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Devops Engineer/aws Cloud Devops /architect Engineer Resume

Washington, DC


  • I have more than 8 years of IT experience as an oracle DBA and AWS DevOps Engineer.
  • I am a customer - focused IT professional with exceptional skills in fostering implementation and collaboration to ensure the delivery of high-quality IT solutions in the areas of AWS development, operations, systems security, and Oracle Database Administration.
  • I have an extensive understanding of security regulations, compliance, assessments, and integration schemes in SDLC for systems and data protection in Federal and commercial environments.
  • Credentials include: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Certified AWS DevOps Associate, Certified Scrum Master, and Chef.


Confidential, Washington DC

DevOps Engineer/AWS Cloud DevOps /Architect Engineer


  • Working with EC2 and creating instances using company’s AMI’s.
  • Working with Elastic Beanstalk for quick deployment of services such as EC2 instances, Load balancers, and databases on the RDS in AWS environment.
  • Provide administrative support for instances hosted in AWS commercial and government cloud environment.
  • Creating AMIs and volume snapshots as backup for instances
  • Configure VPC with subnets, security groups and NAT instances manually as well as with the VPC creator and Ansible.
  • Perform web application installation and configuration such as Tomcat on RedHat, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux instances needed for website development.
  • Build servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating Security groups, Auto-Scaling, Load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection.
  • Create roles and policies using AWS IAM tool.
  • Worked with various AWS component such as EC2, VPC (NAT, VPC Peering and VPN), Identity and Access management (IAM), S3, RDS, Route 53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, and Cloud Trail.
  • Selected and designed AWS infrastructure with components such as EC2, VPC, API Gateway etc
  • Migration of on premises data to Amazon RDS using the amazon Data Migration Service
  • Creating load balancers, target groups for Auto scaling.
  • Used Terraform for the safe building, changing and versioning of infrastructure
  • Used terraform execution plan for determining action and refresh
  • Knowledge of networking and system security, including firewall management and VPNs
  • Bootstrap for automated creation, patch, update, and installation of necessary software if creating manually.
  • Using S3 storage to make fetching important documents during instance creation and Web development.
  • Experienced working with cloudwatch, SNS, SQS, cloudtrail, Lambda, cloudfront, API gateway, S3, Glacier
  • Installed and configure Jinkins for an end-to-end pipeline
  • Implemented CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins for the environment where GitHub is used for the code management.
  • Configured code pipeline from Git repository to build server, test, deploy and provisioning
  • Worked with configuration management and orchestration tools such as Docker and ansible
  • Designed the project workflows/pipelines using Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into different Web/Application Servers. Created stacks of AWS services using CloudFormation for application deployment.
  • Experienced using Gitlab as a version control management system
  • Used artifactory for binaries in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Managed Jinkins to ensure performance in the CD/CD system
  • Installed and configured various services like DNS, DHCP, NFS, Apache Web Server, and SSH.
  • Solid understanding of Access Control, Audit and Accountability, and Configuration Management
  • Knowledge of security standards, regulation, assessments and compliance (RMF, NIST, POA&M, C&A, FISMA, FIPS, PCIDSS, HIPAA)
  • FEDRAMP, SDLC, POA&AM, Assessment and reporting
  • Knowledgeable in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, data integrity, data loss prevention, data storage, uptime, and compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • Experience in Oracle 12C, 11g, and 10g Database Administration in Production and Non-Production Databases on Different Platforms.
  • Installed Data guard standby databases and performed disaster recovery testing.
  • Migration from on-premise data center to AWS cloud
  • Multitenant database creation and management
  • Database security Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Data Masking
  • Unix Shell scripting and programming in PL/SQL, sql*plus, Bash shell scripting
  • Extensive use of Data Pump (export and import) to refresh Schema and databases
  • Created and managed Postgres databases in AWS cloud environment
  • Wrote scripts to schedule oracle jobs such as backups using crontab
  • Written and debug PL/SQL and extensive use of SQL+ to manage databases
  • Experienced with SDLC stages from DEV, TEST, STAGE, and Prod environments
  • Capacity planning and management in NoSQL, Oracle and postgres RDBMS databases.

Confidential, Newark, DE

Oracle DBA


  • Create target Database in 12C,11g and 10g utilizing Linux, Unix, and AIX platforms.
  • Configuration of system to achieve High Availability, Load balancing and automatic fail over functionality.
  • Creating, configuring databases for mission critical business applications. Migrating databases from one to another platform. Configured and Maintained Standby databases.
  • Configuring Database to make ready for Hot Backup using Veritas NetBackup and Oracle RMAN.
  • Identify potential failures of Export/Import Jobs and resolution of the problem including resizing the tablespaces.
  • Involved in Database and Transaction log Backups and Restoration, backup strategies, scheduling the backups. Backing up system & user databases and restoring them as required.
  • SQL performance tuning using AWR, explain plan, and ADDM

Environment:  Oracle, MySQL, Postgress, AIX, Linux, Windows, Grid Control, PL/SQL, Bash shell scripting, DBCA, RMAN, Toad, SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, Java, SQL, Docker, Jenkins, html, Ruby, TCP/IP, SSH, DNS, http, Load balancing, Ansible, Chef/rubby.

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