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Openstack Engineer Resume

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Maryland Heights, MO


  • Around 7+ years of experience in IT Infrastructure, cloud computing, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Virtualization, Linux System Administration, Network Administration, Openstack engineer, Configuration Management.
  • Experience in deploying Openstack components manually and by automation using Mirantis fuel.
  • Deployed Openstack juno, Kilo in multimode environment.
  • Openstack experience in both Redhat and Ubuntu servers. Experience in resolving issues after installation.
  • Testing openstack components such as nova, neutron, swift, cinder after installation. Executing temp test cases.
  • Good knowledge in Python object oriented Programming.
  • Production experience in large environments using configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet supporting Chef Environment with 500+ servers and involved in developing manifests. Developed Chef Cookbooks to manage systems configuration.
  • Knowledge in Rest API calls.
  • Experience in Networking, IP routing, switching protocols, VLAN.
  • Devops experience with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins.
  • Hands on experience in writing automated scripts using Shell scripting, Python, Perl.
  • Hands on experience in Linux environment
  • Configured and monitored distributed and multi - platform servers using chef. Defined Chef Server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks and Recipes to manage systems configuration.
  • Experience in branching, tagging and maintaining the version across the environments working on Software Configuration Management (SCM) tools like Subversion (SVN) and GIT.
  • Experience in installation, configuration, backup, recovery, maintenance, and support of Several Linux Servers.
  • Experience in installing servers using Kickstart in Linux and Manual installation.
  • Good experience in setting up of RAID0, RAID1 (mirroring) and RAID5 for data redundancy and worked on Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
  • Upgrading Redhat Linux packages, kernel and drivers.
  • Experience in Creation and managing user accounts, disk space. Process monitoring in RedHat Linux.
  • Configuration of servers such as DNS, DHCP, NFS, Automount, Sendmail, FTP, remote access (SSH), Active Directory, Security management and Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Expertise in installation and configuration of application server such as Jboss EAP 6.x and Apache Tomcat on various platforms like Solaris, RHEL and Windows.
  • Deployed various WAR, JAR, EAR applications in WebSphere clustered environment using scripts.
  • Expertise in writing shell scripts for administrative tasks and managing them using cron jobs.
  • Experience in Installation of Database servers such as Oracle, MYSQL.
  • Knowledge in creating various types of partitions in Linux such as GPT.
  • Experience in building VMware ESX/i Server and adding all the hosts to cluster. Experience in spinning up virtual machines in ESX host and managing all the VM’s.
  • Knowledge in troubleshooting and resolving RedHat Linux Server Network problems in a Production Server environment.
  • Experience in patching and upgrading Redhat Satellite Server.
  • Knowledge on OpenStack components like Nova, Cinder, Horizon, Neutron, Glance and Swift.
  • Knowledge in Python and able to go through files in OpenStack components.
  • Experienced in providing24/7 supportfor Production, Testing and Development environments.


C Cloud Computing: Openstack, VMWare, AWS

O Operating Systems: LINUX (REDHAT, Cent OS, Ubuntu), Windows 2003/2008 server

Databases: Oracle 11g, MYSQL Server

Application Servers: Tomcat and Weblogic, JBossEAP

Scripting languages: Shell scripting(BASH), Python, Perl

Monitoring & Automation Tools: Nagios, Puppet, Chef, Ansible

Virtualization: VMWare ESXi, KVM


Confidential, Maryland Heights, MO

Openstack Engineer


  • Plan, deploy, monitor, and maintain Openstack cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple nodes as required in the environment.
  • Deploying Openstack components on multimode environment using Mirantis Fuel.
  • Configuring and managing Openstack components such as keystone, nova, neutron, glance, swift, Heat.
  • Creating tenants, users, roles, services and endpoints.
  • Identifying bugs and resolving issues in all components.
  • Creating LVM partitions and Managing Cinder volumes.
  • Create swift containers and upload objects to containers.
  • Creating VLAN’s, bridge, external networks and managing floating IP’s
  • Verifying logs in every component to check errors. Identify errors and go through code to check the reason for the issue.
  • Uploading images to glance and providing necessary access to images.
  • Understanding python files in openstack environment and make necessary changes if needed.
  • Creating heat templets and creating instances passing different parameters.
  • Managing quotas for tenants, networks, volumes, containers.
  • Strong understanding in python scripting.
  • Write tempest test cases for the features ported.
  • Creating/maintaining deployment guides.
  • Creating scripts to customize flavors and quotas.
  • Setting Nagios to monitor and alert for all OpenStack services.
  • Develop Nagios plugins as per the requirements.
  • Create chef cookbooks to automate the deployment of openstack based on deployment model (large/medium).
  • Support of Test and Prod labs for both KVM and VMWare
  • Upgrading the OpenStack deployments from Juno to Kilo.
  • Writing cookbooks or Ansible playbooks for hot fixes.
  • Convert images to support both KVM and VMWare.
  • Create and maintain Jenkins jobs.
  • Created Chef cookbooks and recipes to integrate Heat templates into openstack.
  • Integrated KVM hypervisor with OpenStack.
  • Installing packages on Linux servers using YUM and RPM utilities.
  • Creation of VM, snapshot, template and use them as the base images depending on the requirement.
  • Attending standup meeting and discuss about resolving issues.
  • Server deployment knowledge for http, FTP, NFS, Samba, NTP etc.
  • Implemented the setup for Master slave architecture to improve the Performance of Jenkins.
  • Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into Apache Tomcat Application Server.
  • Managing controller, compute, neutron and storage nodes with dashboard and CLI.

Environment: Ubuntu 14.04, Openstack juno/kilo, Ansible, Mirantis Fuel, Python, chef, Jenkins, Nagios, KVM, VMware, Redhat, web services, Shell scripting, Mongodb, Oracle DB, MySQL.

Confidential, Columbia, MD

DevOps/Openstack Engineer


  • Managing processes and tools such as branching, source control structure, dependency management, Linux\Windows hybrid build infrastructure, code review, and check-in policies, that are developed by DevOps teams across projects globally.
  • Designing and implementing CI (Continuous Integration) system: configuring Jenkins servers, Jenkins nodes, creating required scripts (Perl & Python), and creating/configuring VMs (Windows/Linux).
  • Migrating and maintaining build and test environments into the Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Automated the release pipeline to achieve zero touch deployments using Jenkins, SVN, Nexus.
  • Primarily used Ruby to write GIT applications and chef Recipes.
  • Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to Nexus to share artifacts across projects and environments.
  • Configured and maintained Hudson to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven to schedule the builds. Took the sole responsibility to maintain the CI Hudson server.
  • Supported 1500+ AWS Cloud instance’s and used AWS command line Interface to manage and configure various AWS products. Wrote automation scripts in Ruby and bash.
  • Designed AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Designed roles and groups for users and resources using AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) and also managed network security using Security Groups, and IAM.
  • Utilized Cloud Watch to monitor resources such as EC2, CPU memory, Amazon RDS DB services, Dynamo DB tables, EBS volumes; to set alarms for notification or automated actions; and to monitor logs for a better understanding and operation of the system.
  • Production support of Apache and JBoss including installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting.
  • Involved in developing custom scripts using Python, Perl & Shell (bash ksh) to automate jobs.
  • Worked on the administration of theWeb Logic 9, JBoss4.2.2servers including installation and deployments.

Environment: Amazon Web Services, IAM, S3, cloud watch, Nix, ANT, Maven, Tortoise SVN, GitHub, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Java, Agile, Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Junit, Cucumber, Json, Bash, Shell, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby.


Devops Engineer


  • Creating the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a continuous integration system for all our products.
  • Creating the automated build and deployment process for application, re-engineering setup for better user experience, and leading up to building a continuous integration system for all our products.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups.
  • Responsible for Design of different Release Environments for new projects and monitoring.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Chef, Maven and Nexus in Linux environment.
  • Managed Chef Cookbooks to automate system operations.
  • AWS Cloud management and Chef Automation.
  • Integration of Maven/Nexus, Jenkins, Urban Code Deploy with Patterns/Release, Git, Confluence, JIRA and Cloud Foundry.
  • Using Jenkins AWS CodeDeploy plugin to deploy to AWS.
  • Responsible for code build, release and configuration on Amazon EC2.
  • Perform Deployment of Release to various QA & UAT in Linux environments.
  • Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Created multi AZ VPC instances.
  • Used IAM to create new accounts, roles and groups.
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in Glacier.
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Autoscalling groups.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch.
  • Migrated applications to the AWS cloud.
  • Work with different team members for automation of Release components.
  • Scripting in multiple languages on UNIX, LINUX and Windows - Batch, Shell script etc.
  • Troubleshoot the build issue during the Jenkins build process and resolved system issues and inconsistencies in coordination with quality assurance and engineering teams.

Environment: Amazon Web Services, Chef, Vagrant, Scrum, Subversion (SVN), ANT, UDeploy, DB2, JIRA, Confluence, Shell Scripts, WebSphere Server.


Linux System Administrator


  • Configuring, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting of all RedHat, CentOS servers.
  • Creating Logical Volume Manager (LVM), creating Volume Groups, Logical volumes in RHEL and CentOS.
  • Upgrade OS and Kernel for LINUX servers.
  • Supporting Server and Desktop Management, Analysis and Maintenance.
  • Configuring and monitoring of servers such as Samba, NFS, DNS, DHCP on RedHat linux.
  • Writing Script to automate repetitive administration and application tasks.
  • Implementation of scheduled tasks as per management policies.
  • Supporting Level 2 and Level 3 application.
  • Creating and Managing user and group accounts, Documents and procedures.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting of server problems.
  • Install and configure VMware ESXi Hypervisor on baremetal.
  • Responsible for creating VM’s according to needs. Managing hosts using Vsphere.
  • Migrating VM’s from one host to other to obtain load balancing.
  • Resolving issues related to ESX host, Storage, Network and VMware update manager.
  • Experience in storage, network, backup.
  • Responsible for performing health check, troubleshooting and upgrade of VMware environments to improve sustainability.
  • Monitoring and management of server hardware.
  • Installed, configured and administered Apache Tomcat 6 on Linux (RHEL 6) and responsible for deploying JAR files
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Installed Oracle on Linux and Windows servers.
  • Ability to write Shell & Python scripting.
  • Installed and configured monitoring tools such as Nagios.
  • Created branches in GIT implementing parallel development process.
  • Experience installing packages using YUM and RPM on Nix.

Environment: Redhat, Ubuntu, Nagios, git, Shell scripting, Perl, Python, Windows server, VMware ESX.

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