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Full - Stack Api Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


Accomplished senior information technology professional with a successful career in leading and executing software solutions in multiple industry sectors. I have a proven history establishing and cultivating relationships with executives and key business stakeholders. I have extensive experience delivering successful software solutions to corporate departments and can tackle complex technical challenges on any corporate enterprise architecture. Over 20 years of experience in full stack software development experience, with rich user interface design and backend development. Google Cloud (GCP): Google Cloud Platform, Mulesoft, Apigee, Apickli, Open API


Web Frameworks: MEAN/MERN/MEVN Stack, NPM, Hyperledger Fabric, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Java Struts, jQuery, Angular.js, Backbone.js, React.js, Express.js, VueJS, Twillio, Wiremock, React Native, Sails.jsAuthentication Technologies OAuth2, SAML, Okta, SiteMinder, Kerberos, JWT, OpenID

Technologies: C#/.NET/MVC, Java, Python, Golang, Scala, PHP, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, Agile/SCRUM, PowerShell, RAML/JSON/XML

AWS Cloud: Route53, EC2, CloudFront, Cloud Formation, VPC, Gateway, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Docker, AWS Secret Manager, Fargate, DynamoDB, RDS, ElastiCache, Load Balancer

Azure Cloud: Traffic Manager, Virtual Machines, Web Apps, CDN, DocumentDB, MSSQL, MySQL, Redis Cache, Load Balancer

Tools: JetBrains, JSfiddle, Brackets, Sublime, Postman, Swagger, Splunk, Microsoft Visual Code, Android Studio and Xcode

CI/CD: GIT, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, CircleCi, Groovy, Terraform, Vagrant, Puppet, Apickli, Chef, Kubernetes, Bamboo, Gulp


Full - Stack API Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • I designed and built that allows sales representatives to track sale leads using the Salesforce Integration API.
  • This application allows sales reps to better understand sales leads according to specific criteria and information, such as customer demographics to gain deeper insights into how sales reps can drive greater qualified leads and nurture leads down the funnel and into the sales pipe.
  • The application incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies, thus allowing engagement of all kinds to be monitored and analyzed in real-time so campaigns can be created and modified at any time.
  • The platform architecture consists of a front-end using Angular 8 using the MEAN stack.
  • The backend uses Python and Salesforce to provide RESTful Web Service API endpoints used by the frontend and other third-party vendors.
  • I also architected and implemented the continuous deployment architecture in AWS cloud using Docker containers for both front-end and back-end application portions of the application. Implemented a Jenkins pipeline architecture along with Sonatype Nexus as the repository manager for the deployment of the application containers to the environment tiers.
  • Currently in the process of implementing Kubernetes for the container orchestration system for automating application deployment for scaling and better management features.

API Integration Developer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Worked as the application architect to provide Apigee solution providing possible use cases and creating OpenAPI specs for proxies.
  • Implemented proper fault handling using Fault Rules and logged the events into Splunk (HTTP and TCP).
  • Implementing Caching for performance which included Response Caching or internal configuration fetch or external fetch calls using Populate and Lookup Caching policies.
  • Created practices to externalize the configuration properties using Key Value Maps.
  • Implemented security policies like AccessControl and Threat Protections policies and also implemented OAuth2 with Okta as identity provider. I have also implemented Mutual TLS authentication between client to Apigee and Apigee to target systems.
  • Implemented Spikes and Quota for Traffic Management.
  • Implemented Encoding/Decoding and Encryption/Decryptions using JavaCallouts.
  • Implemented mocking for testing and performance using Wiremock and also created Jmeter test cases for automation purposes.
  • Performance tuning of Apigee proxies using effective asynchronous flow and following best practices.
  • Implemented XMLtoJSON and JSONtoXML conversion policies along with JavaScript and Java callouts for request/response mediation purposes.

Full-Stack API Engineer

Confidential, Daytona Beach, FL


  • Built an API back-end and CMS front-end for a product called Engage360 which is one part of a senior living enterprise platform called Sentrics360.
  • Engage360 solution utilizes a sophisticated communications and applications environment that connects the elderly within their community, their families, and their healthcare ecosystem.
  • Architected and Implemented the Engage360 API back-end utilizing Node.js, Express, MongoDB, JWT.
  • Used Swagger to document the API to be highly secure and scalable to process bulk requests.
  • Built a two-layer security configuration for authentication to properly manage exceptions.
  • Implemented a Kanban like analytic tool to monitor the server utilization to avoid unexpected server fail issues.
  • Developed a front-end that conforms the Section 508 technical standards. It provides users to make crud calls to the Engage360 API backend using React.js, Redux, Material Design for React, Docker, AWS Fargate and GitHub.


Confidential, New York, NY


  • Setup a Hyperledger Fabric and Fabric SDK on EC2 servers for the development team and architected and implemented an IoT Blockchain solution integrate to our IoT management platform.
  • I prototyped a Blockchain app that utilized Hyperledger Fabric for the creation of an IoT Asset Management Systems (PoC) interface.
  • Utilized Insite Commerce 4.5 for the B2B commerce integration used Insite Commerce API for storefront account core business logic and site-specific rules.
  • Deployed a multi-tier web application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using automation and orchestration tools OpsWorks eventually switched over to Terraform and Chef.
  • Proficient in AWS services like VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, AWS Lambda, AutoScalingGroups (ASG), EBS, RDS, DynamoDB, IAM. Implemented DNS through Route 53 to allow for high availability and scalability.
  • Created and configured elastic load balancers and auto scaling groups to distribute the traffic and to have a cost efficient, fault tolerant and highly available environments. Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Node.js.
  • Created multiple VPC’s and public, private subnets and distributed them as groups into various availability zones of the VPC.
  • Created S3 buckets in the AWS environment to store Android Package (APK) mobile apps and middleware packages.
  • Responsible for setting up GIT and CI/CD process implementation using CircleCi along with scripts to automate routine jobs in Terraform, Chef, Puppet.

Technology Stack: AWS (EC2, VPC, ELB, S3, EBS, RDS, Route53, ELB, AWS Auto Scaling, Elastic BeanStalk), GIT, SQL, Jira, AWS CLI, Unix/Linux.

API Technical Consultant

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • API Traffic Management (Spike arrest, Quota and response cache).
  • Implemented XMLtoJSON - JSONtoXML conversion policies with JavaScript and Java callouts request/response mediation.
  • API Mashup Orchestrated Microservices in Apigee to complete business operation.
  • Request/ Response Mediation.
  • OAuth2, API Key Security.
  • Write Apickli test cases for APIs.
  • Develop API Mocks as required.
  • Review APIs developed by other developers in team.

Technology Stack: Google Cloud (GCP), Node.js, Microservices, React Native, React Redux, Java Spring Boot, Scala Play, Golang, Apigee, Mulesoft, Docker, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Apickli, OpenAPI, OAuth2, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.


Confidential, New York, NY


  • I designed and implemented the API backend using Node.js, JS Type: es2015, Express Framework used for RESTful routes v4.14, Socket.io used for RTC v1.7, and used Swagger to document the API. The Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.
  • I used Mongoose as the ORM and for database management. Mongoose adds a schema to the MongoDB objects. MongoDB instance runs our database on MLab.com inside Heroku platform for all our deployment tiers.
  • Developed the frontend web application with Section 508 technical standards written in React Native and Redux that communicates with the Node server via Restful API. React Native and Redux combination provides the extremely fast and rich UI experience along with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and Qt prototyping features. Material Design is used for responsive UI so that user experience should be same on different TV screen sizes.
  • Utilized Confidential .com for video and audio call, SMS, chat tools.
  • Confidential allows to use a simple, RESTful interface to make the communication with our API. Used the Confidential Node.js libraries that provides our API voice and video and integrated with the account Id and authentication token.
  • Using Raspberry PI3 Model B devices that are connected to HDTV with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) features built in to allow the switching of the HDMI ports based upon the communication calls developed in both Python and Golang.

API Solutions Engineer

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Architected an Microservice RESTful API architecture using Node.js and Java Spring Boot and Apigee API management platform including Edge and BaaS.
  • Developed the Consumer and Publisher portal applications built using the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular 4, Node.js and HTML5/CSS/JavaScript).
  • Initially deployed the NoSQL database using MongoDB on a virtual Ubuntu server hosted on the Azure Cloud that I ported over to an Azure DocumentDB NoSQL database.
  • Designed and configured Azure Virtual Networks (VNets), subnets, Azure network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, and security policies and routing.
  • Documented Swagger/RAML definition documents via Swagger Editor to standardize the way RESTful interfaces are defined.
  • Implemented an automated development environment and continuous integration workflow using NPM, Bower, and Grunt.
  • Implemented and configured Atlassian JIRA, Bitbucket, GitHub, and unit testing to our development environment.
  • Installed and setup the EMS Software Licensing software with an MSSQL database which I deployed on a virtual Windows Server 2016 on Azure Cloud.

Senior Solutions Engineer

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Project manager directing programmers and technical support staff for the re-architecture, redesign and deployment of corporate Internet.
  • The Siebert website supports retail customers with online trading in a multi-site architecture.
  • The website is located at Sungard centers with bi-coastal locations and active website failover. The servers are connected together at SunGard VNet private high-speed network and are integrated to Confidential LLC clearing agent with dual T1 lines. This required extensive and detailed planning due to bi-coastal synchronization with SQL Server peer-to-peer replication.
  • Developed a suite of content management Intranet applications that allowed departments to manage their content.
  • These content management applications include web publisher and website caching services to publish all corporate information throughout the company's web portal. Some applications resided in Azure Cloud that were integrated to third-party vendor platforms. All these applications Involved in the full life cycle software design process including, requirements definition, prototyping, and proof of concept, design, interface implementation, unit testing and maintenance.
  • Developed CRUD applications with ASP.NET Framework 4.5 Web API and Angular.js templates and controllers.
  • Built some applications with React Native applications and JSX from .Net C# 4.5 specifically on ASP.NET MVC on Linux via Mono using Web apps on the company Azure Cloud account.
  • Build some CRUD applications on our SQL Server using Node.js. Built ASP.NET Framework C# 4.5 to create Web Services based on XML, SOAP, WSDL, HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, Entity Framework, and SharePoint.

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