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Devops Engineer Resume


  • Experienced UNIX and LINUX Systems Administrator
  • Proven ability to manage builds, release, and deployment in a SaaS environment with a strict SLA
  • Strong working knowledge of Linux based systems
  • Experienced Virtualization/VMware Infrastructure Administrator
  • Experience in Pre - sales support
  • SaaS deployment and upgrade automation using Ansible and Chef configuration management tools
  • Experienced Systems Architect
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Automated application of configuration changes across multi-use environments (dev, test, staging, and prod)
  • Experience troubleshooting UNIX and LINUX based Systems
  • Designed and troubleshot LAN/WAN
  • Quick learner on new technology
  • Knowledge of Nagios, HP Openview, and other monitoring tools
  • Experience working with cloud services, AWS, and EC2
  • Experience with AWS ELB, S3, Route 53, Cloud Watch, RDS, and more
  • Experience setting up and managing SAN/NAS storage
  • Knowledge of version control, GIT, Jenkins, JIRA, Mongodb, Nginx, and Logstash
  • LINUX Systems Administrator
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience debugging and troubleshooting in a distributed environment
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a strong attention to detail
  • Experience in SHELL and PERL scripting
  • Experience configuring, maintaining a continuous delivery environment using CI tool Jenkins
  • Knowledge of Kickstart
  • Experience in Systems and Network security
  • Windows desktop Administration
  • Experience with running production software in AWS
  • Experience in disaster recovery and backup/restore
  • Technical and business understanding of internet technologies


Operating Systems: UNIX, VMware, Windows-2000, Windows-NT, OS/2, Netware, MAC, Windows-2000, LINUX, Sun-OS, Sun-SolarisIBM-AIX, HP-UX

Languages: C, Basic, Shell-Scripts, PERL, Visual Basic, HTML

Networking Tech: TCP/IP, IPX, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, ICRC, VLAN, NFS, DNS, NIS, DSL, SNMP, SSL, CheckPoint Firewall, VOIPISDN, ATM, PIX-Firewall, Load-Balancing, Internet Security System

Storage: EMC/Clarion, NetApp SAN/NAS, Compaq SAN, Sun NAS, Hitachi SAN

Applications: Oracle, PowerPoint, SQL, Apache, IIS, Veritas, Legato, Sendmail, SSL



DevOps Engineer


  • Manage VMware Infrastructure
  • Deploy and manage VMware ESXi hosts and storage
  • Provide extensive pre - sales support
  • Automate application configuration changes via Ansible
  • Manage deployments via Jenkins
  • Manage AWS Infrastructure including EC2, S3, ELB, Cloudwatch, RDS, and more
  • Maintain Infrastructure using Chef and Ansible Infrastructure automation
  • Deploy, manage, and maintain consumer facing production environment
  • Deploy software to the cloud on an ongoing basis
  • Deploy and manage VMware VM s
  • Use Kickstart to deploy systems
  • Manage Dev, QA, and production environments
  • Manage collocation, AWS, and Amazon EC2 environment
  • Utilize chef on a daily basis for configuration management and automation
  • Deploy and manage Datastore for all VMware ESXi hosts
  • Deploy and manage UNIX/Centos environment
  • Provide infrastructure support and services to Dev, QA, and internal customers
  • Manage and troubleshoot network related issues
  • Work with Git and Jenkins
  • Manage NetApp SAN/NAS
  • Support R&D developers and Test/QA team
  • Deploy, and manage Windows based desktops
  • Collaborate with Engineers to build appropriate monitoring and reporting infrastructure
  • Manage, upgrade, and install applications
  • Help users with day to day systems and networks related issues
  • Participate in meeting and other related events
  • Setup systems for demo purposes
  • Manage DNS, DHCP, FTP, and NIS servers


Unix Systems Administrator


  • Manage day to day Solaris and LINUX administration tasks
  • Backup Centos/Redhat and LINUX based Systems
  • Manage and troubleshoot network related issues
  • Manage, upgrade, and install applications
  • Upgrade servers as needed and required
  • Manage and maintain user accounts
  • Help users with day to day systems and networks related issues
  • Participate in meeting and other related events
  • Setup systems for demo purposes
  • Provide 7x24 support
  • Provide leadership to junior administrators

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

UNIX/LINUXSystems Administrator/Architect


  • Responsible for setting up and managing UNIX and LINUX based Systems
  • Help clients with their systems and LAN issues
  • Configure, install, and manage Hitachi Storage
  • Configure, install and manage Mc Data Storage
  • Design and implement UNIX/LINUXbased Systems
  • Wrote, updated, and managed SHELL, and PERL scripts
  • Utilize Legato for Backup and Restore
  • Setup of NetApp, EMC, Hitachi, and SUN storage
  • Develop project plans, written proposals, manage client expectations and team resources
  • Design and implement ERP and CRM solutions for customers
  • Manage and provide guidance to implementation team chartered with on boarding new clients
  • Responsible for supporting UNIX/Windows systems, network, desktop, and communication infrastructure
  • Plan and implement software upgrades as needed
  • Involved in systems and network design
  • Provide 7x24 network, systems, applications and database support

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

UNIX Systems Administrator


  • Provide systems support to 300 developers
  • Managed router board manufacturing plant
  • Acquire and test new manufacturing equipment
  • Capacity planning, network infrastructure and staffing
  • Maintained and managed server farm
  • Maintained and managed all hardware and software support contracts
  • Responsible for working with vendors for sizing and capacity planning
  • Configuration management and deployment role
  • Responsible for the quarterly systems performance reports
  • Implemented processes and procedures to improve Systems performance
  • Responsible for coordination of activities with other groups
  • Worked with other IS groups to resolve all Y2K issues

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Supervisor UNIX systems administration/LAN support


  • Activities included but not limited to as follows
  • Provided supervision to four junior System Administrators
  • Sun - OS to Solaris migration (using Jumpstart)
  • Installed, maintained and upgrade systems
  • Provided UNIX troubleshooting and support to software developers
  • Troubleshot Ethernet and FDDI network using Sniffer
  • Maintained and upgraded NIS and NFS servers
  • Provided LAN support and troubleshooting
  • Maintained dial-in server and accounts (Netblazer)
  • Installed and maintained ClearCase server
  • Provided UNIX support to 500 developers

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