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System Engineer Resume


  • Pioneering strategist and results - focused leader leverages eight years of progressive experience including advanced subject matter expertise in modern automotive manufacturing and aerospace engineering for large-scale enterprises on a global scope.
  • Excels in conducting embedded software design, development, and automated system as well as requirements based testing. Experienced in agile methodologies including Scrum and Sprints.
  • Employs interpersonal effectiveness in leading teams to achieve large-scale initiatives wif a cost-savings perspective. Interested in achieving upward mobility and additional leadership responsibility.
  • System Requirements, Firmware Development, Unit Level Software Testing, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Static Analysis of Code, Module/Integration/System / Functional Testing and Documentation, Cost Estimation, Project Management, DO-178B/MISRA C Standards Compliance, MATLAB Simulink, Aerospace Engineering Reports, Requirements-Based Testing (RBT)


Hardware: Microchip 8/16-bit Microcontroller, Atmel 8-bit Microcontroller, SPDA

Protocols: CAN, TTP, ARINC-661/A664/A429, I2C, SPI, RS-232 and TCP/IP

Software Applications: Python, TCL/TK, MS Office, MATLAB, C, C++, Embedded C

Software Standards: MISRA C, DO178B/C

Testing Tool: LDRA, QAC, DTSIM, THawk, MBIL, C-Gray

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, RTLinux, VxWorks and Windows

Configuration Management: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS), Synergy

IDE: Keil uVision, MPLAB, Code Warrior, Tornado



System Engineer


  • Executes cross-functional leadership in a multibillion-dollar company, known as one of teh world’s largest suppliers of technologically-advanced aerospace and defense products. Proves vital to providing integrated solutions for various platforms including commercial, regional, business, and aircraft.
  • Ensures top-tier quality by developing and testing teh cockpit display system interfaces to user systems. Assesses system requirements for SPDA system’s utility and electrical fault correction. Authors automated test scripts for simulation tools to determine CBIC requirements wif Python and TCL/TK.
  • Oversees requirements management and modifications of DOORS software for teh Bombardier CSeries commercial aircraft battery charger. Also presents experience in Irkut MC21 as well as Comac- C919.

Senior Software Engineer



  • Proved vital to eight-member team performing teh DTSIM desktop simulation of a Boeing 787 BITE.
  • Developed test scripts wif TCL in teh CentOS environment. Ensured test script compliance wif procedures of teh electrical Power Generation and Start System (EPGSS) as outlined in teh design and system requirements report.
  • Created TCL library file for verification criteria for testing Power transfer test procedures of 787-9 Aircraft.
  • Performed Static analysis, Unit level white box testing and code coverage analysis of a legacy software for Industrial Energy Meter using LDRA and in house tool, C-Gray. Total 750 Functions, 40 modules and 25k executable Line-of-code were tested.
  • Developed Software using Embedded C for Central Management System(CMS) and Built in Test Engine(BITE) of Airbus A350 aircraft as per DO-178B standard. Contributed in Requirement Specification Document review and correction activity.


Software Engineer


  • Prepared System and Functional Requirement Specification Document for Vehicle Monitoring System.
  • Developed software using Embedded C for monitoring vehicle health system parameters like Engine and Ambient temperature, Speed, Fuel level. Teh d Confidential was used by teh Health Management System for troubleshooting problems and increasing vehicle performance.

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