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Linux Systems Devops Resume



  • Extensive experience of over five years in the IT industry developing, deploying, and configuration management of organizational servers.
  • Knowledgeable and thorough technician at completing tasks with minimal supervision, ranging from deploying virtual machines, clustering, DRS to networking. Enthusiastic communicator in managing change requests for system upgrades, working with application teams.
  • Proficient at setting up test environments and providing on call support for project management.
  • Familiar with networking, security and access management, working along side departmental team members to achieve an common goal in pursuit of maintaining uptime productivity.


Operating System: Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Deb, SUSE), Windows

Virtualization/Hardware/Cloud: VMware, HP, Dell, Cisco UCS Blades, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure

DevOps: Red Hat Satellite 6.x, Red Hat Identity Management (IdM), Ansible - Ansible Tower, Terraform, Git, Docker, Kubernetes

Computer Languages: Java, C++, Python, Json, YAML, Bash

Tools: / Utilizes: PXE Boot and Kick start,EXSIStorage (NAS DAS ISCSI), Vulnerability management, Performance monitoring, Scripting, Puppet installation, Ansible, VMware and Vsphere, VMs, Server Migrations (p2v), Automation and tasks, Channel bonding, KVM virtualization, Kernel Tuning, User management, Performing daily task (log reviews etc), LVM, Package management, YUM Repository, Decommissioning and monitoring management, Company Rules and regulations, Replacing server parts with vendor, Data destruction, Direct user support, Ticket assessment and prioritizing, Raid levels, File system, Monitoring process, LV center, VMware virtualization, Networking, Troubleshooting, IP tables firewalls selinux, Monitoring tools Nagios, User management, Installing linux and other oss, Net Backup, Corn Jobs, Network adapters and switches, TCP/IP and UDP, Ilo and idrac, VSftpd, Apache and httpd, DNS DHCP SNMP NIS NFS, Upgrading services, Mounting resources, Installing and managing new services, Disk management, Hypervisor, provisioning, Wireshark and tcpdump


Confidential, NY

Linux Systems DevOps


  • Self motivated mindset to lead on new material and scope of material adapting and working within my existence position amongst the Information Technology industry
  • Excellent working ethic, producing high quality results, and demonstrate attention to detail
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, sound business knowledge - ideally in business planning and consolidation process
  • Ability to work with all teams and understand code changes and review business requirements and identify any gaps between operations and developing stages to eliminate downtime using DevOps and Infrastructure as Code methodologies and Ideologies
  • Met with the client business analyst to understand requirements and architect plan accordingly to fulfill and cater to IT needs and provide IT solutions
  • Understanding of Docker container management while utilizing advocacy commands via Ansible CLI to manage push/pull to application containers
  • Architect planning, provisioning, deployment and maintain the lifecycle management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers using Red Hat Satellite 6
  • Constructing host groups, activation keys, and content/composite views to organize and manage Red Hat Enterprise Subscriptions and Repositories for better security patch management
  • Day to day pull, modify, commit, and push to and from the GIT branch master
  • Implementing AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, and Elastic Load Balancer - deploying EC2 instances consisting of various flavors of Linux such as RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu
  • Supporting AWS cloud instances running various environments and managing using tags, key and value to label
  • Manage monthly OS upgrades and patches of virtual/physical servers
  • Delegate between departmental teams within the organization working on Change Management tasks, working along SAN team for storage needs, VMware team for virtual infrastructure needs, Backup team to ensure backups are synced within the planned polices, Network team to govern network/firewall rules to ensure security and hardening of the infrastructure, etc
  • Wrote custom bash scripts to monitor the active status of Ansible inventory list of hosts and construct a list of servers that are not actively only and email the list to a set of engineers to exclude the servers in the next Ansible play run
  • Managing User Management and Server net groups server access using Red Hat Identity Management which is based off of open source project OpenIPA, Identity - Policy - Audit
  • Using Logical Volume Manager to provision and modify capacity management across RHEL serves for better application space management utilizing physical and logical volumes
  • Mounted and configured NAS NFS shares, allocated physical SAN storage for physical bare metal server needs for application/database utilization
  • Bottlenecks of Processes, CPU, Network, Disk, Memory and Swap space troubleshooting to avoid any performance related issues
  • Modifying kernel parameters and modules by creating and running bash scripts to meet the given requirements
  • Proficiency in Symantec NetBackup. Scheduled backup on daily, weekly, and monthly bases. Managed data backup and recovery solutions when required if a user unintentionally deleted data

Confidential, Fishkill - NY

Linux Systems Administrator


  • Performed installation, configuration, upgrades, Package Administration and support for Linux Systems on client side using Red Hat satellite network server.
  • Installed Puppet modules from Puppet forge to manage infrastructure
  • Configured and maintained PXE boot environment
  • Vast experience of User management by setting up users and groups, network configuration, password, resolving permissions issues, user and group sudo access management
  • Configured Volume Group using LVM, Logical and Physical Partitions and Imported New Physical Volumes
  • Configured and deployed Nagios Monitoring system for management of all the Linux systems
  • Configured Apache, MySQL on Red Hat for virtual and web hosting.
  • Monitored DNS, LDAP, Kickstart, IPChains/iptables firewall, SSH, MYSQL, and User Administration
  • Monitored the server for CPU utilization, memory utilization, and disk utilization for performance tuning
  • Created, Cloned Linux Virtual Machines and templates using VMWare
  • Installed and configured various services like DNS, DHCP, NFS, Apache Web Server, NIS, SSH, Http, RPM Package Management, YUM
  • Managed the entire infrastructure with puppet by setting up puppet master and slaves
  • Worked on FTP servers for smooth transfer of files between local and remote servers
  • Experienced in setting up YUM repository and installing the patches with it.
  • Experienced in setting RAID disk configuration on Linux servers
  • Experienced in installing virtual machines using VMware as a hypervisor
  • Command line experience and an in depth understanding of Linux files
  • Written Bash scripts to automate processes
  • Resolved system errors, disk space problems, managed disk labels, as well as reconfiguring devices
  • Automated jobs through crontab
  • Setup secured password-less ssh authentication on servers using ssh keys
  • Physically installed hard disks and changed bad ones when needed
  • File system administration using FSCK and Fdisk to make, repair corruption, and then maintaining the performance by health checks time to time
  • Installed and upgraded patches and packages on Linux Red Hat and CentOS systems using RPM and YUM
  • Hardware memory and virtual memory upgrading (RAM/swap space), Firmware upgrade for servers or hardware
  • Resolved issues related to login, performance, and adding machines to domains
  • User administration by creating, maintaining, and removing user accounts or groups. Managed user or group permissions and ownership of files and directories
  • Provided SUDO privileges to users and manage the SUDO wheel group by adding and removing users
  • Installing, and configuring authentication access using NIS, adding and removing user management
  • Installed SSH and strengthen SSH using the configuration file to enable a secure access to the servers, also Allow or Deny users from the configuration file and manage other configuration such as no root login, allow only ssh key entries
  • Familiarity with performance monitoring tools such as Top, SAR, Iostat, Iftop, Vmstat, Tcpdump, Traceroute, Wireshark and analyze server logs to resolve hardware, network, and security issues
  • Introduced a virtual infrastructure using VMware ESXI 5.5
  • Managed a number virtual machines on VMware ESXI using VMware VSphere, and VMware vCenter

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