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System Level Design Engineer, Development Engineer Resume

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Irving, TX


  • Over 8+ years of hands - on professional IT experience in developing applications using C, C++ and Python, with expertise in mobile technology.
  • Experience in multiple levels of software development life cycle including Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Testing and Production Support.
  • Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts with extensive experience in C / C++ application development including STL containers, maps & design patterns.
  • Working experience in writing scripts and developing module level test cases using Python with XML and TTCN.
  • Hands-on experience in Object Oriented Development, Code Optimizations and Code Refactoring.
  • Expertise knowledge in UNIX and shell scripting.
  • Strong debugging skills using gdb and Code Composer Studio with deep diving into technical issues.
  • Accustomed to working with various software development methodologies including Waterfall and Agile.
  • Implemented UMTS features related to RRC, RLC, MAC, OLPC, NBAP, RANAP and NAS protocols
  • In-depth experience with Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols of UMTS
  • Demonstrated the roles of Software Developer and Technical Lead for developing features for Confidential with teams of size 3-5.
  • Demonstrated the roles of Software developer and Area Feature Owner (AFO) in Confidential and developed features with teams of size 6-7.
  • Provided hands-on support, analysis and resolution for issues raised in production environment, integration testing and other levels of testing in lab. Dispatched hot fixes.
  • Hands-on experience in adapting the RNC software and the module test components to Confidential Networks solution Airframe for telco cloud.
  • Good understanding on distributed computing infrastructures, Hadoop and Big data technologies
  • Good understanding of SQL and Relational database (RDBMS) concepts.
  • Experience in development of software design document, unit test and validation plans.
  • Involved in configuration and testing of multiple features at system level and raised many bugs.
  • Complete understanding of Agile/SCRUM with the ability to conduct SCRUM meetings, co-ordinate team activities in a strict-deadline driven environment and maintain excellent client communication.
  • Experience with various source control tools like Clearcase, SVN and Git.
  • Used Jira, Pronto and other project management tools.
  • Good experience with JENKINS and other build environment tools.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and work efficiently in either self-directed or cross-functional and team-oriented environment.
  • Good analytical, problem-solving skills with ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proactive with efficient time management and organization Skills.


Design & Development Tools: Rational RoseRT, Microsoft Visio, Eclipse, Code Composer Studio

Languages: C, C++, Python, TTCNScripting: Shell scripting, Expect, FAN

SCM System: Clear Case, SVN, GIT

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux

SDLC: Waterfall and Agile

Other tools: Wireshark, CAIT, Jenkins, gdb, Purify, Coverity, Hypercode, Phabricator, Klocwork, Notepad++


Confidential, Irving, TX

System Level Design Engineer, Development Engineer


  • Worked in roles corresponding to System level Design, Development, Unit test and Module test for developing features related to Outer loop power control (OLPC) in L2 layer of UMTS protocol stack.
  • Enhanced the legacy OLPC functionality of Confidential RNC with Confidential proprietary algorithms working with the system architects for better power control.
  • Enhanced the design of the OLPC subsystem using Microsoft Visio to in corporate the new algorithms. Implemented the changes required using C programming.
  • Written new unit level test cases using CppUnit and module level test cases using TTCN programming and executed them to validate the new algorithms.
  • Redesigned the debug support for OLPC subsystem in Confidential RNC and created the flow charts using Microsoft Visio. Implemented the changes using C programming. Validated the changes using unit test and analyzing the system level test logs.
  • Enhanced the framework to generate the interface message templates required for decoding the interface messages to human readable format in a proprietary message viewing tool Emil using Python, for log analysis.
  • Worked to execute Proof of Concept (POC) utilizing C programming to test the proposed Confidential proprietary algorithms for enhancing the OLPC functionality.
  • Involved in knowledge building exercises in Hadoop and Big data technologies with an aim to understand the new technologies and their applicability.
  • Worked on identifying and implementing the changes required for the OLPC subsystem of the RNC software to enable running it on the Confidential telco cloud solution Airframe as part of the trial implementation.
  • Worked on adapting the existing OLPC module level test cases to work with the cloud enabled RNC software.
  • Used the Airframe cloud manager to create cloud instances and testing the software changes in a sub-system level test environment.
  • Lead a team of 6 engineers through agile methodology of the development for the feature Enhanced power control in RNC.
  • Co-ordinated with multiple stakeholders starting from System level architects to development and various levels of test teams to drive the feature development from technical side.
  • Raised many issues during the reviews of multiple artifacts such as Requirements, Design, Code, Test plan, Configurations and Interfaces which helped in reducing the defects in later phases and to reduce the cost of effort.
  • Have been working as first point of contact for all queries and issues in the Power Control area, from all the different levels of testing including pilot testing with customers.
  • Have been working closely with test teams from multiple test levels and proposed changes to functionality based on the behavior of the system along with system architects. Also, guided the development team towards implementing those solutions.
  • Have been resolving issues reported from field and multiple test levels by providing solutions to the bugs identified through in-depth analysis.
  • Enhanced Power control in RNC
  • Debug counter enhancement in RNC user plane
  • IMSI based Monitoring

Environment: C, C++, Python, TTCN, Unix, SVN, GIT, Eclipse, Shell scripting, Agile, Jira, Jenkins, Pronto, DOORS, Livelink, gdb, Code Composer Studio, Coverity, Klocwork, Phabricator, CAIT, Wireshark, Notepad++, Microsoft Visio


C/C++, Python Developer


  • Worked with Module level Design, Development, Unit test, Module test, Target test and Validation test for developing features related to BSR RRM in L3 layer of UMTS protocol stack.
  • Developed the use case diagrams and sequence diagrams using Rational RoseRT as part of high level design.
  • Implemented the design proposed using C, C++, STL containers and RoseRT for state machines.
  • Prepared unit level and module level test cases to test the functionalities developed and executed the testing using Python with XML library.
  • Involved in creation of artifacts like IAD, HLD, LLD, UTP, UTR, Target test plan and test reports.
  • Involved in discussions to collaborate with stakeholders and review SRS, HLDIS, Configurations and Interfaces.
  • Lead a team of 3 engineers through waterfall model of feature development to develop the UL Interference management feature.
  • Involved in the first level analysis of the issues reported by different test teams, field deployment and guiding the development team towards arriving at and implementing the solutions to fix the issues.
  • Supported the field engineers to understand the on field behavior of the system and providing quick fixes to the issues observed on field as part of software maintenance.
  • Worked on creating test beds to test various releases and features of the software.
  • Performed the task of upgrading the Femto and Simulator to the newer software loads and configured by updating the required database tables using SQL commands.
  • Performed tests to ensure sanity after upgrading the Femto and Simulator to the newer software loads.
  • Worked on setting up test environment in lab to enable testing Femto BSR using network simulator and real UE. As part of this, performed activities such as installation and configuration of Femto from factory, installation and configuration of network simulator, configuration of DHCP and DNS.
  • Involved in Bring-up of software load on target board and performing CS voice, CS data and PS calls as part of testing sanity of software for multiple releases.
  • Involved in creating and executing the system level feature test plan for multiple features.
  • Involved in testing OAM functionality of the system under different scenarios of data provisioning through HNM.

Environment: C, C++, Python, Rational RoseRT, Unix, Clearcase, Vim, Shell scripting, Jenkins, Waterfall, ClearQuest, Livelink, gdb, Coverity, Purify, Hypercode, CAIT, Wireshark

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