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Staff Engineer Resume

Aiken, SC


  • Process Engineering (Material Balance, Process Flow Sheets)Nuclear Field Engineer (EPU Work Packages), System Drain Down
  • Sr. Mechanical Engineer (Code Matrix Review, ASME B31 Piping, DSA and TSR Review and USQ Screening, advise of applicability of DSA/TSR for modifications or upgrades, traceability and applicability under DOE - STD-3009 DOE Orders and NRC 50.59)Piping Engineering (Review Layout for Piping, Hydraulic Analysis, Schedule Time and Costing CAESARII Pipe Stress, Vessel Specifications);
  • Procurement Engineering (DOE/NRC Commercial Grade Dedication review provide reasonable assurance that a CGD to be used as a basic component will perform its intended safety function and, in this respect, is deemed equivalent to an item designed and manufactured under a 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, quality assurance program; critical characteristics item review and verification of acceptability by inspections, tests, or analyses by the purchaser or third-party dedicating entity);
  • Project Engineer (DOE for Piping, Time and Costing CAESARII Pipe Stress, Vessel Specifications);
  • Project Manager (Refinery Small Jobs and Capital Improvement Projects, Forecast Budgeting, Utilities Upgrades, Interface with I&C, Electrical, Small I&C/Electrical Projects)Facility Engineer Maintain System Operation & Due Diligence, Equipment Walkdown and Identification; System Health Reports
  • Design Authority Piping, Gloveboxes, Nuclear Confinement Ventilation, Heat Transfer
  • Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD at DOE and NRC facilities)
  • Design Basis Event and Defense in Depth Training, Application and Consideration
  • Verification and Validation of Software


PC & Compatibles, Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, ME, 98, SE, NT, & 2000, Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007/2003/ , Excel, Word, AutoCad, MicroStation J, SE, 7.0, V - 8, IrasB, Trane Trace 600/700, Quick Pen Take Off and Estimating Software AIM/Intergraph SmartPlant Database Software., CAESARII Ver. 5.0 & 5.1; Autopipe, Compress, AFT Fathom and AFT Arrow; Smart Plant Foundation, Asset Suite, INDUS, Passport; Job Control Software (JCS); CRANE Flow Software

CODE Review, Utilization and Awareness ASME B31.1, B31.3, ASME B&PVC, Pressure and Vacuum Testing, Introduction to ANSYS Finite Elements Analysis, WRC 107 & 297, ASCE 4-98, ASCE 7, API-617, NEMA-23, NQA-1, ASME AG-1, N509, N510; Nuclear Air Cleaning Handbook


Staff Engineer

Confidential, Aiken, SC


  • Tank 12 Design Change Form Package Preparation (Various Topics)
  • Tank 12 Drying Potential and Moisture Investigation; standalone drier, dehumidifier, exhauster package
  • Grout Truck Route Investigation and Walk Down
  • Tank 16 and Tank 12 Pre Grout Field Walk Downs (Various Topics)
  • Tank 16 and Tank 12 Lead Content Calculations for Regulatory Compliance
  • Tank robotics industry survey and investigation for remote crawler and wall thickness analysis
  • Tank salt core sampling equipment survey and logistics

Project Engineer

Confidential, Delaware City, DE


  • HCO Upgrades Tank Farm; Steam and Condensate Hot Tap for HCO Exchangers
  • Hydrogen and H2 Compressor Piping Upgrades
  • Electric Heat Tracing Upgrades, Hydrogen Dry Seal Gas Skid
  • Fin - Fan Heat Exchanger and Piping Upgrades to Hydrogen system

Team Lead

Confidential, Spring City, TN


  • Commercial Grade Dedication and Review of TVA QA2 (Safety Related) Hold Items
  • Confidential Watts Bar Nuclear Site Lead
  • Preparation and Review of Procurement Data Sheets and Inventory Release Packages
  • Outage based performance of Predictive Maintenance Work Package Tasks for Equipment Surveillance Unit 1 - U1C25 Refueling Outage
  • AEP DC Cook Nuclear Generation Group (AEP NGG) Training in accordance with INPO/Nantel
  • Walk down of Work Package Tasks, Package review at T5 and T0
  • Review and improve existing packages in preparation for task performance
  • Field Performance of Packages in Containment and Contamination Areas

Confidential, Omaha, NE

Team Lead


  • Critical Quality Equipment (CQE) sub component review for Confidential, all facility areas (Reactor Coolant System, Emergency Diesel Generator, Raw Water, Spent Fuel Pool, HVAC, Electrical)
  • Review existing historical Work Orders for CQE parts acceptability; wrote Work Requests and Condition Reports (CR) on non CQE components for action by Construction, Planning, and Maintenance.
  • Wrote Safety Basis Evaluations (SBE) and System Class Application Evaluation (SCAE)
  • Wrote Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Documentation, all systems
  • Quality Inspection Plan for Glovebox Modifications AFS - 2 Plutonium load out boxes
  • Technical Task Request Scope of Work for Packaging Can testing
  • Plant Modification Traveler for Packaging in Plutonium Room Modifications

Facility Engineer

Confidential, Aiken, SC


  • Due Diligence on Chilled Water System including CRAC/CRAH units for Data Center
  • Wrote scope documents for Chilled Water System controls, temporary chillers, and system upgrades.
  • Pumps, Pipe and Instrumentation Review and Upgrade Reports and Recommendations

Field Engineer

Confidential, Florida City, FL


  • Field Engineer preparing work packages on Spent Fuel Pool Upgrade
  • Field Engineer preparing work packages on Turbine Auxiliaries Cooling
  • Drew Weld Map Drawings from Design Engineering Isometrics
  • FP&L NextEra Energy Fleet Training in accordance with INPO
  • FP&L NextEra Radworker Plant and Fleet Specific Training
  • Protected Area Penetration Requirements Reviews, Field Change Documents Coordination with Confidential Frederick Design Engineering and FP&L Representatives on Fire Stop Requirements, Grout Requirements, Utilization of Specialty Rising Stem Cast Steel Isolation Valves

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