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System Engineer Resume

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  • Systems Administrator with 7+ years of experience in VMware vSphere - global virtualization and storage networking infrastructure.
  • Experience with Virtualization technologies like Installing, Configuring and administering VMware ESX/ESXi (3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 5.1 and 5.5), vCenter server (4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5), vSphere and iSCSI SAN/NAS technologies.
  • Deploying Virtual Machines through Templates, Converting Physical to Virtual (P2V) and Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) Machines using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and plate spin.
  • Creation, management, administration and maintenance of virtual machines, clones and templets, and customizing guest operating system on virtual machines.
  • Extensive experience in advance features like VMOTION, SVMOTION, and Creating Clusters for High Availability (HA) and Distributive Resource Scheduling (DRS).
  • Experience in P2V, V2V MIGRATION using VMware Converter, installing and upgrading VM tools.
  • Experience in design, implementation, and support of VCE vBlock technologies.
  • Expertise in Windows patching (HPSA client), Linux patching and ESXi patching (update manager).
  • Extensive experience with Active directory.
  • Experience with INCIDENT MANAGEMENT and maintaining SLA (Service Level Agreements).
  • Experience with Cisco UCS 5108 Chassis and UCS Manager (UCSM).
  • Upgrading Cisco UCS Firmware.
  • Directory, GPO’s, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, Sub Nets, VPNs, vLAN, Network routing, LAN/WAN switching and Backup & Recovery, File & Print Server, IIS (Web Server), FTP, Terminal Server.
  • Performing Snapshots, Cloning, Cold Migrations and Hot Migrations
  • Extensive experience Planning, configuration, maintenance and administration of Windows 2008/2003/2000/ NT4.0Servers at single and multi-domain platforms.
  • Capacity planning using Capacity planner and VMware guided consolidation for gathering the physical machines CPU and Memory usage metrics.
  • Presenting FC SAN LUN's, RDM's iSCSI LUN's and NFS mounts.
  • Taking care of NIC teaming at ESX server level for redundancy.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in vCloud Director (1.5, 5.1, 5.5 and 5.6), vCenter Orchestrator (4.2, 5.0 and 5.5), vCenter usage meter (3.3, 4.0 and 5.1), vCenter chargeback (2.5 and 2.6).
  • Knowledge and proficiency with administration, configuration, troubleshooting of storage systems such as EMC Clariion, EMC Symmetrix, HP 3PAR and HP EVA.
  • SAN/Brocade/McData/Cisco SAN switch zoning, configuration and administration.
  • Experience on Brocade 48k & DCX Directors switches, Cisco MDS directors and departmental switches like 9120/9124/9134/9140.
  • SAN Experience includes ECC/SYMCLI, VMAX, VNX, VPLEX, CLARiiON CX 600, SMC, Replication Manager, Navisphere manager, NaviCLI, Fabric Manager/Device Manager, web tools.
  • Having good knowledge on IIS 6.0/7.0/7.5/8.0 and scripting.
  • Experience with Agile methodology, SCRUM.
  • Participated in Business planning, Lifecycle management, challenging SLA’s.
  • Maintained records for event, audit and application logs.


VMWare: VMware ESX 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 Virtual Center server 2.5, 4.0, 4.1, 5.1, 5.5, VMware DRS & HA, VMware P2V Converter, Virtual Infrastructure 3.0, VMware Converter, VMware View, VMware Thinapp, VMware Update Manager, DPM, FT, VMotion, Storage vMotion, VMware Guided Consolidation, VMware Workstation.

Operating Systems: Windows 2003, 2008 & 2012, Red hat Enterprise Linux 4 & 5, Sun Solaris 9 & 10, Hp-UX, Windows 9x/XP/Vista, Active Directory

Scripting: Shell, Pearl, PowerShell, Python, PowerCLI, IIS

Database: Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c, MSSQL 2000/2005/2008 R2, IBM DB2, MySQL

CISCO UCS: CISCO UCS Manager, UCS Central, UCS Director, UCS Performance Manager.

Storage: EMC products: VMAX, Symmetrix DMX, CLARiiON, Celerra, VNX/VNXe, VMAX 2/3, XtremIO, HUS.

SAN Switches: Cisco MDS- 9513/09/06/9216 , Brocade 48000/24000/3800/ DCX-B, Brocade 5300/5100/7500/3200 , DS- 4100B

Storage/SAN Management Software: EMC Unishpere, Navisphere Manager 6.x/5.x, Open Replicator, EMC PowerPath, SMC 7.x, Symcli 7.x/6.x, Timefinder, Snap View, Mirror View, SAN Copy, SRDF S/A, Cisco CLI, Fabric /Device Manager, Open Migrator, snap mirror, FlexClone and Robocopy.


Confidential, TX

System Engineer


  • Actively involved in complete environment up gradation to latest versions ESXi 5.1.0 to 5.5 U1, vCenter 5.1.0 to 5.5 U1, VCO 5.1.0 to 5.5.1, vCNS 5.1.2 to 5.5.3 and vCOPs 5.7.2 to 5.8.2
  • Upgrade VMs hardware components according vSphere requirement.
  • Tested on VMware ThinApp and upgrading older versions.
  • Worked on SRM 5.0 deployment and configuration of DR site.
  • Experience with Cisco UCS and HP c7000 blade administration.
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining large scale data center using Cisco UCS servers, EMC Storage and VMware virtualization.
  • Experience in up gradation of CISCSO UCS Firmware from 3.3c to 3.3d.
  • Configured and managed Cisco UCS Service Profiles, vNIC/vHBA interfaces, MAC/UUID/WWPN/WWNN identity pools, various Servers, Network and Storage related policies.
  • Extensive experience working on CISCO UCS devices “B series and C series”.
  • In depth knowledge in installation and maintenance of CISCO 5108 chassis.
  • Upgrading VM tools, VM hardware versions and Data stores upgrade to VMFS 5.
  • Creating Protection Groups and Recovery Plans using SRM 5.0 and VMware best practices.
  • VM migration across the clusters using v2v, Mount file option and WinSCP.
  • Upgradewindowsserver operating system from and .
  • Installation and configuration of MicrosoftWindows2008 and 2012 Servers.
  • Managing the Critical Server's CPU Performance using predefined utilities and Power shell scripting to ensure the production continuity.
  • Administrating production servers/network infrastructure that includesWindowsadministration of Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP, Exchange 2010/2007 Mail Servers, NAS, File and print Servers, and Terminal Servers onWindows 2010/2008/2003.
  • Administered and managed EMC VNX/VMAX SAN storage.
  • Assisted with vBlock Implementation, Design, and configuration in testing environment.
  • Partitioned LUNS from VBLOCK SAN and created disk groups for shared storage.
  • Provided installation and support of storage area networks (SAN), Fiber Channel Configuration, Fabric (zoning) & LUN Management.
  • Involve in technical discussion and design and prepare recommendations for purchase, including impact analysis and risk analysis.
  • Performing monthly patching round on Windows, Linux machines and ESXi hosts.
  • Developing PowerShell scripting for Guest OS Customization.
  • Managed Windows Active Directory Domain Administration and configuration of DNS/DHCP services.

Environment: vSphere 5.1 and 5.5, Hyper-V, Windows 2008/2003 Server, Cisco UCS 5108, HP Blade C7000 and C3000, EMC VNX, VMAX, Brocade, HP VCEM- Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, Dell Power Edge Servers, Citrix and SQL, Emulex.

Confidential, AZ

System Engineer


  • Installation, configuration and Administration of VMware, Windows, and Red hat Linux servers.
  • Troubleshoot and resolvedwindowsserver outages and performance issues.
  • Performed and improved monthlysecuritypatching process of 1000 pluswindowsservers.
  • Integrated and upgraded Active Directory to current ITILSecurityStandards.
  • Installing and configuring of vCenter 5.0 with Heartbeat 6.4, vCenter 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 servers.
  • Physical to Virtual Migration using VMware and Hyper-V tools.
  • Implementation and troubleshooting of vSphere Farm on ESXi 5.x platform
  • Configuring and troubleshooting of HA, DRS, distributed switch, Clustering, vMotion & Storage vMotion.
  • Applying patches using update Manager or manually to ESX/ESXi hosts.
  • Zoning, LUN Masking, Mapping, Scanning, and configuring LUN for ESX servers.
  • Configuring Virtual Machines on the VBlock and administering VBlock using UCS Manager, AMP.
  • Troubleshooting the vBlock systems and applications software issues that manage tickets opened by the customer for technical problem and supporting client by 24X7.
  • Creating Cloning, Snapshots Management and Templates on regular basis.
  • Deployment of vFabric Application director and vFabric Data director.
  • Planned, scheduled and migrated EMC, NetApp Storage frames and backup environments from one Data Center to another, meeting data center closure date.
  • Building, testing and managing of VMware vSphere 4.x & 5.x
  • Configuring BIOS & RAID 0, 1+0, 5 and 6 as per client’s needs
  • Building ESX, ESXi, Hyper V, Red Hat 5.x & 6.x using PXE and Kickstart.
  • Administered environment such as Hyper-V and VMwareHypervisors
  • Created PowerCLI scripts for storage migration and routine health check for ESX/ESXi hosts.
  • EMC VNX Block Storage Provisioning and Management for ESXi, Linux (RHEL) & Windows hosts.
  • Configuring Hyper-V hosts virtual networking, storage, cluster and Hyper-V VM’s high availability.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to ESX host, vCenter, HA, DRS and VMware update manager.
  • Upgrading VM tools, VM versions and Data store to VMFS 5.
  • Migrated Physical Servers to Virtual Server using VMware Converter (P2V Converter).

Environment: VMware vSphere5.0, vBlock 300, NetApp, EMC VNX 5700, Cisco UCS, Nexus N1000v, Nexus 5548, UCSM, vCloud Director, AMP.

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

System Administrator


  • Involved in Upgrading vCenter Servers /ESXi hosts from vSphere 4.x to 5.0.
  • Implementation of VMware vSphere 5.0 with Enterprise Plus Features of distributed Switch and Host
  • Profiles Upgrade Experience from VMware Infrastructure 4.0 to vSphere 5.0 and Update 1 including vCenter5.0, ESX Hosts, Update manager, vSphere client, and Virtual machines tools and H/W upgrade to vSphere 5.0.
  • Upgraded VMs hardware components according vSphere requirement.
  • Have good working experience with VCE Vblock.
  • Upgrading VM tools, VM hardware versions and Data stores upgrade to VMFS 5.
  • Was responsible for formulating disaster management techniques, and the course of action to be taken, in case of a network failure.
  • Ensured that all the software and hardware components are upgraded properly, and designed the company's networking policy.
  • Co-ordination with network team for implementation and upgrade services CISCO MDS switches.
  • Supported a large scale Data Center projects including server installation, hardware maintenance and break/fix activities.
  • Having good knowledge in Administration of VM clones, Templates and snapshots.
  • Administering Windows 2003/2008 Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and building new windows physical/virtual servers as per the requirement of the project
  • Worked on Performance Analysis and Tuning/Optimization Operations, Virtual machine creation, cloning, configurations.
  • Installed and configures software updates using Update manager using patches and created the baselines for the updates
  • Creating Backup and restore of data by using windows backup and recovery utilities.

Environment: vSphere 4.0 and 5.0, ESXI 5.0, Windows 2008/2003 Server, Cisco UCS 5108, VCE V block, UCS manager, VNX, EMC Unisphere, HP Blade C7000 and C3000, putty, Power shell and SQL.


System Engineer


  • Involved in migration project from ESX 3.x to vSphere 4.0 and complete migration of VMs
  • Worked on Datacenter consolidation projects.
  • Migration of virtual machines from ESX 3.5 to ESX 4.0.
  • Installation and configuration of ESX servers and facilitate server consolidation, migration and testing.
  • Analyze performance of physical servers to determine and customize virtual server specification
  • Installing patches and software upgrades recommended by security scan.
  • Expertise in Thin provisioning, VMFS expansion, RAID technologies.
  • P2V & V2V conversions using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 (SCVMM).
  • Upgrading of VMware tools to match ESX host level.
  • Good experience working with HP EVA virtualization adapter.
  • Server bang light fixing once every month.
  • Clear-up of orphaned vmdk files periodically to clean up memory.
  • LUN path mapping and keeping track of VM’s along with their datastores.
  • Implementation of Host Profiles in development cluster.
  • Good experience in working on vShield manager.
  • Implementation of EMC power path LUN path monitoring tool.
  • Management of HP SIM for hardware monitoring.
  • Configured, deployed and involved in troubleshooting of VMs, ESX/ESXi servers, vCenter server, and vSphere 4.0.
  • Configured Fault Tolerance (FT) for business critical servers.
  • Updating ESX host is using VMware Update manager.
  • P2V and V2V conversions by using VMware Converter, VizonCore and PlateSpin Converters.

Environment: Virtual Infrastructure 3, vSphere 4.0, Hyper-V, Windows 2008/2003 Server, HP EVA 8400, HP Blade C7000, HP Blade C3000, HP VC Flex 10.


System Administrator


  • Installed, configured and administering Microsoft Windows 2003/2000 servers.
  • Add 50+ hosts bringing total to 105 managed hosts and administered more than 1500+ VMs.
  • Created and managed separate VMware clusters like QA, Development and Production.
  • Monitoring and managing performance of ESX servers and Virtual Machines using Virtual Center Server for HA, DRS.
  • Involved in live migration of Virtual Machines and Virtual machines files using the vMotion and Storage vMotion.
  • Handled the VMware solutions to support multiple storage connectivity options such as FC-SAN, iSCSI, NFS (NAS) and internal storage.
  • Administer for windows server R2 and all related server services including FTP, AD, DNS, DHCP and VPN.
  • Created Virtual environment by using VMware ESX Server.
  • Creating a test Environment in VM Machines for Production Team to test their applications.
  • Monitor around 600 physical servers with SCOM and SCCM 2007 and HP insight manager.
  • Provide Active Directory, Group policy and user profile maintenance.
  • Maintained and track hardware and software inventory and documents.

Environment: VMware ESX 4.0/3.5, VSphere 4.0, Windows Server 2008R2/2003, Active Directory 2003, HP ProLiant Servers and Dell Hardware.

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