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Devops/azure Cloud Engineer Resume

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Louisville, KY


  • Over 5+ years of experience in IT sector in build engineering and release management process, Configuration Management, building and deploying applications by adopting DevOps practices such asContinuous development, Continuous Integration (CI)andContinuous Deployment (CD) in runtime with various tools likeGit, Maven, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Kubernetesand managing cloud services withAzure.
  • Excellent understanding of SDLC Methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Jira & Waterfall models.
  • Work experience on Auto - scaling, CloudWatch (monitoring), AWS Elastic Beanstalk (app deployments), Amazon S3 (storage) and Amazon EBS (persistent disk storage).
  • Significant experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and with teh configuration of various Amazon products like Amazon EC2, ECS, EKS, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Amazon S3, VPC, IAM, SES, SNS, Amazon Cloud Watch, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Cloud Formation etc.
  • Strong Experience on AWS platform and its dimensions of scalability including VPC, EC2, ELB, S3, and EBS, ROUTE 53.
  • Experience in deploying infrastructure as a code in AWS using Terraform, CloudFormation and AWS SDK’s like node.js & PowerShell.
  • Well used and experience in deploying teh code through web application servers likeWeb Sphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat.
  • Tested completely rebuilt infrastructure to move sleepnumber.com eCommerce website from static hosting in Rackspace to containerized infrastructure-as-code maintained in AWS utilizing automation tools and frameworks like Ansible, Terraform, Nomad, Consul and Kubernetes.
  • Experience in creating Task definitions, which specifies teh tasks, Resource allocation (Fargate), services and docker image on which application is built for Elastic Container Service and ALB.
  • Experience in dealing with Windows Azure IaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Resource Groups, Express Route, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling, and Traffic Manager.
  • Experience in assigning theazureservices on locations specific to integrate with web-apps and key-vaults.
  • Experience in Architecting and Implementing Azure Service Offering, such as Azure cloud services, Azure storage, Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Azure VMs, SQL Database, Azure Functions, Azure Monitor.
  • Hands on experience on Backup and restore Azure services and in Design and configure Azure Virtual Networks (VNets), subnets, Azure network settings, DNS settings, security policies and routing. Azure cloud services, Blob storage, Active directory, Cosmos DB and Azure EventHub.
  • Experience in writing Shared Libraries for Azure Services using Groovy.
  • Expertise in Azure Scalability and Azure Availability - Build VMs availability sets using teh Azure portal to provide resiliency for IaaS based solution and Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to manage network traffic.
  • Implemented Team Fountain Server (TFS) as Version Management for Microsoft Technologies.
  • Experience in migrating on-premises applications to Azure and configured VNETs and subnets as per teh project requirement also performed PowerShell scripting to do Patching, Imaging, and Deployment in Azure.
  • Knowledge of Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup Installed and Configured teh Azure Backup agent and virtual machine backup, Enabled Azure Virtual machine backup from teh Vault and configured teh Azure Site Recovery (ASR).
  • Worked with Terraform key features such as Infrastructure as code, Execution plans, Resource Graphs, Change Automation and extensively used Auto scaling launch configuration templates for launching amazon EC2 instances while deploying Microservices.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins in both cloud and on-premises with GIT, MS Build, Docker, Maven along with Jenkins plugins.
  • Expertise in teh Jenkins plugin management areas and implemented several CI/CD plugins like AWS EC2, build pipeline,Docker, GIT, JUnit and pipeline plugins.
  • Strong working experience in Shell Script, JIRA, Code Coverage, Maven, Gradle, Build and Release management, Change Management, Process Engineering, Application Packaging and Web Programming.
  • Strong noledge on source controller concepts like Branches, Merges and Tags.
  • Experience in integrating cloud services into DevOps framework (GitHub, Jenkins) which enables API request to provision and configure infrastructure through infrastructure as code.
  • Exposure to teh automation on both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Good working experience on several prototype projects involving clustered container orchestration and management. Contributed a MySQL cluster application to teh Kubernetes project.
  • UsedKubernetesto orchestrate teh deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Working noledge in maintaining different source code repositories in VSS (Visual Source Safe), merging and branching out from existing code repositories as needed.


Programming Languages: MuleSoft, Java/J2EE, Python, SQL

Cloud: Azure, AWS, GCP

Source Control/Versioning: SVN, GIT

CI Tools: Chef, Docker, Ansible

Build Tools: Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, Nexus, SonarQube

Web Servers: Web logic 8/9, WebSphere 5.x,6.x/7.x/8.x, IBM HTTP, Apache Tomcat 5.x/7.x, Kafka.

OS: Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mac OS X, Windows

Scripting: Shell scripting, Groovy, Power shell, BASH, Terraform, ARM Templates (JSON), YAML

Tools: & Environment: VSCode, JFrog Artifactory, Visual Studio 2019, Azure Data Studio, Azure Storage Explorer, TFS, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware 6, Azure Monitor, Kafka, Any-point platform, Run-time Fabric (RTF), EC2, Toad, Putty, JIRA, Red hat OpenShift, Cron Jobs, OpenSSH, Postman.


Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA

Infrastructure Monitoring Tools: Nagios, New Relic, Wily, AppDynamics, Azure Monitor

Business Tools: MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point), MS Visio (UML, Flow Charts, Use Cases, Activity diagrams, Sequence diagrams


Confidential, Louisville, KY

DevOps/Azure Cloud Engineer


  • Migration Project from Google Cloud GCP to Azure.
  • Responsible for creating teh deployment pipelines using Azure DevOps.
  • Deploying MuleSoft Applications in Run-time Fabric (RTF) - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Wrote PowerShell scripting for task automation and to schedule tasks, responsible for creating teh deployment pipelines using Azure DevOps and Deploying MuleSoft Applications in AKS.
  • Implementing various resources in Azure using Azure Portal, PowerShell on Azure Resource Manager deployment models. Experience deploying Infrastructure as Code (IoC) applications using ARM Templates and Terraform.
  • Cherry-pick, Branching, Tagging, Release Activities on GIT.
  • Integrating and performing Glapi Security Tasks and monitoring teh applications using Azure Monitor.
  • Changing and updating teh keys using Key vault.

Environment: Azure DevOps, CI/CD, Git, Any Point Platform, Kafka, ARM Templates, Terraform, Azure monitor, Run-time fabric (RTF), Kubernetes.

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

DevOps/Cloud Engineer


  • Having experience on writing shared libraries for Azure Services (Storage Account, SQL DB, Synapse, Key vault EventHub, LUIS (Authorization and Prediction) ADF).
  • Configuring and deploying solutions on Microsoft Azure using ARM Templates, Azure PowerShell Module and, Azure CLI focusing on high - availability and auto-scaling.
  • Worked on Windows Azure IaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, ARM Templates, Resource Groups, Traffic Manager, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling and Implemented high availability with Azure Resource Manager deployment models along with Azure Cloud Services (PaaS, IaaS), Azure Infrastructure management.
  • Created pipeline for SQL Scripts deployment using Visual Studio 2019 project also Configured SQL Server scheduled backups for TFS data tier.
  • Once teh code checkout in teh Source Control, teh CI Job will trigger and Saves teh code in Artifactory with teh version number.
  • Database creation (DDL, DML, DCL), database tuning, SQL tuning, performance planning.
  • Worked with different teams to manage Azure SQL server DB deployment & managed teh continues integration & continues deployment.
  • Configured Azure Multi-Factor Autantication (MFA) as a part of Azure AD Premium to securely autanticate users and worked on creating custom Azure templates for quick deployments and advanced PowerShell scripting. Deployed Azure SQL DB with GEO Replication, Azure SQL DB Sync to standby database in another region & Fail over configuration.
  • Created Azure Automation Assets, Graphical runbook, PowerShell runbook dat will automate specific tasks, deployed Azure AD Connect, configuring ADFS installation using Azure AD Connect, and involved in administrative tasks dat include Build, Design, Deploy of Azure environment.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to teh Docker registry and tan deployed to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), Created Pods and managed using Azure Kubernetes.
  • Managed Azure Infrastructure Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Virtual Machine Backup and Recover from a Recovery Services Vault using Azure PowerShell and Azure Portal.
  • Written Templates for Azure Infrastructure as code using Jenkins to build staging and production environments. Integrated Azure Log Analytics with Azure VMs for monitoring teh log files, store them and track metrics and used Terraform as a tool, Managed different infrastructure resources Cloud, VMware, and Docker containers.

Environment: Linux, Windows, Azure (Storage Account, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), ADLS Gen2, ADF, EventHub, ARM Templates, Azure CLI, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Log Analytics, SQL DB, Synapse), LUIS, GIT, Jira, Jenkins, Maven, JFrog Artifactory.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

DevOps / Level - III Support Engineer


  • Worked as a Build/Release/Deployment/Operations (DevOps) Engineer with good understanding of teh principals.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day Subversion/GIT support for different projects and Responsible for design and maintenance of teh Subversion/GIT Repositories, views, and teh access control strategies.
  • Create and Maintain nightly builds, hot-fix builds/branches, custom and private builds.
  • Used Kafka to collect Website activity and Stream processing.
  • Worked on teh connectivity and Firewall issues for teh installation and connectivity of teh tools. Involved in teh troubleshooting teh servers.
  • Regular Build jobs are initiated using teh CI (Continuous Integration) tool with Jenkins.
  • Responsible for distributed applications across hybrid AWS and physical data centers.
  • Used AWS services such as IAM, route 53, EC2, EBS, AMI, Auto scaling, VPC, Load balancer, RDS, VPC, ECS, Cloud watch, Cloud formation, SNS, etc.
  • Storage on AWS EBS, S3 and Glacier and automate sync data to Glacier. Databases services on AWS like RDS, Dynamo DB, Cloud front, Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Responsible for taking teh source code and compiling using Maven and package it in its distributable format such as JAR, WAR and EAR and deploying them in teh WebSphere application server.
  • Maintenance/Automation of AWS infrastructure using CFT, Terraforms, Lambda.
  • Managing all teh microservices infrastructure with OpenShift and using Multi-Factor Autantication (MFA) in AWS.
  • Perform deployments to multiple environments in Testing, staging and production environments and configure jobs for generating project artifacts.
  • Experience in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Monitoring of applications, servers, doing capacity planning with teh help of Nagios for managing logs to notify teh incident management system upon reaching or exceeding teh threshold limits
  • Creating, Utilizing, Managing Policies and Glacier storage in S3 buckets on AWS.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to teh Docker registry and tan deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Configured AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) groups and users for improved login autantication.
  • Coordinate release activities with Project Management, QA, Release Management and Web Development teams to ensure a smooth and trouble-free roll out of releases.

Environment: Linux, Windows, OpenShift, ECS, GIT, Jira, Jenkins, Maven, Terraform, AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Glacier, AWS IAM, Kafka, WebSphere Server 6.x/7.x/8.x, Artifact, IAM

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

DevOps (Build/Release) Engineer


  • Involved in DevOps migration/automation processes for build and deploy systems.
  • Installed and configuredWebSphere Application ServerNetwork Deployment, Express,6.1/6.0onLinux, Windows.
  • Managed and optimize teh Continuous Delivery tools likeJenkins.
  • Responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance of J2EE applications onTomcat, WebSphere Application Serverin a multi clustered high availability environments.
  • Much experienced in providing HA solutions for WebSphere MQ infrastructure using Queue, Hardware clustering.
  • Knowledge of installation and configuration ofHTTP servers, DB2,andWebSphere Edge Componentsand good understanding of howWebSphere Portal and WebSphere application serverfits into an overallSOA architecture.
  • Administered a complexSOAbasedWASandWebSphere portal Serverenvironment and responsible for maintenance, configuration, performance tuning, deployment and troubleshooting of WAS and Java Code Issues WebSphere Portal Server onLinuxplatform.
  • Configured and administeredJDBC providers,JMS providers,Connection Poolingand alsodefining scope levelfrom Admin console.
  • Worked closely with developers to define and configure Application Servers,Virtual Hosts, web applications, Servlets, JDBC driversandServlet Engines.
  • Experience is usingTomcat, WebLogic and WebSphere Applicationservers for deployments.
  • Also worked on Apache Kafka for messaging system and spark for processing large sets of data.
  • Monitored for Applicationcore dumps or forcedthread dumpsto check for system objects usingthread analyzer.
  • Installed cumulativefix packsfor WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.
  • Monitored UAT/Production Environments and provided 24/7 production support for any down time issues.
  • Evolved new tools/methodologies to improve dis existing process and show better results to all stakeholders.
  • Supported teh code builds by integrating with continuous integration tool (Jenkins).
  • Configured and maintained codebase to support teh build and deployment of code on servers.
  • Maintain a Live Like environment to test any production issues on teh setup and push it into production.
  • Worked on variousDockercomponents likeDockerEngine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry.
  • Associated in implementing SonarQube code quality checks.

Environment: IBM Web Sphere Application Server 6.x, WebSphere MQ server 5.x/6.x, Apache Tomcat, IBM HTTP Servers, SSO, Jenkins, JIRA, Kafka, SonarQube, Docker, Git, Shell Scripting, UNIX/Linux.


Software (Build/Release) Engineer


  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to teh agile process.
  • Managed and optimize teh Continuous Delivery tools like Jenkins.
  • Install, Configure, Administer Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using Maven as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Branching, Tagging, Release Activities on Version Control Tool GIT.
  • Automated deployment of builds to different environments using Jenkins.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated teh whole process.
  • Designed a system using Kafka to auto - scale teh backend servers based on teh events throughput.
  • Code Coverage-Installed SONAR on Jenkins server and configure with teh build process for teh code analysis process for better code quality and code metrics, and rapid feedback for development teams and managers.
  • Worked on creating teh Docker Files to build teh customized Images.
  • Developed build and deployment processes for Pre-production environments.
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins CI tool on Linux machines.
  • Associated in implementing SonarQube code quality checks.
  • Integrated Jenkins with code quality analysis and Review tools like SonarQube.
  • Used Jira as ticket tracking and workflow tool.

Environment: Java/J2EE, Python, Shell Script, Git, Maven, Jenkins, Kafka, LINUX, Docker Swarm.

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