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Field Installation Technician Resume


  • To maintain stability in the field of communications using my knowledge and skills in communication, technical and reliability in the field. I am a seasoned network and telecommunications professional who is well rounded with a diverse background in network operations, maintenance and engineering functional areas. Has held numerous positions related to transport engineering, switching and cell site development which included project base positions for various Tier 1 carriers.
  • I am also a natural team player and a goal oriented person who believes that cross functional collaboration holds the key in achieving organizational objectives.
  • Analog, digital theory, CO's switch, circuits, construction, analysis, and troubleshooting. Proficient with most telecommunication and electronics equipment: Digital/Analog, T - berds (2207, 2209), DACS (Titans, Alcatel), DSX-1jumper wiring, DSX-3 cabling, DSO, OC48 andOC-192 testing experienced. Ability to data fill Lucent GTSs and Nortel MSCs. Able to option and provision
  • Tellabs and Echo Cans, test and turn up of PSTN and IMT trunks. Fiber-optics and electronic communications courses. Competent in troubleshooting and repairing to the component level. Prototype circuits using breadboard techniques. Knowledgeable in reading and troubleshooting integrated circuits.


Computer skills: DOS, Windows 95/98/8/XP, Microsoft Office

Fiber Optic Broadband Technician: Fiber optic system design and installation Loss Budget, Fiber optic cable installation-ISP/OSP, Fusion splicing-Single strand & Ribbon, Breakout, Loose Tube, Distribution, OTDR, Testing & Troubleshooting, Mechanical splicing & Emergency Restoration, Termination/Connectorization, ST, LC, SC, Light Source & Power Meter Testing, OLTS, Mid Span Cable Prep & Splicing, FTTX Architecture and Build-Outs, OSP Cable Preparation and Splice Case Preparation, Verizon & Time Warner Print Reading, Cut Sheets & As Builts

Telephony & Copper UTP Cabling: Color Codes, 568 A&B Termination, Codes and Standards: NEC, ANSI/EIA/TIA, Bonding and Grounding, Conduit, Ladder Rack, Telecom Room, Punchdown Block 66, 110, Requirements and Layout, Cable Trays, Media Center, Hangers & Pathways, Pull/Terminate. CAT 5E, 6, RJ-11, RJ-45, Patch Panel, Qualifier Testing, Testing w/TDR, Tone and Probe, Butset

Broadband Cable Television and Satellite: CATV Installation Principles Aerial and Underground Drops, VOIP Installation Procedures, CATV Modem Installation Procedures, Satellite Installation Procedures, Safety Policies & Procedures, ANSI/OSHA, Use Signal Level Meters and Troubleshooting, Pole Climbing & Ladder Handling Safety and Continuity for Testing Technique

Home Theater: Home Theater Installation & Video Display, Audio & Video configurations, Projectors, LCD, Plasma Mounting & Surround Sound, DVR, IPTV, DVD, Blu Ray, Speaker Pre-wiring, Mounting & Connecting, Signal Differential & Amplifiers, Wireless Basics & Bluetooth Technology, Networking & Troubleshooting, A/V Integration

CCTV, Surveillance & Alarm: Surveillance & Alarm Installation, CCTV, DVR & Digital Analog Video Recorders, PTZ, Locking Systems & Infrared, Intercom, Smoke Alarm & Detectors, Wireless Sensors, Network Systems &Troubleshooting, Instruction Alarm



Field Installation Technician


  • Per form Pre/Post check to upgrade and install Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR-8 controller cards to CSM V2 controller on CSM module at the cell site. Follow MOP and scope of work will be reviewed with the Verizon Wireless Engineering and Network Operations Team. Each step of the MOP scope of work, contingency plan, back out procedure, emergency restoration plans, safety procedures, alarm verification and Verizon Wireless notification will be review in the detail with Verizon Wireless. All areas of the work will be walked and observed.
  • Verify that all parts and equipment are on site and correct. Follow all Verizon Wireless requirements in addition to any sections of the MOP.
  • Verizon switch technician will verify that no building or equipment alarms are present. Building/equipment alarms will be investigated and cleared if they can be cleared before work will start. If alarms are cannot be cleared and are not service effecting, they will be recorded to be verified at the end of work. If any alarms are present to the systems are service effecting and cannot be cleared, work under the MOP then all will not proceed work without Ops Manager’s approval.

Confidential, CA

T1/Project Coordinator


  • Manages end to end T1 delivery.
  • Develops and manages matrix team of resources from ND&E, Provisioning, RF Eng., Switch Ops, Site Development and Field Ops to manage T1 deployment in assigned region.
  • Coordinates and tracks the activity of Sprint and Ericsson personnel responsible for T1 ordering provisioning, installation, test and turn up.
  • Maintains a strong working knowledge of the processes, systems and organizations responsible for T1 implementation in the network.
  • Working familiarity with T1 implementation intervals and SLAs between organizations.
  • Monitors SSTAT ticket queues for ticket that are Jeop’d to Site Development and RF for follow-up/resolution (These are tickets that the Switch operations personnel cannot manage due to prior work tasks that are incomplete or are inaccurate).
  • Identifies delays in T1 Implementation and works with impacted organizations to resolve roadblocks.
  • Timely escalation of issues that potentially delays T1 implementation.
  • Develops and maintains project plans or trackers for T1 orders
  • Provides regular status reports to Project Team members regarding T1 Implementation status and issues. Basic qualifications include:


Switch Technician


  • Receive, analyze, monitor and resolve network problems in a timely manner with assistance from higher level technicians or manager Technical support for the RNC which include routine RNC O&M (both preventative & corrective) and troubleshooting.
  • Performs job duties that are well defined, specific, and task oriented. Able to organize information, manipulate data, prepare basic reports and perform administrative work under general supervision. Software acceptance and upgrades.
  • CDMA, iDEN, Long Distance and international voice and data switching platforms, VMS, SMS, STP/SS7, HLR, DACS, Transport, Routers. AC/DC power plant, Test Equipment for RF and transport (DS0 through OC-48) Critical Thinking: Performs straightforward, repetitive duties from detailed instructions involving little variation, with standard practices or procedures. Frequently requires guidance on problem identification and resolution.

Confidential, Irvine CA

Transport Design/Switch Engineer


  • Experience in Ericsson: UMTS/WCDMA/Granite Design
  • Design experience in UMTS/HDSPA design and/or LTE design/ LTE fundamentals. Manage the RNC which includes: Implementation, commissioning and integration with Node B and MGW/ PS core.
  • Technical support for the RNC which include routine RNC O&M (both preventative & corrective) and troubleshooting.
  • Correct RNC faults and performance degradations in the network. Diagnostics on interfaces to locate problems in network elements and/or plug-in units- Failure reporting & escalation, if needed.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of Operations & Maintenance processes
  • Standard Engineering Support activities for network and service development include:
  • Software acceptance and upgrades
  • UMTS Performance & Optimization for 2 LA Market geographical zones.
  • Experience with Ericsson optimization/post-processing for complex GSM/UMTS network.
  • Proficient in 800.1900MHz propagation, able to analyze and rectify UMTS pilot pollution conditions, various access and retainability issues, determine site growth/major modification needs for both UMTS and GSM network design.

Confidential, Ontario, CA

Switch Support Technician


  • TDMA External Alarms Migrate to UMTS or GSM.
  • Minimum screen/data captures from Flexmaster & alarms as proof of completion:
  • TDMA Radio/ERI Equipment, power plant/breaker positions, TDMA antenna ancillary equipment (MCPA, diplexers, combiners, LNA, DSX, etc...), Thermostat setting & label, Flexmaster Port lights, Flexmaster Version Number, Sync Port designation (screen shot of TS for E911 drop).
  • Verify alarms existing on TDMA and identify defined alarms exist.
  • Verify and testing alarms on Citrus UMTS after migration.
  • Trouble shoot, identify alarms that being generated from Netcool and solving alarm problems.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Switch/Transmission Technician


  • T1-Get Well with confidential
  • Knowledge and hands on experience of the Tellabs 5500
  • Able to define circuits at the T1, DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 level
  • Able to perform cross-connects at the T1, DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48 level
  • Able to test and turn up transport facilities using T-Berd test sets and Centest\NetAnalyst\Procomm
  • Testing of T1s, DS3s, OC3s, OC12s and OC48s
  • Testing of T1 and DS3 facilities embedded into Sonet facilities
  • Knowledge of T1, DS3 and fiber patch panels - able to perform cross-connects on these patch panels
  • Familiar with Lucent 5ESS
  • Able to test and turn up trunks on the 5ESS
  • Proficient with MS office.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Switch/Transport Technician


  • Conduct expert wireless network equipment installation and maintenance
  • Test, locate, and repair complex equipment problems
  • Handle configuration and fault management for a range of platforms including voicemail (IN), HLR (Home Location Register), VLR (Visitor Location Register), BSC (Base Station Controller), SMSC (Short Message Service Center), and IWF (Inter Working Function)
  • Perform CP/APG backups and conduct maintenance of computer hardware and software
  • Work with telecom vendors to meet schedules for new equipment installation
  • Assist RF engineering to ensure the best possible network performance
  • Facility audit MSC/BSC and DACS
  • Perform lifeline
  • Assist RBS technician on cell site issues (trouble shoot / DT)

Confidential, Plano TX



  • Test and turn-up DS1/DS3/OC3 service for confidential wireless.
  • Transport support confidential employees with BSC/BTS/MSC on 3G (850/1900), Liberty, and UMTS.
  • Provide transport supports for 3G, Liberty, and UMTS projects (DMSC, MSC, BSC-TRC, SGSN, EchoCancellation, Voice Mail, TTy, Toycell).
  • Complete and clear assigned AMS Trouble Tickets.
  • Provision Alcatel 1631, Alcatel 1677 "Soft and Hard" cross connects.
  • Maintain Frame and all transport related equipments.
  • Perform test/accept and turn up DS3 from OC48, did coaxial jumper and provision in DACS.
  • Test with LEC on PSTN trunk order.
  • Provide transport support for MSC/BSC/IMT augment, BSC re-home.
  • Integration supports for BTS cell site to BSC for Nortel and Ericsson (AXE810, Access Node).
  • Trouble reporting and resolution with LEC and other AT&T departments.
  • Test, accept new delivered circuit from LEC.
  • Test DS1 with field technician and provision them until handoff to AWS.
  • Equipment inventory for Nortel DMS, DMSC, SGSN, Ericsson BSC and Alcatel 1631
  • Work closely with network, and transport engineers on 3G, Liberty, UMTS Design and Implementation.
  • Verify Xpercom paths for circuit designing, complete all necessary cross-connects to verify paths.
  • Assist Engineering Group on creating Cut Sheet for BSC Re-homes: Logging into Ericsson BSC to view and capture all TG, Devices, and Kip. Retrieve DACS port information, DSX panel tracing to create a complete Data-fill Spreadsheet.
  • Design and assign inter-dacs, backhaul if needed.
  • Work with Provisioning Group on DS1/DS3 orders with LEC (SBC, Verizon, MCI, ATT, Sprint and others.)


Switch/ Transport Technician


  • Audit and validate 1700 inter machine circuits (MSC, BSC, DSX, DCS ports) in 4 MTSO's.
  • Patch over 300 DS1's to keep current configuration. Wire jumpers on DSx panels, remove patch cords and clean up.
  • Write and run scripts on DACS (Titan 5500) and Switch (AXE212) to new assigned route names and TCICS.
  • Change DIP options as needed. Test DSO with ATT Wireless personnel.
  • Grow and provision new DS3 from DACS to Sonus if needed.
  • Contact WNCC Data to status CDPD circuits being cut over that night.
  • Run Query on Sites and Dips to verify that they are working.
  • Swing circuits over to new CFA.
  • Tie down new DGR assignment if applicable. Ensure that Framing/Signaling is matched.
  • Test T1s to LEC and facing Switch, verify LEC also sees MTSO and to Site. Swing back circuit to old design if T1 cannot be brought as new design, either by Telco or AWS (within maintenance window time).
  • Re-run query on Sites, DACS (Titan 5500) and Dips Ericsson AXE212 to verify that they are working.
  • Remove cabling from previous DGRs.
  • Open up Telco Trouble Tickets with LEC and within AMS ifT1 span goes down. Migrate any additional T1s for project such as Freedom ring grooming, Double backhaul removal.
  • Audit next day's work and handoff work to day crew.

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