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Linux Systems Administrator/cyberark Analist Resume


  • 5+ years of experience as a Linux Systems Administrator with administering user accounts, performing server subsystem configuration, file replication, file system tuning, network management, installation of software, performing backups, configuration management, and general system maintenance.


Configuration Management: Ansible

CICD: Jenkins, Gitlab, SonarQube, Maven, Nexus, Fortify

File Sharing Servers: NFS, FTP, SMB


Web Servers: Tomcat, Apache

Security Auditing: Splunk, Lynis, Nessus

Monitoring: Nagios, OMD/Check - MK

Ticketing: Jira, ServiceNow, Remedy

Server Maintenance: Applying monthly and quarterly patching

System Administration: RHEL 6/7/8, CentOS, Fedora & Oracle Linux


Linux Systems Administrator/CyberArk Analist



  • Responsible for CyberArk Administration and Development
  • Responsible for Privilege User Management across the enterprise.
  • Planning, Upgrading, and supporting CyberArk privilege Access Solution PAS.
  • Creating, deployment, configuration and maintain of CyberArk PAS Suit.
  • Installation and configuration of CyberArk PAS solution: Enterprise Password Vault (EPV), Central Policy Manager (CPM), Password Vault Web Access (PVWA), Privileged Session Manager (PSM) and Privileged Session Manager Proxy (PSMP).
  • Responsible for privilege User account administration for various platform Databases, UNIX, LDAP Windows.
  • Integrates service account through AIM solution.
  • Responsible for safe creation and of SSH Key Management.
  • Creating and managing Platforms, Policies and Safes.
  • Perform health check monitoring on all CyberArk severs.

Linux Systems Administrator

Confidential, Flower Mound Texas


  • Coordinate the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Linux servers including mail servers, application servers, and databases.
  • Interact with 500+ remote and on-site users via email/phone/ticketing systems for their computing needs.
  • Performing OS installations on a daily and project basis on RHEL 6/7/8 servers (mainly HP and Dell) using PXEboot and kickstart servers.
  • Securing Linux Systems by tweaking firewall (iptables), enabling only needed services.
  • Building servers (Nessus, Jenkins, Git, SonarQube, NFS, Apache, KickStart, File
  • Servers, modify DNS, DHCP, and CUPs Print Servers).
  • Setting up directory shares with NFS servers and configuring clients (/etc/exports, /etc/fstab ).
  • Upgrading packages (rpm, yum) and patching systems to maintain a productive environment.
  • Exposure to a DevOps environment working with Git, Jenkins, Tomcat, Nexus, SonarQube to maintain CICD pipeline while working closely with developers.
  • Setting up Autofs for home directories in different domains.
  • Creating and modifying scripts (mainly bash) to accommodate the administration of daily tasks.
  • Resolving network & DNS-related issues (traceroute, netstat, nslookup, dig, sshd, nfsd, mountd, lockd).
  • Performance system tuning (top, vmstat, iostate).
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining TCP/IP, Apache HTTP/S, Tomcat, SMTP, and DNS applications.
  • Build Servers, fix network connectivity issues and apply OS patches.
  • Configuring and maintaining Samba servers to provide access to UNIX home directories and printers on Windows platforms.
  • Installing ESXI 5.5 on Dell and HP servers performed physical to virtual migrations.

Linux System Administrator

Confidential, Coppell Texas


  • Build and deploy RHEL 6/7/8 to the network: OS installation and configuration- standard and advanced using Kickstart.
  • Manage network, Firewall, and routing configuration on RHEL 7, 8 hosts
  • Manage the system time and configure NTP on all new build servers.
  • Task automation using ansible (ad-hoc, playbook).
  • Configure sudoers and Selinux (Enforcing and Permissive mode)
  • Connect Linux systems to Single Sign-on LDAP Server.
  • Perform file system management using LVM and system performance in RHEL 6/7.
  • Installation and configure Apache HTTPD, HTTPS MySQL, PostgreSQL, NFS, SMB, NTP.
  • Perform backup using the archive, compress, unpack and uncompressed files using tar and gzip commands.
  • Install and administer patches and updates to help improve performance.
  • Manage users' accounts and security.
  • Experience working with Gitlab, Jenkins, SonarQube, and Nexus.
  • Perform security vulnerability scan using Nessus
  • Expose to using Splunk for log management
  • Create and manage Access Control List (ACL) for users and groups.
  • Install and update software packages from Red Hat Network and Satellite, remove repository or local file system using YUM or RPM.
  • Supporting customer-facing and internal applications.
  • Monitor, submit tickets using Jira Ticket; assign and communicate, as required.
  • Participate in rotating on-call support duties.

Linux System Admin



  • Responsible for complete user management, creating, renewing, and deactivating accounts.
  • Resolving issues with OS installs. Deploying kick start file to accommodate automated installs.
  • Building and provisioning of RHEL servers using an automated approach with PXE boot and custom kick start files.
  • Installing and Configuring Red Hat Cluster software.
  • Securing Linux system by updating firewalls and enable only required services.
  • Working with LVM, extending file system, and attaching the storage to VMs.
  • Upgrading packages by working on RPM and YUM and do patching wherever it is required.
  • Working with Amazon Web services for cloud computing.
  • Setting up NFS and Autofs for mounting the resources.
  • Creating and extending files system such as etx3, ext4, XFS
  • Monitoring system performance by using top, iostat.
  • Installed puppet master to keep in sync configurations on running agents.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting network-related issues.
  • Building virtual servers using ESXI 5.5.
  • Working in vCenter and using vMotion to perform hot migration of live VMs from one host to another.
  • Migrating hosts between ESXi servers.
  • Performing Physical bare metal to VM conversions.
  • Creating and cloning VMs.
  • Configuring and maintaining SAMBA servers for providing access to printers and
  • Windows platform.
  • Performing system installation using PXE Boot with Kick start and raking, stacking, and cabling systems in the data center.
  • Keeping track of system inventory and deleting data from servers.
  • Responsible for Package management by installing upgrading the required packages.
  • Monitoring the health of the system and provide support when a system becomes sluggish.
  • Responsible for Disk management.
  • Working with Vendors to replace server parts and ordering new hardware.

Tech Support Engineer



  • Imaged Windows 7 and Windows 10 onto desktops and laptops.
  • Helped with the transition from AVG antivirus to Webroot Antivirus.
  • Interacted with end-users through Outlook email, GoToMeeting, and VOIP.
  • Manages and develops policies and procedures governing how to troubleshoot IT issues, including identification, documentation, distribution, and resolution. Manages user account information, including rights, security, and systems groups.
  • Documented all of my work and problem solving using an internal ticketing system.
  • Installed Office Professional Pro 2013, Visio Pro 2013, Project Pro 2013, SQL Server.

HelpDesk Support



  • Hands-on technical and functional assistance to business and technical users remote technical and functional assistance to business and technical users.
  • Setup and configure desktop computers for delivery to agency end-users in local offices across the state.
  • Worked on projects as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Responded to incoming telephone or email inquiries for assistance.

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