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Business Development Associate Resume


  • Over 20 years of experience as a Software Developer for Flight simulators, Nuclear Power Plants and Marine control system.
  • Extensive experience in development and maintenance of custom utilities in a multi - platform environment.
  • Strong programming skills in Fortran, C/C++, SQL, Perl and Awk.
  • Experienced in Developing test plans, software design documents, and course materials.
  • Vast experience in development and maintenance of simulator systems and simulation support tools.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in all phases of software development life-cycle including Design, Requirements Analysis, Quality Assurance, Verification, Project Management, Configuration Management and SW releases.
  • A dedicated team player committed to providing technical leadership, timely support and insightful solutions.
  • Hands-on experience dealing with all levels of management and clients.
  • Experienced in Managing and providing leadership to SW group members.
  • NATO Reliability/Security Clearance.


SOFTWARE: Visual Studio, MS Office, Visio

D Confidential BASE: MS Access, SQLV7 and SQL Server 2000

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: VMS Fortran, C, Visual C++ (Win32 and MFC), Windows NT/2000/XP, Gould Unix (IRIX, X-Window API, XMotif, C-Shell) VAX (RMS, OpenVMS, DCL), Perl

CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Telelogic Synergy/Continuus, Microsoft Visual Source (VSS), Concurrent Versions Control CVS (WinCVS)

OTHERS: Rational Test (RT), Rational XDE, Rational RequisitePro, PowerPoint, Photoshop, iMAC After Effects


Business Development Associate



  • Business-to-Business lead generation. Gained access to critical decision makers for different companies and provided leads for clients such as Confidential - Confidential (HP).

Software Engineer



  • Reviewed Test Cases for testing the Application Software for the Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC);
  • Used windows WinCVS for source configuration management;
  • Used Rational Test (RT) as test tools -RTRT unit testing ;

Senior Systems Analyst



  • Participated in preliminary and detailed design of TIMS Learning Content Management System (LCMS);
  • Assisted in business and systems requirements analysis and developed Software Requirements Specifications;
  • Developed business and system use-cases;


Senior Software Developer


  • Performed Software integration, debugging, testing and raised deficiency reports;
  • Collaborated with project managers, quality assurance, engineering teams, and clients to ensure on-time completion of project deliverables;
  • Produced Software Design documents (SDD), Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) and Users Guides for clients;
  • Provided work estimates, schedules, technical leadership/management/mentoring of junior engineers, and project coordination/progress using BAAN;
  • Developed MFC-based client-server User Interfaces to seamlessly integrate with live Marine Control systems using a soft-switching solution;
  • Created course materials and provided classroom to clients on software maintenance and C2 instructor ;
  • Designed d Confidential base schema for real-time access of control nodes using MS SQL Server;
  • Installed SQL Server on site, performed d Confidential migration from SQL 7 to SQL 2000, and generated reports using SQL scripts;
  • Performed software design reviews, presentations and proof-of-concept demonstrations to customers in accordance with SEI CMM guidelines;
  • Performed Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), corrected software deficiencies in accordance with SEI CMM guidelines;
  • Developed software assembly manifest in Visual Source Safe to support strict configuration control and allow automated software builds;
  • Provided quality assurance expertise in development projects from initiation through implementation under QA environment;

Systems Analyst


  • Developed and implemented Instructor Facility software for Flight Simulators and Nuclear Power Plants;
  • Developed RF (wireless) communication solution between VAX, Telxon, and Gould based on TCAL language;
  • Developed Plant Process Computers emulation/stimulation software for the Nuclear Power Plant simulators;
  • Created a multi-process Store/Recall solution based on a chained master-slave architecture and communicating through a persistent TCP/IP network;
  • Developed communication software using TCP/IP network to transfer d Confidential between Gould and PC computers and to send commands between the two;
  • Developed I/O interface to the Digital Control Computer (DCC) systems consisting of two redundant controllers used to monitor and control major reactor and power plant functions;
  • Developed panel diagnostics utilities to test the hardware panel instrumentation (lights, switches, and meters).
  • Supervised team of four software developers including mentoring and performance evaluation.

Junior Programmer


  • Provided department System Administration of a cluster of Digital Corporation VAX computer systems (backups, software installations and systems fine tuning);
  • Designed and developed a bi-directional asynchronous d Confidential communication protocol between computers VAX, GOULD, and Intel Computers (PC);
  • Supported Real-time Simulator Executive which performed real-time scheduling of the simulation models;
  • Developed and supported foreground simulation environment tools such as Fortran Pre-Compiler (FPC), C Pre-Compilers (CPC), Common D Confidential Base Processor (CDBP), and Computer Test System (CTS);
  • Provided systems support to all users within engineering;

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