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Sr Network Engineer Resume

Ft Worth, TX


Offering over ten plus years of experience. A comprehensive background in all areas of Engineering, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Adtran, A 0 Catalyst and/or VLCT Auto Testers, Avaya PBX system, AC/DC Circuits, C, C++ Programming, Scripting, Digital Communications, Digital Logic Circuits Designs, Custom IC's, Mixed Signal IC's, PCB Layout and Design, Timing Analysis, Microprocessor Software Applications, Technical Communications System.


Confidential, FT Worth, TX

Sr Network Engineer


  • Being familiar with the development environment, process, standards, applications, architecture, and working knowledge of geospatial technologies.
  • Responsible for the Avaya PBX system.
  • Responsible for over 50 sites.
  • Experience with CAD designs for the geometric modeling capability.
  • Responsible for oriented methodology, UML modeling, Web service design, API integration.
  • Reviewing designs for fit/ forum/ function and check details of layouts of drawings.
  • Responsible Cisco Switches 2950 & 3560.
  • Responsible for the Cisco Routers series 2600, 2800 etc...
  • Responsible for completion milestones and scheduled performance (EVMS).
  • Provide specific detailed information for hardware and software selection.
  • Conduct testing and network design.
  • Provide specifications and detailed schematics for the network architecture.
  • Database knowledge Oracle & SQL server.
  • Responsible for system upgrades.
  • Tool knowledge consists of Weblogic, WebMethods, SeeBeyond, Visio, MS office professional.
  • Providing innovative solutions for major structural modifications to military and commercial aircraft.
  • Operating systems includes windows, UNIX & Linux.
  • Independent problem solving, design, SDLC, debugging, application and code maintenance.
  • Responsible for providing network services using WAN, SATCOM, and LAN technologies.
  • Knowledge of network and computer interfaces, such as routers, multiplexers, firewalls, hubs, bridges, & gateways.
  • Knowledge of Pix 501 & 516.
  • Coordinating with the FAA to ensure that the operations floor is operational.
  • Ensuring that the FS21 program is operational at all times.
  • Install cabling and other network devices are operational.
  • Being knowledgeable of the aircraft structural or electrical maintenance and or modification.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Network Design Detail Engineer


  • Installing UNIX systems on various LAN\WAN networking and also replicating systems data base’s.
  • Providing financial analysis of equipment purchases
  • Responsible for 3500 facilities and over 2000 users.
  • Responsible for Cisco routers 2600 series such as 2612 and 3800 series.
  • Responsible for MPLS, BGP, IP, IPSec, MLPPP, OSPF etc network protocols.
  • Responsible for Cisco switches 2950 & 3560.
  • Modifying current model changes to facilities using Siemens Synchronous Technology.
  • Generate accurate quotes for sales managers for solutions
  • Document and funnel all customer rep and sales concerns
  • Setup a Marketing, R&D, Engineering & Quality platform
  • Generate bill of materials, CAD engineering, network diagrams, etc.
  • Design and provide plant engineering documentation
  • Review and design architect engineers working drawings and specifications
  • Support an Enterprise Class Data Center Network
  • Responsible for building call processing platforms
  • PC repairs and diagnosis
  • Imaging drives and programming network gear (Cisco routers, adtrans, addit’s, pix’s)
  • Responsible for QC testing on all production platforms
  • Implementing, coordinating installs and provisioning with T - 1 Circuits ESF and D-4.
  • Extensive experience working with major United States telephone companies.
  • Supervised Digital Recording platform and installing computer clients for Tape back up and Legato Software.
  • Implementing and training customers on platform and also supporting Technicians in the field with UNIX.
  • Installed and maintained new products and upgrades of UNIX versions and clients on all workstations.
  • Implemented and installed all computers for the company.
  • Performed installation on Print Server and File Server for the network implemented IIS for Engineering.
  • Re-configured network from a Class A network to Class B.
  • Changed out the DHCP server to match Brother Company network’s I.P. Scheme.
  • Designed a test Lab for new software and also network upgrades separate for testing before implementing.
  • Maintained Exchange Server and upgraded Exchange from 7.5 to 2000.
  • Ordered and supplied company with ESF capabilities as well as D-4 for testing purposes.
  • Responsible for Cisco Routers, Pix, and Firewall

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

MSPC Test Engineer


  • Support new product IC development team by generating efficient production test programs for use on Teradyne A 0 Catalyst and VLCT automatic testers on mixed-signal products for the automotive and Consumer electronic markets. Interaction with design and product engineering for RF testing projects.
  • Skilled in statistical data analysis and have the ability to develop hypothesis from the data then test and implement that solution with the necessary support lab and production.
  • Ability to bench test devices/circuits is critical. Support initial IC debug customer sample delivery IC characterization final testing and ramp to volume.
  • Support Lab and production fixture calibration and traceability.
  • Interaction with wafer fab personnel for determining failure mechanism caused by process related problems.
  • Experience on A 0 Catalyst and/or VLCT.

Confidential, Irving, Texas

West Region Manager Engineer


  • Worked on collocation and regen sites audits.
  • Protocol stacks IP, ATM, Ethernet, TCP, UDP, PPPOE, and L2TP.
  • Experience in using or testing network devices that interoperate with SMS systems.
  • Site audits for wireless and telecom equipment.
  • Perform Field maintenance, service, and repairs.
  • Fiber transmission error performance DCC and Alarm Function, X-25/ TL-1 interface function, switching function.
  • Configure systems according to N-Drawings for prototype unit to test in different temperature.
  • Conducting lab analysis as they relate to overall broadband network architecture.
  • Responsible for planning the international ATM networks,
  • Develop a monthly capacity report.
  • Also responsible for consolidating network plans and capacity reports for global Frame Relay, ATM networks.
  • Provide guidance and training to the new Network Engineers as required.
  • Collaborate with Facility Engineering on new or expansion TI, Shelter, and Collocation layout designs to insure they meet the current needs and standards of ISPE and the company, as required.
  • Submit Facility Engineering request in a timely manner for DSX, FDB, and PDU in order for that capacity to always be available to support project requirements.

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

Engineer - Transmission Engineering


  • Provide technical solutions for Sonet Ring design and Transmission Engineering.
  • Responsible for redesign, fiber reroute, reengineering project definition, ordering materials, creating modules, WDM placements and Rack locations, OC 192, 48, 12, 3, BBDXC port assignments, IP addressing.
  • Technical Point of Contact for over Field Installation and Network testing crews.
  • Responsible for planning submarine cable and restoration, support development and activation a new submarine cable systems and manage DCME inventory.
  • Daily duties include Fiber Optic management, Wave Division Multiplexer designs, equipment space management, facility power requirements, and various hardware configurations for Lightwave termination and Optical Regenerator equipment.

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