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Devops Engineer / Tools Engineer / Build-release Engineer Resume


  • 16+ years of experience with proficiency inDevOps, Tools development, Software Configuration and Release Engineeringwith exposure to design, development, testing, maintenance and customersupport environments on heterogeneous platforms.
  • Hands - on experience on all stages of development, including design, architecture, testing and support.
  • Experience on tooling/deployments with Amazon web services (AWS).
  • Architect, design and build environment and processes on AWS with prime focus on high availability, cost optimization and efficient product rollouts.
  • Experience in implementing Microservices environment using Docker.
  • Extensive experience and strong knowledge on Python, Perl and shell.
  • Specialize in automating tasks and processes which aid in development cycles and also reduce user typos.
  • Extensive experience with configuration management toolAnsible.
  • Extensive experience in automating infrastructure (VMWare, AWS) using Terraform and Packer.
  • Strong expertise in doing root cause analysis for build failures
  • Administrator for SCM tools like GIT, Subversion, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest
  • Administrator for Project tracking tools like Rational Team Concert and Jira - Upgrading Production environments with latest releases from IBM
  • Implemented IBM ClearQuest from the scratch following the workflow sanctioned by stakeholders
  • Implemented integrations between Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest to adhere the process developers follow
  • Strong expertise on MongoDB
  • Implementing Agile methodologies for the ongoing projects and act as Team member/Scrum master depending upon the project requirements
  • Comprehensive mentoring of new recruits and creating in depth Documentation for them
  • Self-motivated, I work by my own, as a leader, or as part of a team maintaining a constant focus on the end goal.


Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu and Windows

Programming Languages: C,C++,Java

Scripting Languages/ Tools: Python, Perl, Shell and Batch.

SCM Tools: GIT, SVN, IBMClearCase, ClearQuest

Configuration Management Tools: Ansible, Chef

Cloud Computing Environment: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Project Management Tools: Jira, IBM Rational Team Concert

Debugging tools: GDB/Dbx

Build Tools: CI/CD Tools

Ant, Gradle and Make: TeamCity, Jenkins, Circle CI

Databases: MongoDB,Teradata, Oracle, MySQL, OpenEdge.

Web Technologies: JQuery, Spring Boot,JSP, Flask

Defect Tracking and Code Coverage Tools: Jira,RTCTeampulse, SonarQube

Virtualization & Orchestration: Docker,Kubernetes,Terraform,Vagrant VSphere and VCloud



DevOps Engineer / Tools Engineer / Build-Release Engineer


  • Create packer templates for various operating systems with providers such as VSphere/EC2/Docker and vmware.
  • Developed Terraform modules for various providers to orchestrate testing framework and execute tests in parallel-distributed manner using Redis.
  • Develop Ansible playbooks for provisioning the infrastructure that created with Packer.
  • Prepared terraform modules for databases Oracle,mssql and postgres.
  • Created Jenkins pipelines for creating docker images, Publish and Deploying the Images.
  • Prepared custom docker images and Kubernetes services and deployments for applications, to make smooth deployment process.
  • Developed Docker based build agents for Jenkins and Teamcity.
  • Optimizing build system for major product i.eOpenEdge.
  • Publish build and release for daily in QA environment.
  • Maintain QA environment and solve issues of QA according to releases.
  • Deploying product in different environments using Ansible and Terraform.
  • Lot of migrations between various Source control systems (From Team Pulse to ClearCase) and (Clearcase to GIT) using REST API and python.
  • Change the QA and development model from shared infrastructure to dynamically provisioned easily re-creatable and destroyable and re-usable infrastructure.
  • Converted the testing model to use parallel infrastructure to reduce time and cost.
  • Developed model to use containers in-place of Virtual machines.
  • Rolled out vagrant to use local machines for development/testing before committing the code.
  • Created teamcity pipelines for CI/CD which reduced much turn-around time for a developer on issues.
  • Certify OpenEdge with the upcoming new Operating Systems and research on the issues to analyze the compatibilities.
  • Prepared many custom docker images and Kubernetes services and deployments for applications, to make smooth deployment process.
  • Strong experience in automating, managing and optimizing resources inVSphereand Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Deploy micro services in amazon EKS.
  • Create Amazon services and administer the access to developers.
  • Containerize the applications and migrate to amazon EKS.
  • Define and document best practices and strategies for application development and maintenance.
  • Wrote AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom-sized VPC, Subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, and Security groups. Configured and maintained the AWS Lambda function to trigger when a Jenkins build is kicked off, which internally gets stored on AWS S3 bucket for everybody to access. Created Route53 to route traffic between different regions. Worked with Security groups & Network ACLs.
  • Wrote Lambda functions in Python for AWS Lambda and invoked Python scripts for data transformations and analytics on large data sets.
  • Migrated applications from a traditional datacenter to AWS cloud using AWS services like EC2, ELB, EB, GitHub.
  • Wrote Bash and Python scripts integrating Boto3 to supplement automation provided by Ansible and Terraform for tasks such as encrypting EBS volumes backing AMI's and scheduling Lambda functions for routine AWS tasks.
  • Responsible for deploying new releases to QA, Stage and Production environments.
  • Proactively develop tools/processes to avoid any infrastructure issues and implementation of standards consistently.
  • On-Call duties - Monitoring production alerts for Progress Cloud products with strict SLA. Co-ordinate with development teams for alerts which maybe product defects.
  • Implementing microservices using Docker - Responsible for developing Dockerfile, pushing the image to Private repository and doing a rolling update for running environments.
  • Migrating the defect data from other systems like Jira, ClearQuest to the latest ClearQuest environment using CQPerl and Python.
  • Implemented defect tracking system using IBM ClearQuest while working with the central process team (stakeholders) for the workflow specification
  • Responsible for managing build, deployment and infrastructure for Cloud Products.
  • Developed Python script to parse the email alerts coming from Amazon EC2 and convert them into tickets in the system using the REST apis.
  • Assisting end users (across the company) with any issues (Technical/Functional) with accessing Production environments.
  • Create and provision Virtual machines for developers and environments, using VMWare.
  • Responsible for initial Root cause analysis for build failures and report the actual issues to Development/QA teams.
  • Assist developers and QA engineers in setting up ClearCase views and other end-support for working with SCM tools/processes.
  • Install and configure QA environments on heterogeneous platforms including setting up third party dependencies for Progress products.


Teradata Technical Lead


  • Help business to meet their reporting requirements, get ad-hoc reporting capabilities and maintain historical data to meet archival requirement.
  • Develop shell scripts to migrate code to suite requirements between different regions.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Prepare effort estimates for Design, Development and Unit Testing phases.
  • Developed an installer that copies packages different server machines and installs on different platforms whose information is specified in a simple text file.
  • Performed Porting TWB13.0 to HPUX Itanium and Solaris Opteron Platform.
  • Convert ANSI-style comments in SQL statements to C-style comments.
  • Update weekly status of the team progress to onsite managers.
  • Developed a C tool that generates I18N data file (kanji, Korean, Chinese and EBCDIC etc) which makes the things simpler when working on database with different encodings.
  • Performed Porting TWB12.0 to Solaris/HPUX Platform.
  • Performed Porting TWB13.0 to HPUX Itanium Platform.
  • Worked on multiple platforms like Linux, Solaris, Aix, Mpras, Hpux, Suse Linux.
  • Worked on different databases like Oracle, SQL Server while exporting data from Teradata.
  • Rational Rose Clear case for Software Configuration Management.
  • Convert simple FastExport, FastLoad, MultiLoad, and TPump scripts to TPT script

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