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Senior Systems Engineer Resume

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  • 8+ Years of experience in the area of developing various Lotus Notes/Domino client/web based workflow applications and Groupware
  • In - depth experience in analyzing, designing, developing, administering work flow applications and web integration using Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5, 8.0, 7. 5.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x.
  • Extensively used AJAX and XML for better search mechanism in web based applications.
  • Extensively used HTML, DHTML, and CSS for web applications for better presentations and navigation.
  • Extensively used JavaScript in web applications.
  • In depth knowledge in Lotus Script and Notes Formula Language.
  • Experienced in trouble shooting and supporting the existing systems.
  • Well experienced in migration of Lotus Notes Application to the latest versions. Extensively used Teamstudio (Update Filter, Configurator, Delta) for analysis.
  • Proficiency in programming with Lotus Script, Java, Java Script, Formula, XPages, DXL, CSS, and AJAX.
  • Experience in integrating Domino solutions with Oracle, DB2, SQL and SAP using DECS, LSXLC and LEI connectors.
  • Worked on IBM technology like DomDoc, WCM and Websphere portal
  • Testing and migration of Lotus Notes/Domino Application/Databases from R4.6 to R5, R6.x to R7, R7 to R8.5
  • Over one plus year on Microsoft .net including ASP.net, C#, VB.Net, SharePoint.
  • Strong knowledge of Excel import/export and Excel based report generation in Lotus domino and intelliprint reporting tool
  • Strong knowledge of RDBMS integration using Lotus script classes with Lotus Domino
  • Have excellent co-ordination skills, have worked in large teams and have shared different responsibilities at the same time
  • Have an excellent knowledge on SDLC, and gone through all phases of the Life Cycle in the project development.
  • Have excellent Technical, Communication and Problem Solving Skills.
  • Very well in preparation of the Test Cases, Functional and Technical Specification documents.
  • Have a very good Documentation and Presentation skills.
  • Worked on Notes Upgrade Project and involved in the Notes 6.5 to Notes 8.5 upgrade project.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, excellent communication, presentation skills and a good team player.


Groupware: Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes V5.x/6.x/7/8/8.5.1, XPages

IBM Tools: Domino Document Management, Web Content Management (WCM), Web Sphere, Sametime, Lotus Connectors(LSXLC, LEI,ODBC)

Microsoft Technology: ASP. Net, C#, Share Point Portal, IIS

Programming Languages: Lotus Script, Formula, C, C++,C#, Java (Core), Visual Basic

Web Technology: Java Script, AJAX, DHTML, J2EE Struts, Web services

RDBMS: ORACLE, SQL Server 2005, DB2, MS-Access

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, CSS

Multimedia Tools: Flash, Swish, Photoshop

Operating System: Window NT/2000, 2003


Confidential, MA

Senior Systems Engineer


  • GPS in web based application developed in Lotus notes 6.5. This application automates the workflow for annual performance appraisal. Employees can enter their goal sheet and managers can rate their report’s performance in the system. The application uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, web based agents, Notes readers and authors security and automated event based, scheduled mail sending functionalities.
  • The Capital Expenditure Requisition (CER) project is developed to automate the processes involved in buying assets. Security at each level of the workflow is ensured using the Authors, Readers Fields and Roles. Scheduled agent sends reminder mail to the approvers with the CER details if it is pending for more than 5 days.
  • The Call Tracking System (CTS) is a client based application developed to enter and track the feedback (complaints, suggestions, queries etc) from the customers. Notifications with the call details are sent out at each level of the work flow using Lotus Script. Excel based reports were also developed.
  • Through the Travel management system, the employees can request for travel approval, can book the flight tickets, and make hotel/guest house reservations. On approval, the employee can claim the expense, which will be approved by the approver. Incorporated the Type Ahead feature using Ajax. Used AJAX technique to show the part of the document details without opening the full record.
  • Maintained and enhanced existing database agents using R7 and R8.5 versions of LotusScript and Formula Language, rewriting code to adhere to industry best practices where needed
  • Web enabled and enhancements existing databases using HTML and CSS for better web formatting
  • Implemented JavaScript for web data validation
  • Set security using ACL settings to allow for direct web access and to allow third party applications to access information in a secure manner
  • Modified UI to allow for Blackberry enhanced access
  • Worked with end users to provide data output and reports to MS Word and Excel
  • Modified and monitored databases using team studio, Ytria EZ and HELP Software
  • Create and manage user accounts, add new users, retire departing and maintain security for both client and web access
  • Upgraded domino servers from R7 to R8.5(.1) and applied maintenance upgrades and software patches as recommended by IBM
  • Interfaced between business and software services vendor BlueShift India for outsourced development of Recruitment Management application and HR process application
  • Maintained status of work outsourced and Managed status calls with vendors
  • Handled escalation of issues with vendors and business
  • Defined support structure for applications
  • Also conducted for regular exercises like disaster recovery tests of application and periodic access reviews with business

Environment: Lotus Domino R8.5.x, R7.x, Windows Server 2003, 32 & 64 bit, Windows XP Pro

Confidential, Syracuse, NY

System Analyst / Lead Developer


  • The eSpill system provides a repository for reporting and tracking chemical spills. All Syracuse Site employees have the ability to compose a spill report to alert Environmental Safety & Industrial Hygiene of potentially environmentally hazardous situations.
  • The eSpill is a web-based application, my responsibility in this project is to design, test and implement the system using R8.5 and I extensively used Javascript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, AJAX concepts for better and flexible user interface.
  • Users are provided with two types search options - Full text and Date range. AJAX and XML concepts are used in the search for faster data retrieval. Search results are formatted using CSS.
  • This SIRT database contains the official records for safety incidents reported for/by Confidential employees and certain temporary personnel at the Syracuse site.
  • In the event of an injury/illness, fire/explosion, or property damage event, the immediate supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the report has been initiated during the shift in which the incident occurred or was first reported. Anyone can initiate a near-miss report and submit it to EHS for review and reassignment.
  • This web-based application was developed in 8.5. Worked with the ESIH department of Confidential in requirement gathering and implementation. Extensive HTML and DHTML was used for the web design, and JavaScript for validations. Master data is configured in a separate database. Lotus Script agents are used to automate the tasks. The users have the option to generate reports in Excel
  • Syracuse eNotes contains information specific to Confidential Syracuse. It is the intent of Syracuse eNotes to provide an effective and efficient form of communication across the site, as well as reduce the quantity of email mass mailers. Once the eNotes administrator approves the eNote, it will post immediately on Syracuse eNotes and will be marked as NEW. An automated email will be sent to all employees daily at 10:00am.
  • This system uses Lotus Script scheduled agents for its effective functioning. The hourly scheduled agent determines the expired documents and the daily agent sends mails to the users. Outlook is configured in the scheduled agent for mailing.

Environment: Lotus Script, Notes Formula Language, Java Script, AJAX,XML,HTML, DHTML, CSS, Lotus Domino Designer 8.5, Windows XP

System Analyst / Lead Developer

Confidential, Pasadena, CA


  • Day Light Savings time - Created a database to aid with handling the issue of change in the Daylight Savings Time start and end dates as it affected existing calendar entries. The propose of the database was to help the server administrators coordinated the installation of a patch and to notify all end users that the mail file calendars needed to be updated. The database tracked all effected servers and the administrators that are responsible for them. An agent ran to verify that the patch was in place and then to notify all end users that the calendar entries needed to be modified. The notifications to the end users were logged as a reference tool for the support teams.
  • Change Management - Maintained and made enhancements to a validated GxP compliant database. Helped to drive the definition of new design requirements for the database. Wrote documentation to maintain the validated status of the database including SOP, User requirements, Design Specs and Test Scripts.
  • Database Registration - Processed request to have Lotus Notes databases deployed to servers, locally, regionally and globally. Enforced company standards for Lotus Notes database design to maintain good design practices. Assisted database managers with the modifications and solutions to so that the Lotus Notes database meets company standards.
  • Service ticket - Designed a secure ticketing database that allowed users to submit tickets that contained text, graphics and attachments to report a problem or request a service task to be preformed. After submission, no edits could be made to the task section to insure document integrity. An email is sent to a group of support techs based on the field values of the ticket. A task history would then be maintained allowing techs and requester to communicate back and forth via a history field, meaning that each time the document is saved any information in the history field can not be edited, just added to. There was built in work flow to allow for requesting more information from the requestor, or for support from global support techs.

Environment: Windows NT, 2000, Tools/Software: R5.x, R7.02, LotusScript, JavaScript, VBS, Formula Language.

Systems Analyst/ Lotus Developer

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA


  • Involved in gathering the requirement, analysis, design, code, test, implement and administrate various workflow applications as per business requirements. Prepare functional, technical, training documents, train the end users about the application, etc.
  • Worked in Supply Chain and CRM domain which involves Finance, Marketing, R&D, Production and Quality Audit in Energy Transmission Company.
  • Developed various financial, engineering and quality assurance applications both web and client enabled.
  • Integrated internal ERP applications with Lotus Notes using ODBC, FTP and flat files, which helps to communicate with each other and run through whole workflow process.
  • Integrated Lotus Notes application with Oracle using Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) to interact between each other for workflow needs.
  • Maintain test cases, tracking errors, debugs and documenting program changes and technical documentation.
  • Design and code client and web based workflow applications using Lotus Script, Formula, Java Script and Java Agents.
  • Designed dynamic workflow application with multiple levels and easy configuration by the administrators.
  • Developed applications using reusable components like script libraries, common functions, database scripts, shared fields, etc.,
  • Designed client and web application using form events like WebQuery open, Queryopen, jsHeader, etc. based on scenarios.
  • Designed web based application using AJAX, DHTML, DXL and CSS.
  • Provide production support for various existing notes application and provide solution within the time frame.
  • Developed applications with dynamic reporting features which provide outputs in excel application.
  • Prepare training materials about the application and conduct training to the end users.
  • Maintains lotus notes application server and trouble shoot user access, replication, clustering, back up data, monitor logs, etc.,

Environment: Lotus Notes R6.5, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Report

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