA


  • ERCM/ECMS technical architect/team lead and data solutions architect
  • Work with customers and services/development to implement custom solutions for purchased applications
  • Business process analysis for successful rollout/deployment - Project realignment
  • Engage directly with product management to facilitate product improvement and reliability
  • Engage directly with software vendors/developers to provide user friendly enhancements for new releases as well as defect resolutions
  • Innovate new security policies for Information Assurance and integrity
  • Solutions architect for HP/Autonomy’s IDOL, WorkSite, Meridio, Liquid Office, Early Case Assessment and Legal Hold, Introspect
  • Implement fault tolerant/failover solutions for high priority applications
  • Implement Disaster Recovery design and live testing scenarios
  • Implement and/or re-architect solutions while adhering to strict change management policies
  • Indexed data from multiple repositories for search
  • Architect solutions to maximize index QPS while maintaining sustainable ingestion rates to import many terabytes of data for E-Discovery
  • Architect solutions to leverage investments in RM, Search and E-Discovery


HP/Autonomy/iManange WorkSite

HP/Autonomy/iManage Universal Search

HP/Autonomy/iManage Records Management

Meridio Document and Records Management

Autonomy ALH (Aungate Legal Hold)

Autonomy ECA (Early Case Assessment)

Autonomy Introspect

Autonomy Control Point/ Confidential Sharepoint

Altec - DocLink (Document/Workflow Management)

Quark - InVision (Content Manangement)

Hadoop/Vertica (IDOL) Big Data Search Technologies

Solr/Lucene (E-Discovery/Enterprise Search/Indexing)

FAST Enterprise Search

Network Load Balancing, Global Site Selection and Active/Passive Clustering

Servers: Windows Server/Linux-Unix

Active Directory/DNS/IIS

Certificate Based Encryption

FTP and File Transfer Methodologies


SQL Database setup/administration/diagnostics


Right Fax/Net-SatisFaxtion

Confidential Exstream


Confidential Teleform Imaging

Solar Winds Monitoring

Backup Techniques (File Level/Application)

SIEM and Intrusion Detection/Prevention

SMTP Relay and Email Capture

SQL Server DMBS and SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS


Confidential, Seattle, WA

IT Systems Consultant/Systems Engineer


  • Engage in complete infrastructure re-design, rollout and support for iUS iManage Universal Search and iManage Work, Process Automation, and Teleform applications for multiple businesses
  • Work directly with vendors as customer advocate to innovate solutions and enhancements
  • Implement High Availability IDOL Search Engine for iManage Document Management Systems
  • Re-Architect solutions to achieve high availability and load balancing for maximum capacity, uptime and performance
  • Implement Records Management functionality for data destruction and compliance
  • Implement and support customized solutions to ensure maximum functionality and ROI
  • Implement E-Discovery multi-repository search solution for current repository and legacy search capability

Confidential, Seattle, WA

IT Systems Consultant/Systems Engineer


  • Engage in complete infrastructure design, rollout and support for Confidential Universal Search and HP/Autonomy WorkSite
  • Project Re-alignment/BPM analysis
  • Implement IDOL Search Engine for Confidential Worksite Document Management search and E-Discovery (HPUS)

Confidential, Rockville, MD

IT Systems Consultant/Systems Engineer


  • Engaged in complete infrastructure design, rollout and support for Confidential ’s investment in ECM/EDRM and content management.
  • Managed small projects and initiatives for application expansion and integrations
  • Implement IDOL Search Engine for Meridio Records Management search and E-Discovery (Early Case Assessment)

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Software Engineer


  • Collaborated with development team to create user friendly software for external clients - Confidential
  • Provided daily/weekly/monthly and quarterly progress reports/presentations in an effort to meet deliverable expectations
  • Setup systems and automated scripting for daily/end of week build testing
  • Provided guidance to tier 1 support for solutions database and escalations procedure
  • Implemented multiple VIP/VLAN environments for performance, reliability and disaster recovery to meet 99.5% uptime requirement

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior Support/Services Engineer


  • Diagnosed problems with IIS, RPC, SOAP, SQL 2000/2005, VPN, and Active Directory
  • Trained on previous, current and future (beta) releases of EDRM software
  • Provided Global support for several applications to Customers/Partners
  • Worked to provide Technical Account Management for large installations and/or problematic customer sites
  • Provided exclusive support for entire North America
  • Worked with services teams to meet deadlines for production ready implementation

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