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Aws Cloud Engineer Resume

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Los Angeles, CA


  • 5+ years of experience in System Administration including Amazon Web Services, Linux and Unix Administration
  • 3 years of experience in Amazon Web Services including migrating infrastructure to AWS cloud and maintenance of production web infrastructure.
  • Good experience with AWS features such as EC2, S3, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, Elasticache, VPC, Route 53 and SNS.
  • Experienced in Chef, Puppet configuration and automation tools.
  • Worked with Jenkins and Maven to build and deploy systems.
  • Experience with using Python to script automation processes.
  • Experienced in administration and implementation of database systems such as Oracle DB and MySQL.
  • Management skills include working with Agile work environment, project lifecycles and documentation of projects.


Operating Systems: Amazon Linux, Red Hat Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Windows

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB

Monitoring Tools: CloudWatch, Nagios

Automation Tools: Chef, Puppet

Build Tools: Jenkins, Maven

Web and App Servers: Apache Tomcat, NGINX

Version Controllers: SVN, Git

Scripting: Python


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

AWS Cloud Engineer


  • Involved in reviewing and assessing current infrastructure to be migrated to the AWS cloud platform.
  • Created new servers in AWS using EC2 instances, configured security groups and Elastic IPs for the instances.
  • Performed maintenance to ensure reliable and consistently available EC2 instances.
  • Set up an Elastic Load Balancer to balance and distribute incoming traffic to multiple servers running on EC2 instances.
  • Created backup of database systems using S3, EBS and RDS services of AWS.
  • Created ElastiCache for the database systems to ensure quick access to frequently requested databases.
  • Monitored instances running on EC2 using AWS CloudWatch involving creating alarms and notifying users via SNS.
  • Used Puppet to configure and automate server instances in AWS.
  • Set up Route 53 to ensure traffic distribution among different regions of AWS.
  • Set up a content delivery system using AWS CloudFront to distribute content like html and graphics files faster.
  • Used SVN for version control and Jenkins for integration and deployment of applications.
  • Provided support throughout the software life cycle i.e. Design, Code, Test, Debug and Production.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

AWS Cloud Admin


  • Implemented and supported creating EC2 instances, S3 storage, Auto Scaling of instances and CloudWatch Monitoring based on requirements.
  • Assigned and managed roles for users and groups by defining policies via Identity and Access Management.
  • Configured web servers to enable caching, configured CDN application servers and load balancers.
  • Deployed templates using CloudFormation for the required environment.
  • Configured networking with route tables, access control lists, firewalls, and NAT, HTTP and DNS.
  • Performed server automation with Chef and used Jenkins for deploying and building management system.
  • Managed and implemented code changes using SVN.
  • Experience with Jira to track issues and project management.
  • Configured Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment and networking inside the VPC.
  • Worked with Glacier to archive old files as needed.
  • Administered databases using RDS, MySQL and DynamoDB in AWS.
  • Used AWS CLI to create new instances and manage existing instances.
  • Worked with Chef to configure and automate running instances.


Network Admin


  • Administered and supported application servers, responsibilities included troubleshooting and monitoring servers using Nagios.
  • Configured local file system storage to create partitions and volumes.
  • Involved in deploying and supporting patch management, updating services and software installation.
  • Experience with Yum package installations and patching software.
  • Provided support for creating user accounts, security privileges for specific users and process monitoring in Ubuntu and RedHat Linux.
  • Monitored system performance statistics like storage, CPU utilization and network bandwidth utilization.
  • Documented system logs and error reports.

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