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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

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Secaucus, NJ


  • Over 12 years of experience in the design, implementation, support of LAN, WAN & SECURITY. Manufacturing and Engineering services industry
  • Good experience and knowledge of Cisco Routers, Switches and load balancers - Cisco ASR9K/1K, ISR3925e, 2951, 6880 Series, Nexus9k/7k/5k/2k, VPC/vDC, Cisco Catalyst 9500/9300/9200/6500/4500 6800/3800/3700/3500/3650 etc and F5, Juniper MX960,EX4000/3200, AWS/EC2/S3 etc.
  • Holding CCIE(R&S/Writen&Lab), CCNA, CCNP
  • Maintained and designed DMZ structure and policies for ASA/Palo alto firewall/Cybersecurity
  • Network management Solarwind, whatsupgold, Automation python
  • Demonstrated 12 years of technical engineering and support experience operating and maintaining LAN/WAN environments with extensive experience with IP routing protocols, MPLS, and encrypted tunnels over public/private networks, Experience with routing and switching, Tunneling, EIGRP, OSPF, MPLS and BGP, Multicasting, Ethernet switching, VLANs, VLAN Trunking, HSRP, Spanning Tree Protocol, VRF and VSS, NTP etc.
  • SD-WAN/viptela2000/vManage/vSmart/vBond/Template/OMP/AAR etc and automation Python
  • Cisco Firewalls/Security experience: ASA, ACL, NAT/PAT, Firewall ASA 5500 series and PIX 500 series, Palo Alto 3220/380/500 , ISE, IPsec VPN, Anyconnect, P2P VPN, DMVPN, AAA, SSL, TACACS+, ACS5.x
  • Wireless WLC 5520/2500/3500/ C9800//AP 3802/3602/2502/ C9130 etc.


IP Routing Protocols: BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, Multicast

WAN technologies: MPLS, PPP, HDLC, Frame-Relay, T1, SD-WAN/vManage/vSmart/vBond/Template/OMP/AAR etc

LAN Protocols: STP, VLAN, VTP, MST, CST, PVST, RSTP, BPDU Gard/Filter, UDLD, Loop Gard, SVI, Trunking, ether channel, VSS etc

Operating Systems: Cisco XR, XE, IOS, CatOS, NX-OS, Windows Servers

Technologies: MPLS, Multi-VRF/VRF-Lite, PE/CE, vDC/vPC, RD/RT, QoS. F5 LTM, NTP, DMZ and IPV6/4/IPAM etc

Redundant/Load balance: HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, F5, LTM, SNAT, Node, Pool, Virtual server etc.

Qos: Classification, Marking, Cos, DSCP, Queuing, LLQ etc.

Device Management: SNMP, TACACS, solar wind, Whatsupgold, IPAM, Python.

Security and VPN: ASA8.4, Failover, aaa, TACACS, 802.1x, VPN, p2p VPN, DMVPN, ISE, Anyconnect VPN


Confidential, Secaucus NJ

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Design, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot network and data center
  • Provide technical support to cross teams and engineering associates
  • Experience designing and troubleshooting WiFi using tool Ekahau
  • Manage and utilize Cisco ISE platform to configure and manage Wireless User authentication, 802.1x Security, Radius servers, and Corp, BYOD and Guest wireless.
  • Implemented core switch Catalyst9500 and IDF switches Catalyst 9300 configuration
  • Manage firewall Palo Alto3220/380.
  • Monitor network via Whatsupgoal.
  • Monitor and analyze network vulnerability with Tenable/Qualys and resolve/remediate
  • Experience leading and implementing project. Designed and implemented wireless network with AP9130/vWLC C9800/pWLC 9800 v 17.3.4/17.3.5 a. Designed and implemented wireless networks with AP3800/WLC AiroIOS 8.10/5520/3504/2504 in different areas

Confidential, Parsippany NJ

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Responsible for high level network maintenance, troubleshooting. Hardware include switches Nexus9K/7K/5K/2K, 6500/4500/2900. routers ASR1K, wireless networks WLC5508/AP 3502/3602/1131/1552 I
  • Responsible for all wireless network issues, and maintained and troubleshot wireless network. update ios for WLC, oversee WLC and all APs
  • Designed, upgraded and migrated devices, such as, proposed and implemented plan to replace C2900 with Meraki switch, replace old AP 1131 with 3602, upgrade WLC ios, move traffic to Nexus7K from 6500, design networks for new departments, etc.
  • Maintained and managed dynamic routing such as bgp, eigrp, and mpls
  • Assisted Security group to install and manage firewalls
  • Participated in on-call rotation schedule
  • Configured, maintained and upgrade Meraki switch
  • Configured, designed and maintained SD-WAN/ viptela/DIA/AAR etc
  • Provided daily operations support and maintenance for network and related information technology assets
  • Experience leading and implementing projects: Migrated switches, APs, and upgrading WLCs etc
  • Automation experience with Ansible

Confidential, Branchburg, NJ

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Maintained and managed hundreds Nexus9k/7k/2k and hundreds routers, ASR9K/1K, Juno MX960, EX4500/3200 and load balances, F5
  • Reviewed and technically approved project proposals
  • Implemented/updated policies in DMZ area to provide client requests
  • Based on service’s requests, Changed/modified routes on routers ASR, ASR9K/1K, Juno MX960, Switches Nexus9k/7k/2k, Cat6500, Juniper EX4500/3200 and load balances
  • Maintained and managed MPLS backbone.
  • Modified/monitored/design BGP traffic/topology/community/route-map
  • Migrated switch between Nexus7k, migrate traffic between interfaces in MX960
  • Upgraded ios in Nexus7700/7100, JuniperMX960, and ASR1K, Migrate traffic from interface to new interface in ASR9K
  • Load-balance F5 configure, maintain

Confidential, Roseland, NJ

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Maintained, monitored and designed the network in two data centers and in more than one hundred branch offices over USA and other countries
  • Maintained and troubleshot wireless network. WLC4404, AP1142, 1131
  • Worked directly with our client and customer’s technical staff to gather technical requirements needed to design and implement LAN WAN communication
  • Configured and troubleshoot routers, switches, such as asr1002, e3925, 2951, Nexus7k/5K/2K, C6880, C3700, C6500, C4507
  • Maintained and designed DMZ structure and firewall policies for ASA firewall
  • Implemented and troubleshot ASA 5515x/5555x / 5505/5510/5520/5540
  • Maintained and supported Palo Alto 500/3050/Panorama and ISE
  • Configured and troubleshoot L2L VPN and Anyconnect VPN, DMVPN
  • Configured and troubleshoot ASA failover
  • Performed core firewall migration from 5540 to 5555x, migrated L2L vpn and Anyconnect VPN
  • Performed IOS upgrading over 200 routers and ASAs remotely through wan and vpn
  • Configured, troubleshoot and monitor ERGRP, BGP and static routes in the center. Monitor and troubleshoot primary and/or backup circuit(DSL/4GWWAN) of more than hundred local office network over the USA, other countries. Experience with EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and multicast
  • Implemented virtual switch(VSS) design and its configuration
  • Maintained and troubleshot wireless network.
  • Configured and troubleshoot RSTP, VTP, Vlan, Trunk, Ethechannel, HSRP, NAT/PAT and VRF, lan and wan etc
  • Installed and maintained ISE
  • Worked on the security levels with TACACS+, aaa, and F5
  • Performed data center’s daily routine work, such as analyzing some error messages generated from core switches

Confidential, NYC, NY

Network Engineer


  • Participated in design, implementation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of IP based Network Support, Configuring Routers, Switches, Aironet Series Wireless Access Points/Bridges, VPN and ASA Inter connecting various client sites through VPNs. Carrying out function- and performance tests, Configuring Access Routes for Network Connectivity
  • Performed testing on Cisco routers and switches laboratory scenarios and deploy on site for production.
  • Daily network management activities like router/ switch logs, traffic utilization. Making Reports and documentation.
  • Maintained PCs, servers and local Networks..

Confidential, NYC

Lab. Technician


  • Worked with the Manager of Data Center to implement window servers maintenance and develop configuration review procedures, resulting in a substantial improvement of the network's uptime.
  • Maintained PCs and local network
  • Maintained Lab instruments

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