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Design Engineer / Vod Infrastructure Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Microsoft SQL Server - Created and executed original SQL scripts on the Confidential Back Office in order to gather database system information and generate site specific reports across all the COX Video-On-Demand platforms. Ported the scripts into stored procedures to automatically generate & distribute data to the various departments within COX.
  • Visual C++ .NET - Developed a Windows 32-bit application for error-checking network delivery paths on the set-top box end and digital cable system end.
  • Linux/PuTTY - Executed bash commands to retrieve set-top box channel information from the digital cable back office, as well as Video-On-Demand asset information from the Concurrent video pumps.
  • MATLAB - Developed a switched digital video Mini Carousel decoder which read UDP packet captures from the SDV back office running off both Cisco and Motorola markets. This would output site specific information: digital cable channel lineup, channel QAM frequency, and system IP data. Ported the decoder to a C++ 11 standard, executable on the Arris switched digital Red Hat Linux back office.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Design Engineer / VOD Infrastructure Engineer


  • 5 years experienced as the Subject Matter Expert for data mining the COX Video - On-Demand platform.
  • Key member in an engineering team focused on bandwidth capacity planning and growth modeling for VOD, Switched Digital Video, and Edge QAMs.
  • Developed custom software for the COX business & technology leadership to generate daily Video-On-Demand stream success & failure rates for all 20 markets.
  • In-house development saved Confidential $40,000 vs. outsourced development to a third-party vendor.
  • The final software, written as Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures, was built into an automated report distributed to the product and engineering teams.
  • Senior position in defining COX’s next generation CDN distribution Video-On-Demand system. Generated the most efficient method of VOD asset repositioning, including analysis by Content Provider & Title.
  • This report was used as justification for the senior leadership to fund additional VOD storage capacity of $5 million dollars.
  • Developed custom SQL scripts on the Confidential Data Warehouse used to calculate the Video-On-Demand bandwidth utilization at various levels, ranging from entire markets to local service groups.
  • This report has streaming granularity breakdowns for Standard/High Definition and geographic region, which is being used by network planning, switched digital video, and other groups for bandwidth capacity planning.
  • Integrated VOD bandwidth analysis with Switched Digital Video planning in preparation for video delivery expansion at specific COX cable markets.
  • System sizing and requirement for Harmonic NSG9000 QAMs for capacity and encryption capabilities.
  • Verified new code drops from Vendors as related to change requests.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Video Engineering Cooperative Education


  • Authored a specification report implemented by 3rd party Video-On-Demand developer: Confidential, to be used by engineering, marketing, and planners at various COX cable markets.
  • Worked on a system integration/deployment team to deploy VOD equipment to 20 sites across the Cox footprint.
  • Used SQL scripts to model the VOD streaming bandwidth characteristics in Hampton Roads for various headend/hub configurations. This data was used to create system design options and eventually a final, optimized design that consolidated 7 sites into 3. This led to significant operational cost savings, improved reliability, and reduced overall metro transport loading.

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