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Network Engineer Resume

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Middletown, NJ


  • Over 10 years of network architecture and engineering experience in designing networks that improves operational proficiency and reduce total costs of ownership.
  • Experience in configuring Cisco Routers, Switches, and Firewalls.
  • Engaged in design, install, configure and maintain complex routing, switching, VoIP, WAN/LAN, firewalls, load balancers and network security issues.
  • Planning, Designing and Implement enterprise security infrastructure
  • Experience working with EIGRP, BGP, RIP, OSPF, multicast, IPSec, Site to site VPN, Split Managed VPN, TCP/IP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, TFTP.
  • Sound knowledge of VLAN, VTP, STP, MPLS, VPLS, Frame Relay, and VPN.
  • Implementing Voice support in an Enterprise Network, Bandwidth calculation, Classification, Marking, Congestion Management, Queuing and Congestion Avoidance.
  • Experience in direct support for Data center, Extranet/Internet DMZs and network security for business to business corporate connectivity.
  • Provide Network Engineering, implementation and documentation of WAN/LAN, Security infrastructure.
  • Sound knowledge of resolving issues like DHCP, DNS, and TCP/IP.
  • Designing Redundancy Gateways for Campus Network using HSRP/VRRP.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).
  • Strong Inter - personal skills, Team Player and fluent in communication.


Routers: Cisco ASR 9000/1000, ISR 3900/2900, 7600/7500/7200 , 3845, 3640, 2600, etc. Juniper T640, M320.

Switches: Cisco Nexus 7000/5000/2000 , Catalyst 6500/4500/3750/3560

Firewalls: Cisco ASA 5500, IPS, ASDM, ACS, NAC, CSM. CheckPoint WG

Terminal Servers: 2511, 2509.

Implementation of: MPLS, HSRP, VRRP, DHCP, NTP, SNMP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, F5 LTM.

Network Security: IPSec, NAT/PAT, ACL, LDAP, Remote/Site-to-site VPN, AAA, implementing Intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS), GRE over IPSec, setup inspection rules, Web/Packet filtering.

Security Infrastructure: Bluecoat Reporter, IBM Proventia, IBM Site-protector, Proofpoint

LAN technologies: L2/L3 Switching, IP addressing/subnetting, VLAN, VTP, STP, MSTP, vPC, Ether Channel, VSS, Bridging, Tunneling, L2TP, Trunking.

WAN Protocols: MPLS, VPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN, IPSEC VPN, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC.


Routing Skills: Policy based routing (PBR), Route Redistribution, Route filtering, WAAS, WAN Routing, Route aggregation.

Cabling: 10GE 1GE, Ethernet CAT5/CAT5E (100base, 1000base), OC-48, Packet Over SONET, DS3, and T1.

QOS/VoIP: Congestion Management, NBAR, FIFO, CBWFQ, Priority Queuing, Custom Queuing, LLQ, WRED, Policing, Traffic Shaping, VoIP, SIP, H.323, RTP, and Proxy Servers.

Network Management: SNMP, Syslog, SPAN, Netflow, Wireshark, Solarwinds, Remedy server, Network documentation.

IP Multicast with: PIM Sparse Mode, PIM Sparse-Dense Mode, Auto-RP, Anycast RP

Traffic Filters: Using Standard and Extended access-lists, Distribute-List, Prefix list.

Wireless: Lightweight AP, Autonomous AP, WLC, WCS, RF, LWAPP/CAPWAP.

Operating Systems: Cisco IOS, XE, XR, NX-OS, Windows Server, 7, XP.


Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Network Engineer


  • Responsible for capacity planning by employing a statistical trend analysis model(s), analyzing present and future requirements.
  • Creatively designing and engineering network solutions for core and Data center connectivity.
  • Analyzing business requirements, determining prerequisites, performing cost-benefit analysis, and assisting in formulation of technology solutions to meet such requirements.
  • Perform system level analysis; prepare technical designs and solutions, network design, setup and troubleshooting for Cisco routers and switches.
  • Design and documentation of network infrastructure including communication protocols, access method technologies, wireless infrastructure, voice communication infrastructure and associated firewall hardware and software.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve identified technical problems in the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) environment.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in the areas of design, installation, maintenance and support of network infrastructure following established methodologies and processes
  • Design complex network solutions for enterprise class environments and Data center migration plan, design, and deployment.
  • Responsible for testing of packet network technologies (both hardware and software) for deployment in global IP/MPLS network using both IPV4 and IPV6.
  • Technology insertion and Tier4 support for the edges of L2/L3VPN, specifically in the area of Layer 3 networking for MIS, MPLS, VPLS, and VPN.
  • Produce step-by-step deployment guides to insert the router configurations into the live production network necessary for supporting these services.
  • Train network operations on these configurations, analyze production problems and produce root cause analysis.
  • Worked with technologies like IPV6, OSPF, BGP, and MPLS protocols.
  • Engaged in troubleshooting, communication and written documentation skills.
  • Involved in hands-on skills with and knowledge of lab test equipment including Traffic Generators (e.g. IXIA, Spirent), and Application Simulation tools Ability to analyze BGP routing table and Netflow data to determine routing structure within the internet Test Automation, writing scripts.
  • Advanced WAN/LAN troubleshooting skills.

Environment: Cisco 7500, ASR 1000, Nexus 5000, Cat 6500, 3750, Cisco IOS, XR, NX-OS, Juniper T640, M320, Ixia, Spirent, Detail documentation, Test plan, MS-Visio 2007, MS-Excel 2010, Windows 7, etc.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Sr. Network Architect/Engineer


  • Analyze business needs and implement complete solutions that meet business requirements.
  • Translating Business requirement into long-term architecture solutions and technical solutions.
  • Selecting devices/appliances and technologies
  • Lead design and implementation of wide range of Cisco networking solution for the global network infrastructure.
  • Proven expertise in design, implementation and maintenance of complex network solutions that ensure high security and end-user transparency, while maintaining rigorous operational service levels.
  • Analysis the Service Order Form (SOF) and help management to approve it.
  • Work with ISP for planning and design and Ensuring the SLA is met per the contract.
  • Deliver complete technology solutions and provide post-installation technical support.
  • Develop and implement operational procedures for proactive monitoring of the company networking data and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Serve as a technical lead for the internal networking team providing training and coaching on new technologies and best operational practices
  • High availability Datacenter Design & Implementation.
  • Assess feasibility and ramification of new business requirements. Design appropriate solutions and recommend alternative approaches when necessary.
  • Cisco IP Telephony, SIP and QOS implementation, implement Video-conferencing, monitoring and maintenance.
  • Deliver high level and detailed design for new initiatives driven through the PMO process.
  • Identify and recommend ways to continually improve and streamline processes and practices.
  • Collaborate with product and project managers as well as business to define product features, architectural deliverables and project estimates.
  • Conduct analysis, prepare RFPs, develop business cases, participate as technical lead on major projects, application roll-out and engage with IT management in technical assessments and critical troubleshooting.
  • Configure EIGRP, BGP, OSFP, IPSEC VPN, VLANs, ACLs, Prefix, Route-redistribution, optimizing routing, low latency, etc
  • Involved in designing security infrastructure and provide security solutions as per the business needs.
  • Lead efforts to architect complex technical solutions, coordinating with all necessary subject matter experts
  • Be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for multiple corporate applications/programs, Corporate IT hardware and Network device.
  • Develop project plans, determine goals, time frames, funding limitations, risks, procedures for accomplishing the project, staffing requirements, and allotment of resources.
  • Identify and schedule project deliverables, milestones and tasks.
  • Manage the project cost to ensure it falls within budget constraints.
  • Extensive hands on experience with Cisco routers/switches/firewalls.
  • Keep management, clients and others informed of project status, risks and related issues.

Environment: Router 7200, 3845, Switch 3750, 6500, Bluecoat, Proofpoint, Cisco ASA 5520, Netflow, Solarwind, Wireshark, MS-Visio 2007, MS-Excel 2007, Windows XP, etc.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Network Design Engineer


  • Preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) documents and review of vendor responses. Assists in negotiation and management of vendor contracts and services.
  • Developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and providing assistance in executing test plans.
  • Developed and maintained Technical Specification and/or Standard Operating Procedures documents.
  • Evaluating new networking technologies and understanding how business objectives and technology solutions form an overall information technology architecture and/or solution;
  • Provide expert knowledge of Layer-3 VPNs, BGP, OSPF, firewall policy, and VLAN management, Wireless Infrastructure.
  • Work with Network Engineering team in an on-going effort to design and transition to a state-of-the-art high speed network
  • Troubleshoots and resolves highly complex network infrastructure problems and provides resolution to problems associated with several other technology areas.
  • Worked with engineering team to brainstorm solutions
  • Attend meetings with vendors, IT management, team, SME's
  • 24/7 availability for network issues
  • Provide expert knowledge for WAN Optimization, VoIP and QOS.
  • Worked as a member of a team on various projects or as project engineer on large and highly complex cross technology projects involving cross-functional resources,
  • Development of processes, best practices.
  • Responsible for evaluating new technologies by understanding how business objectives are met via identified technology solutions.

Environment: Cisco Catalyst 2924, 2950, 3560, 3750, 4506, 5500, 6506, Cisco Router 1841, 3845, 7202, Cables Cat5, Cat5E, Single-Mode Fiber, Multi-Mode Fiber, Connectors, MS-Visio 2007, MS-Excel 2007, Windows XP, etc.

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Network Support Engineer


  • Responsible for, but not limited to, order assessment, technical evaluation, technical troubleshooting, overall project management, problem solving and final test and turn-up of the service to the customers.
  • Involved in Managing and training 6 technical engineers to work on the migration project. Also make reports for the upper management and provide status about the progress of the migration project.
  • Troubleshoot Gigabit Ethernet, OC-3, DS3, fractional T3, DS1/T1, ATM, and Frame Relay and Voice Over-IP connectivity issues.
  • Involved in Test and Turn-ups of circuit on daily basis and worked on Network Design, Routing, DNS, IP Subnetting, QoS, TCP/IP protocol,(BGP, OSFP, RIP, and EIGRP)
  • Worked with customers to help them on Security issues: NAT Configuration, Proxy Server, Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco FWSM and implementing stateful packet inspection.
  • Established IPSEC VPN tunnels between customer sites and configured to send encrypted traffic across an IPSec tunnel and VPN client services.
  • Also involved in Switching and implementing protocols like: STP, Trunking, Etherchannel technologies.
  • Used load balancing appliances like Cisco's Local Director (CLD), F5 LTM and GTM and also used Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for establishing centrally manage access to network resources for a growing variety of access types, devices, and user groups.
  • Implementation of Multicast and NAT technologies.
  • High availability Protocols/Redundancy: HSRP, Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) and VRRP.
  • Support clients to plan for Disaster Recovery.
  • Management applications such as Remedy server, Cisco Works, Visio, and HPOV alert management.
  • Also involved in Rehome or Tie-down change on the Confidential & Confidential Backbone Router for the customers who had latency issues.
  • Involved in PNT-Bulk Migration (RAP tool) for about 14000 ports from Cisco 7500 series to GSR 12000 series.
  • Also worked on MIS (Managed Internet Service) Migration for about 2000, which involved in-depth scrubbing and research on the ports.
  • Established Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) technologies on the critical links like Internet service and Hub site.
  • Assist client to establish Juniper, Checkpoint security devices and configure them.
  • Worked on Juniper SSG series, Netscreen, IDP series. Also worked on checkpoint Power-1 series, safe office appliances.
  • Design, implementation and support of the core network (Spanning tree re-design, Trunking, VLAN setup). 2nd and 3rd level support for both LAN (Gigabit Ethernet) and WAN mainly consisting of Frame-Relay and ATM circuits.
  • Build and maintain Visio documentations for Clients.
  • Prepared Technical documents for the clients with the IP addressing, protocol, migration plan, etc.
  • Provided 24 hours network support on duty calls and assist customer to troubleshoot connectivity issues.
  • Responsible for managing the installation of dedicated wide area internet connections Confidential various speeds from the Confidential & Confidential Common backbone to various customer locations.

Environment: INSTAR, USRP, SOTS, MS-Access, Windows XP/NT/2000, Remedy server, RAP Tool, Cisco Works, Cisco GSR 12000 series router, Cisco 6500 series switches, Firewalls.

Confidential, Burlington, VT

Network Design Engineer


  • Install and manage Cisco Catalyst Switches - 3500XL Series, Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series, Cisco 3750, 3600, 2600 routers, etc.
  • Manage Various VLANs, IP Addressing for various subnets, and VLAN Trucking between various access-switches, port security, etc.
  • Manage, support and troubleshoot everyday network connectivity issues in the server data center, work through the trouble ticket system and resolve issues.
  • Monitored bandwidth and network activity by analyzing information provided by MRTG to ensure both efficient and effective network operation.
  • Design and implement security policies using ACL, PIX firewall (515, 520)
  • Implemented SNMP on Cisco routes to allow for network management.
  • Implemented traffic filters on Cisco routes using Standard and Extended access-list.
  • Implementation of TCP/IP & related Services-DHCP/ DNS/ WINS/ LMHOSTS/ HOSTS
  • Provide intranet VPN solution using Cisco 2621 and IPSec Tunneling
  • Oversaw migration of WAN links to new service provider, designed full mesh WAN, set up TFTP server to backup, and restored configuration and IOS image files for the PIX, Cisco routers, and Catalyst switches.
  • Migrating from EIGRP and RIPv2 routing protocols to an OSPF multiple area network design.
  • Monitoring and maintain Cisco Router, PIX Firewall, Switch and Load Balancing
  • Responsible for the overall network security including Cisco CSM, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
  • Configuration Cisco Router, Switch and Load Balancing.
  • Implement/Design Security to the Network Infrastructure.
  • Configure F5 LTM to provide Load Balancing for server farm
  • Upgrade Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewall (PIX) IOS using TFTP
  • Deployed a large-scale HSRP solution to improve the uptime of collocation customers, in the event a core router became unreachable.
  • Configured and supported multiple remote site installations.

Environment: Cisco Router 7000/3000 series, Cisco Switches, PIX Firewalls, MS Windows XP/NT/2000, MS Access Database, Hyperterminal.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Network Operator


  • Worked as a 2nd shift 4:00 pm to 12:00 pm network operator managing routers, switches and servers.
  • Routing related tasks included providing Cisco router configuration and change management, providing technical support for Cisco Router configurations and installation for Customer.
  • Configuring IP RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP. Configuring routing policy for BGP.
  • Used Solarwinds for Network Analysis, optimization of the bandwidth, traffic shaping and making the network nearly 100% up and running.
  • Monitor link utilization on various serial interfaces, Ethernet interfaces & Frame-relay circuits on Cisco routers and build a bandwidth utilization trend. If links are being congested / over-utilized, put a plan in place to upgrade circuits. Work with LEC / Service Provider in upgrading the circuits.
  • Manage Windows NT Servers, UNIX Servers, Checkpoint Firewalls, Novell Netware Servers, etc.
  • Designed and implemented Internal Computing network infrastructure including Gigabit Ethernet backbone, 100mbs desktop switching, OC12/48 Packet Over SONET ATDN (Internet) peering, primary remote office DS3/OC3 ATDN peering, remote offices tunneled over IPSec VPNs
  • Configure Terminal Servers for out-of-band management
  • Configure Traffic Shaping to optimize utilization on ATM Backbone
  • Build and maintain Visio documentation database of network topology
  • Developed and maintained a number of tools to assist the Network Engineering group in their tasks, including project management tracking, tracking IP, VLAN, and BGP community allocations, visualizing switch-fabric topology, and visualizing BGP route-reflector topology.
  • Upgrade Cisco 7200, 3600 Router IOS Software, backup Router and Catalyst 3560 switch configurations, backup servers, etc.

Environment: Cisco Routers 7600, 3600, Cisco Switches 3560, Cisco Pix, Windows XP/NT/2000, HyperTerminal.


NOC Engineer


  • Respond to tickets opened by routine alarms and network issues.
  • Escalate non-routine or equipment-related network problems to higher-level Customer Support Technicians.
  • Work with the data center planning groups, assisting with network capacity and high availability requirements.
  • Review all changes to network configuration for technical accuracy and impact and provide Multi-Protocol Network problem resolutions.
  • Manning 24x7 operations of New Delhi NOC.
  • Evaluation of new network technologies, management, and analytical tools, Cisco works.
  • Answer 24x7 pager calls from customers on network emergencies and resolve issues
  • Re-engineering of enterprise network designs to meet increasing customer demands
  • Trouble shooting and problem resolution of elusive customer network difficulties.
  • Established TCP/IP & related Services-DHCP, DNS, WINS
  • Directly responsible for mentoring and assisting sixteen Network, System, and Application Architects; assist in mentoring of over fifty engineers and operators
  • Switching related tasks included implementing VLANS and configuring ISL trunk on Fast-Ethernet channel between switches, Configuring CGMP, IGMP and PIM.
  • Configuring access servers to perform reverse telnet and configuring AAA
  • Configuring custom and priority queuing for frame relay.
  • Configuring static NAT, dynamic NAT, inside Global Address Overloading, TCP overload distribution, Overlapping Address Translation.
  • Ensure near 100% uptime of all E1 facilities.
  • NMS monitoring for fault updates and initiate steps to recover any system/ subsystem failure in the shortest possible time.
  • Periodically review E1 utilization for optimal allocation.
  • Provide Help Desk support for VPN issues. Verify passwords and authenticates tokens. Coordinate reissue of nonfunctioning tokens as necessary.
  • Update the NOC with temporary changes in customer notification procedures. Report customer contact information errors to Lead Technician for customer.
  • Update ticket status in Network Operating Center systems.

Environment: Cisco Router GSR, Cisco Switches, Windows XP, Remedy server.

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