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Cloud Engineer / Aws / System Admin Resume


  • A self - motivated cloud Engineer offering 6 years of comprehensive experience in Aws, Azure, Linux and Windows, with proficiency in several distributions of Linux ( Red hat, Centos) and AWS services ( VPC, VPN, EC2, S3, RDS, ROUTE53, Redis, cloud watch, AWS Systems Manager etc.)


Containerization: AWS ECS, AWS EKS, Docker, Kubernetes.

Security: AWS Guard Duty, AWS Shield, AWS Inspector, etc. .

Programming Languages: Bash, Shell, Python .

Identity and Access Management: AWS Organization, AWS IAM, Active Directory, OKTA, AWS Workspaces, Aws Secrets Manager, etc. .

Self Service: Service Catalog

Image and Patching: AWS SSM Patch manager, AWS Golden AMI PIPELINE, jFrog, Update, Yum repo list, Rpm, Quay .

AWS Platform: VPN, VPC, Route53, Route53 Resolver, EC2, ELB, AWS CloudFormation, AWS LAMBDA, AWS System Manager, S3, RDS, SNS, SQS, SES, CloudFront, AWS Auto scaling, CloudWatch.

Governance and Compliance: AWS Config Rules, AWS Organization, AWS Trusted Advisor, AWS Well Architected Tool, AWS Budgets, AWS License Manager, etc. .

Communication: Confluence, jara Atlassian.

Database: DynamoDB, MongoDB MYSQL, Amazon Aurora .

Migration: Database Migration Service, Server Migration Service, Cloud Endure, CART .

Data Protection: AWS Certificate Manager, AWS KMS, Snapshot Lifecycle Manager, AWS Cloud HSM .

Application Delivery: GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Circles CI, AWS Code Deploy, AWS Code Pipeline, AWS Code Commit.



Cloud Engineer / AWS / System Admin


  • Configured CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins integrated with Nexus for antifactory and SonarQube for Code quality check. Pipeline was triggered by GitHub webhook.
  • Implemented security best practice in AWS and Linux including multi-factor authentication, access key rotation, role-based permission, enforced strong password, S3 Bucket policies and ACLs, configured security groups and NACLs etc. .
  • Installation and configuration of LINUX? UNIX servers using kickstart, live upgrade, Ansible. I also build AWS, Azure and Windows from scratch.
  • Excellent experience supporting red hat 6,7, and 8 in DEV, TEST and Production environment. I have experience using IAM, AMI, Nat, NET Gateway, S3, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, VNET, Veeam Backup, VPN and proxy server appliance .
  • Part of a team that migrated databases and servers from on-prem to the cloud using DMS and Cloud Endure.
  • Monitored end-to-end infrastructure using CloudWatch integrated with SNS for notification.
  • Used Ansible for configuration.
  • Setup new AWS Organization from scratch, with preventive and detective guardrails
  • Architect Static website to host a one-time event or in a disaster recovery scenario by leveraging Route53.
  • Architect a secure infrastructure with client VPN Endpoint to allow users to access resources in AWS.
  • Leverage Kubernetes for docker container orchestration.
  • Migrated Docker images from Quay to jFrog.
  • Automated the process of monitoring instances by leveraging Lambda that monitors instances that did not compile with company standard with company standard and sending weekly notification for remediation.
  • Conducted regular monthly cleanup of unused resources in lower and higher environment.
  • Managed provisioning of AWS infrastructures using Terraform, CloudFormation and Ansible.
  • Troubleshoot performance, networking connectivity and related issue.
  • Migrated and rebuilt the entire server infrastructure from a collocation datacenter to Azure Cloud.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing standards around apps and infrastructure built in AZURE cloud.
  • Maintain ongoing relationship with technical contacts of Key Enterprise accounts.
  • Collaborate with Engineering, Sales, Operations, Marketing and Product Development teams, to manage customer expectations of technical solutions and future service requirement.
  • Integrate qualifying and evaluating tools/resources into opportunity lifecycle.
  • Configured and Managed Firewall/iptables.
  • Configured and managed Apache Web Service.


Cloud Engineer/ AWS Engineer / System Admin


  • Implemented SCP that restricted AwS’s service to a selected list of regions.
  • Designed for high availability and business continuity using self -healing-based architectures, fail -over routing policies, multi -AZ deployment of EC2 instances, ELB health checks, Auto Scaling, and other disaster recovery models.
  • Conducted regular monthly cleanup of unused resources in a lower and higher environment.
  • Optimized cost through reserved instances, selection, and changing of EC2 instance types based on resources need, S3 Storage classes and S3 lifecycle policies, leveraging Autoscaling, etc.
  • Provision secured resources in VPC subnets with security groups and NACLs using Terraform.
  • Contribute to RFP, RFI and tender requests with engineering/design specifications, product and services descriptions.
  • Deliver network architecture drawings/diagrams and equipment CAPEX for qualified sales opportunities.
  • Microsoft Visio software proficiency is an asset.
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with technical contacts Key Enterprise accounts.
  • Owner of Managed services during the implementation phase and post -implementation support.
  • Provide coaching with Managed Services products and other products developments.
  • Build and configured Linux servers from scratch with type one hypervisors for virtualization and network components.
  • Performed package management, system updates using yum and rpm .
  • Shell scripting and task automation by creating cron jobs.
  • Maintained server integrity by applying updates and patches per our maintenance policies.
  • Collaborate with other departments and teams to ensure a smooth delivery.
  • Supports the Enterprise sales team by acting as a technology liaison with the customer in a pre-sale support capacity.
  • Develop value-add technology solutions with network services for potential customers.
  • Leveraged Docker to build, test and deploy applications in different environments.
  • Used Jira to plan, track, support and close requests, tickets and incidents.
  • Implemented IAM best practices and role-based access control.
  • Designed secure, cost-optimized, highly available and fault-tolerant architecture.
  • Integrated Git-Leaks scan for all project repositories.
  • Tagged AWS resources and developed a methodological standard for tagging of individual resources for audit, tracking, and cost analysis.


AWS Engineer/ System Admin


  • Leveraged EC2 lifecycle Manager to create snapshots of EBS Volumes on scheduled intervals for backup and define a retention period as a cost-saving.
  • Setup and configured logs and files for detail monitoring and alerts notification in Splunk.
  • Configured lifecycle configuration rules on an S3 bucket to move data between S3 storage classes for easy accessibility, archiving and or cost optimization.
  • Automated the process of deleting empty log streams and notifying for log group with never expire tags.
  • Used AWS system manager to automate operational tasks across AWS resources.
  • Advocate directly for client needs and interest while working to ensure best practice support.
  • Identify and define client needs and apply them to technical standards.
  • Controlled access to files and directories using ACL permissions.
  • Capture conceptual design of access, transport, data, voice and video network architectures that meet customer requirements.
  • Various other duties as required.
  • Monitoring from end-to-end view of runtime systems CPU, Bandwidth, disk space, and log files using New Relic.

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