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Senior Systems Consultant Resume Profile

West Redding, CT


My career in stock market investments dates back to 1963, when I was a Senior at Rensselaer. Over the years I concentrated on midcap companies with substantial growth potential, leading edge technology, and atleast a 20 profit margin. Investments included Microsoft, Oracle, and Intel. I owned and managed a condominium unit in New Milford, CT during the years 1983 2000. The work included securing tenants, maintaining appliances, updating leases, collection of rent, paying taxes, calculating profit and loss statements, etc. Also performed design, HTML programming, and implementation of websites related to real estate brokerage. Work included digital photography, historic research, creation of promotional text related to towns, homes, advertising, etc. Independent sales agent in residential real estate-- obtaining listings, estimating home values, showing homes, negotiating for buyers and sellers, etc.

Professional Summary


President and Senior Systems Consultant

Performed Year 2000 project planning, program modification, and system testing of systems used to service employee stock option plans offered by client companies. Instrumental in determining the project scope and insuring that the system remediation was completed successfully and on time. Utilized skills in Access, CICS, JCL, COBOL II, VSAM, and MVS File Aid. A total of 800 programs were reviewed. Medicom Claims Processing System CIGNA 7/97 - 3/98 Bloomfield, CT Performed analysis, programming, data conversion, and testing of the Medicom Claims Processing and the Margin and Interest Financial Systems as part of the CIGNA Year 2000 Remediation Project. Instrumental in creating skeleton programs for file conversion. Updated 50 application programs and converted numerous files. Utilized skills in CICS, DB2, QMF, JCL, COBOL II, VSAM, and EZTRIEVE.


Designed and programmed conversion-edit programs for use in creating a Sales/Returns Transaction File within the POS/Settlement System of the Retail Finance Division of GE Capital. The modules validate Client, Store of Sale, and Discount Rate data. Exception conditions are reported and the sum of sales, returns, and network access fees are balanced to batch control totals to accept/reject client files for load to a data warehouse. System utilizes CICS, IDMS, COBOL II, and JCL.


Analyzed the system for accuracy and consistency in reporting sales commissions and bonuses. Created Control Total Reports, Payment Summary Reports, and DB2 Test Data Extracts for comparing payroll vs sales reported compensation payments. Corrected program errors related to commission computation and retrieval of invoice data. Utilized COBOL II, DB2, and QMF.


Completed a Year 2000 Upgrade project to review existing databases and application modules of a Sundry Billing System and to make changes necessary to operate the system beyond the year 1999. Project served as a pilot to develop a standard Millennium Review Procedure for analysis and replacement or upgrade of all systems in the company. I prepared a Millennium Migration Plan and Conversion Checklist for that purpose. The Sundry Billing System utilizes DB2, QMF, CICS, Natural, PL/1, VSAM, and MVS JCL software.


Analysis and programming of systems related to the payroll, tax withholding, personnel, benefits, and insurance claims functions. Utilizing IMS, CICS, DB2, COBOL II, VSAM, and FOCUS skills. Investment Analysis System Prodigy 6/93 - 10/95 White Plains, NY Designed and programmed a proprietary PC based system, using client/server architecture, for maintenance and reporting of investment portfolios. Investments are categorized by type of asset, relative size of investment, and degree of risk. Portfolios are categorized by manager, owner, and tax status. Utilized POWERBUILDER and Sybase. Economic Profit Loss Systems Spear-Leeds-Kellogg 01/95 - 09/95 New York, NY Designed and programmed enhancements to back office brokerage systems including conversion from a five day settlement to a three day. Also Programmed a Sec 13-F Compliance Reporting System.


Designed and programmed enhancements to the Clairol Product Distribution System, used for fulfillment and analysis of all customer purchase orders for Clairol Products nationwide. Orders are tracked by Product Division, Product Group, and Distribution Center. Utilized CICS, COBOL II, VSAM, and File Aid. Residential Mortgage Systems Chemical Bank 1/94 - 10/94 New York, NY Designed and programmed enhancements to the Retail and Wholesale Mortgage Systems used to service 600,000 accounts. Revisions included the following-- identification of loans requiring flood insurance, updating of processing fees, age of documentation processing, purging of inactive accounts, etc. Utilized CICS, COBOL II, VSAM.

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