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Embedded Software Engineer Resume

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San Jose, CA


  • Over 5 years of experience in various phases of development of application, embedded software.
  • Developed software using C, C++ programming languages.
  • Developed application software on RTOS.
  • Development of ADC driver.
  • Experience in TCP/IP, Socket Programming.
  • Developed a tool to test the analog and digital signals
  • Worked with boot - loader software for software up gradation via remote access
  • Worked on communication protocol LIN
  • Development of code for FFT for signal sampling.
  • Worked on EEPROM handling.
  • Developed firmware for Cruise control in vehicle
  • Experience in error handling routine.
  • Worked on Perl Scripting for Map file analysis.
  • Worked with static testing tools like Pclint and QAC.
  • Worked on unit test and functional test procedure and execution.
  • Experience in integration of various features.
  • Maintaining the code base in version control.
  • Experience in debug routines to reach the root cause of a bug.
  • Created SW Specifications, guidelines and other technical documentation
  • Exemplary communication, relationship management, analytical and organizational skill
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


Programming Skills: Verilog, C++, Perl, Python, MATLAB, System Verilog, Unix and C.

Software tools: NanoTime, PrimeTime, Cadence Virtuso, Xilinx ISE, AutoCAD, MS Office and Latex.


Confidential - San Jose, CA

Embedded Software Engineer


  • Performing Static Timing Analysis using Synopsys tool NanoTime and reporting violations.
  • Generate timing .lib models and analyzing them.
  • Used Perl scripting for automating the process of collecting data from output files for further analysis.
  • Experience in debug routines to reach the root cause of a bug.
  • Created constraints based on the requirements.
  • Generated reports for the required debugging purposes.
  • Looked up hold time and setup time constraints and reported violations based on them.
  • Converted different spice simulation files to spectre for the requirement of the tool.

Confidential - Auburn Hills, MI

Embedded Software Engineer


  • Leveraged angular resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces.
  • Responsible for Creating Prototypes and converting PSD to HTML, CSS, JQUERY and JavaScript.
  • Working on Angular.JS integrating the REST API's with the front end on daily basis.
  • Creating Wireframes to be implemented using Photoshop or sometimes manual hand work of the prototype.
  • Exclusively working with BOOTSTRAP and its templates, enhancing the front end with extra CSS where ever required.
  • Maintaining the CSS and reducing the memory usage by using LESS.
  • Development of new communication with CAN protocol.
  • Making Ajax calls in the application for dynamically refreshing widgets on the company's web application.
  • Used Grunt on daily basis to ease various build tasks.
  • Proficient use of NODE PACKAGE MANAGER for package installations and NODE.JS related activities


Embedded Software Engineer


  • Successfully coordinated with team of 30 people for making the transition of project from team in Phillipines to team in India.
  • Coordinated with the development team in finding the defects in the front end and back end of the application.
  • Made sure all the threads are running for required amount of time and populating respective fields in the reports.
  • Development of TCP/IP, Socket Programming in windows & RTOS
  • Development of code for FFT for signal sampling
  • Handling the analog & digital signal inputs for the device
  • Migration of RTXC Quadros code to windows platform
  • Development of a tool to test the analog & digital signals
  • Designed & developed a communication protocol CAN for internal usage
  • Development of remote firmware update
  • Testing the ftps functionality for the device
  • Created SW Specifications, guidelines and other technical documentation.


Embedded Software Engineer


  • Development of algorithms using C programming language on RTA-OSEK (RTOS)
  • Development& enhancement of cruise control feature development & enhancement of vehicle motion control
  • Performed static code testing with Pclint analysis
  • Development & managing the error handling modules
  • Development of new communication with CAN protocol.
  • Software Build Integration, Maintenance & Release using PVCS.
  • Unit and Functional Test Procedure development and validation
  • Performed debug sessions to find Root Causes for issues reported from internal testing and from customers
  • Worked with Product and Systems Engineers to understand customer requirements and Function Design Documents
  • Handle testing phases of the project and ensure all necessary data and matrix are generated / maintained
  • Created SW Specifications, guidelines and other technical documentation.

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