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It Infrastructure & Cloud Manager Resume

Houston, TX


  • Senior Information Technology Professional adept in design, deployment, and management of global ERP platforms, IT Infrastructure, Centralized/Distributed Data Centers, and Managed Cloud Service. Verifiable track record in project management, IT Operational Management, Cloud Migration and Business/IT initiatives alignment. More than 15 years of cross - functional management experience.
  • Project/Risk Management
  • ITIL v3 Foundation Qualified
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Services Delivery
  • Azure Cloud Specialist
  • Change Management
  • Infrastructure Solution Design
  • Budgeting/Cost Improvement
  • IT Governance
  • IaaS, PaaS & SaaS Migration
  • Contract and Vendor Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration


OS Platforms: Windows/Server (All Versions), Windows Remote Desktop, Citrix MetaFrame - XenApp, Macintosh OS X, Cisco IOS

Programming: BI LogiXML v12, MS SQL, MS Visual C++/VB.Net, shell scripting/utilities, MS IIS

Applications: MS Office, Projects, Visio, MS SQL Studio, MS Visual Studio, MS System Center, MS CRM, Tessitura, Tsat, RMA, OPAS Orchestra Management, Financial Edge, Logi Analytics, Exchange Server, BMC IT Management Solution Track-IT, Spiceworks, Remote Desktop Management (Citrix, MS), Solar Winds (Applications/ Server/ Network Management), SharePoint, MS Threat Management Gateway, Mdaemon, Sage AccPac/Insight, Blackberry Enterprise Server

Networks: TCP/IP (DNS, SMTP, ICA, RDP, ssh, SIP, H.323, HTTP, X11), IPv6, Cisco VoIP, 10/100/1000 Ethernet/Fiber/ADSL, Wireless 802.11x, Frame Relay, MPLS, MS Cloud Express Route, ATM, VPN (IPSec, L2TP, SSL), Routing Protocols (OSPF, IGRP, BGP)

Hardware: Cisco 1900/2600/2900/3600 routers, Cisco Catalyst 2900/3550/3750, Cisco ASA with FirePower. Cisco Mitel 300/5000 VOIP Systems, Aruba IAP, IP Phones, HP Workstations, HP Proliant Servers (BL400c, BL600c, DL100/200/300, ML 300/500), HP Blade Enclosure 7000, HP Storage Works MSA 1000/1500, HP/Xerox LaserJet Printers, Wyse Thin Client (V30LE, X90m7, C30LE), Polycom VC HDX 6000/8000/9000


Confidential - Houston, TX

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Manager


  • Implemented IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices, first by redeploying Spiceworks tan replacing with Track-IT and reorganizing teh IT service processes and delivery model to resolve issues more efficiently and accurately to better meet user expectation. Moved teh IT team from a culture of “No, not now” to organized, skilled and dedicated IT professionals of “Yes, wat can I do for you now”. Issue resolution times were cut in some cases from 3wks down to 3d teh targeted & acceptable resolution time.
  • Preformed extensive Infrastructure & Security assessment implementing TEMPeffective corrective rebuilt, reconfigure, redeploy and re-design of all systems, applications, network & firewalls alleviating costly daily negative impacting application, server, and E-commerce outages. Increased stability and robustness of teh all systems to teh level necessary to position business to meet E-commerce ticket sale goals, donor stewardship activities and operational performance logistics.
  • Migrated 200 users at 4 locations from Gmail & Google Apps to Office 365 Enterprise E3: including but limited to MS Office Pro, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Projects and Visio. Migration positioned teh HSS to centralize admin and license management and enhance enterprise collaboration of staff and external partners. MS Office 365 provided an asset lite license model that provided current MS applications for teh 200 users at a saving of 64%yr. Office 365 extended office applications use and file accessibility from restricted on premise options to anywhere anytime 24/7/365 and eliminated application and file DR challenging in support of business continuity goals.
  • Reduced hardware complexity, over spend, admin support, TCO and implemented a retire framework for non-profit migrating to an asset lite equipment ownership. Standardized from 12 PC models and 4 vendors to 2 PC models with HP & Lenovo, 16 printer models to 3 with HP, 5 network and security vendors to Cisco. Redeployed 70% of client hardware, 15% of printers and 100% network: 1gig layer 3 Cisco switches, next gen ASA 5506-x firewall with FirePower and IAP-205 Aruba Wi-Fi network with Aruba Central.
  • Completed Mitel VOIP deployment increasing call quality, phone usability and capitalized on a replacement VOIP/DATA/Internet service installation which provided redundant increased, reliability, quality of service & bandwidth and reduced costs by 18% and data/internet service outages by 15%.
  • Completed Azure buildout of Logi Analytics V12 environment: enterprise operational, management, analytics and strategic BI development solution. Logi Analytics provide centralized reporting, dashboard and decision tool for teh functional business units struggling to un-silo and integrate process improvements.
  • Completed buildout of on premise infrastructure at Microsoft Azure. Deploying over 15 servers and over 20 core enterprise services including but limited to MS AD, file & printer, SQL DB, backup & recovery, E-Commerce, Transcend CC, Tessitura ERP, Tstat & RMA reporting, OPAS orchestra management, Financial Edge accounting and Web services. dis migrating to state of teh art cloud infrastructure included an upgrade to current and supported versions of all ERP applications. Cloud IaaS addressed most critical requirements of teh 3yr IT Strategic Plan: increased infrastructure stability, robustness, and performance; anywhere, anytime, always on access to HSS E-Commerce website & ERP systems; asset lite IT service model and centralized enterprise collaboration and reporting.

Confidential - Houston, TX

IT Project Manager


  • F5 Viprion Installation: 2 4480 Viprion Chassis application delivery controllers to replace oversubscribed and underpowered Citrix Netscaler environment. $330K budget and 8 weeks’ duration with 6+ member team comprising: Sr. F5 consultant, 2 Network/Infrastructure resources, client SME and Applications test group. Major challenges completing user acceptance testing of over 88 applications were overcome by TEMPeffectively coordinating and communicating ad hoc schedules and outage windows test group. Project was on time, within budget and provided client with consolidated application deliver solution that reduced costs, increased performance and reliability, simplified network acceleration and expanded application access features and security.
  • Cisco Unified Communication Call Manager Survivable Remote Site Telephony Implementation: 200 users/phones, 4 remote sites to replace legacy PBX telephony system at end-of-life. $200K budget and 12 weeks duration with 6 member team comprising: 2 Sr. UC VOIP consultants, 2 Infrastructure resources and 2 client SME. Project was on time, within budget and provided client expanded Cisco VOIP solutions for 4 remote sites.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 Implementation: 450 users VDI environment to replace high-end graphics workstations and deliver streamline high-end graphics applications using desktop virtualization model. $350K budget and 20 weeks’ duration with 8+ member team comprising: 2 Citrix consultants, AppSense consultant, Infrastructure resource and 3 client SME. At start client requested scope increases that extended timeline by 40%, increased budget by 20% and caused project replanning and resourcing of critical resources. Project was on time, within new approved budget, provided distributed high-end graphics applications environment that is on target to save client millions in ma hours, computing cycles and communication costs.
  • Cisco Unified Communication 10.0 Implementation: 450 users/phones, 12 sites, 2 Datacenter, 2 SIP trunks, 6 PRIs, 1200 DIDs, 2 Unified Cisco Business Edition 7000 and 2 Cisco 3925 voice gateways. $200K budget and 16 weeks’ duration with 9+ team member comprising: 4 Sr. UC consultants, 2 Network/Infrastructure resources, 2 client SME and SIP service provider team. Major challenge faced with teh 12 emergency responder site cutover overcome thru coordinating cutover planning that minimized risks and averted outages past agreed approved maintenance windows. Project was on time, within budget and provided client with on premise VOIP solution sized for company growth projections for teh next 5-10 years.
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Deployment: 1800 users, 5 sites, 2 Datacenter Cisco ISE and Cisco any connect deployment to provide centralized secure access control and accurate device identification. $170K budget and 18 months’ duration with 6-member team comprising: 2 Sr. Network/Security consultants, MS System Center Configuration Manager consultant and 3 client SME. Major obstacle overcome was resource reschedule to accommodate teh client’s need to extend 3 week implement phase to 12 weeks. Project was on time, under budget and provided centralized access control and a simplified user experience.
  • Cisco Unified Communication Call Manager IP Telephony Implementation: 1200 users/phones, 5 sites, 2 Datacenters and 12 PRIs to replace legacy PBX/VOIP hybrid AT&T solution with Cisco VOIP platform aligned with company’s strategic goal for infrastructure convergent of data, voice, video and security dependency on a single vendor. $500K budget and 6 months’ duration with 16-member team comprising: 3 UC consultants, 2 Avaya resources, 2 third party vendors, 7 onsite support staff, and 2 Business SME. Client was in teh midst of IT restructuring that resulted in teh loss of Project Sponsor and internal IT team to assist with implementation. Reset project by working with client to increase budget for Accudata’s increased scope responsibilities and halp build client project team with new decision maker and solution owners. Project was on time, within budget and provided client with on premise VOIP solution sized for company growth projections for teh next 5-10 years.
  • Palo Alto Firewall Deployment: 18 sites (16 international) Firewall deployment to replace IronPort web filtering. $400K budget and 4 months duration with 8 member team comprising: 4 Sr. Security consultants, 2 Logistics resources, Customs Broker and a 3rd party staging vendor. Product staging, customs clearance and multiple time zone remote site test and turn-up coordination proved most challenging. Project was on time, under budget and provided centralized web filtering, bandwidth monitoring and lower TCO for internet usage.



  • Creation of an annual $3M operation/capital budget including daily fiscal management and cost reduction efforts to maintain those budgets within .7% of total revenue through innovative and forward thinking low cost TOC technologies like: RDP terminal servers, Hyper-V virtualization, HP Blades, Cisco VOIP/Data solutions
  • Interfaced with executive sponsors tracking and reporting program status, issues and risks including budget, scope and deadline variance for consistent successful delivery of business aligned IT projects and services within budget and requirement targets from .
  • Reduced global data circuit costs by half and reduced IT enterprise complexity by consolidating 2 in-house distributed data centers to centralized hosted tier 3 co-location data center.
  • Established IT policy and procedure framework for teh Global IT department covering Acceptable Usage, Security, Asset Management, Application, Infrastructure policies.

Director, Information Technology/IT Project Manager


  • Managed $3MM IT budget and directed all technology selections and purchases under established equipment acquisition policy resulting in agile asset-lite efficient IT operation routinely under 10% budget.
  • Directed architecture and strategy teams in development and delivery of enterprise infrastructure plans and services designed to support front and back office logistics applications which increased IT service efficiencies and supported business’s goal of delivering industry leading people centric customize services.
  • Project manager of cross-functional team that developed leading edge Maritime Liner Vessel ERP system that formed foundation for future business growth, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Increased revenue by 10-20% through development of just-in-time critical office deployment that assured business continuity during/after both hurricane Katrina/Ike.
  • Expanded global infrastructure to support global business expansion that achieved sustainable 60% increase in global revenue.
  • Managed teh design and deployment of HP Blade/ProLiant server farm of more than 70 Intel-based, 4-way and 8-way physical and Hyper-V servers acting as web servers, gateways, security proxy, application and terminal servers which retired outdated technologies, increased IT Service capacity 10 folds and established industry standard high availability of 99.9 uptime.
  • Consolidated/enhanced analysis and reporting for 10 departments through design and deployment of LogiXML/MS SQL business intelligence web portal and enterprise data warehouse that formed basis for all strategic, tactical, and operational planning and decision making for company’s strategic growth initiatives

Manager, Information Technology/ IT Project Manager


  • Managed teh Implementation of IT infrastructure, including installing a global MPLS/VPN WAN, 4 50+ user office turn-ups, deployment of a Global Polycom Video Conference Network and Global Cisco Call Manager VOIP network resulting in global data exchanges, distributed business services, reduction of intercompany business travel by over 60% and increased intercompany collaboration.
  • Early adopter of terminal server technology first on Citrix ICA tan on Microsoft RDP. Responsible for both internal and external architecture as well as external VAR management. Terminal Server formed teh foundation of centralized management of distributed Infrastructure Strategy keeping IT cost, overhead and administration well below industry levels. Consistently kept IT cost under 1% of company revenue.
  • Designed and deployed ITIL Compliant Help Desk Services using BMC’ Track-IT implementing Change Management, Incident and Problem Management, Service Level Management, Purchase and Asset inventory and Knowledge Management. Solution provided central management of distributed Global IT network stretching 10 countries by small technical sounded IT professionals sized below industry overhead levels.
  • Provided first integrated business intelligent platform delivering comprehensive enterprise reporting and analysis for logistic business operation, financial planning/analysis and strategic KPI drivers which increased revenue from $90M to $400M.
  • Reduced customer quote time from hours to minutes through creation to a SharePoint intranet pricing portal.

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