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Devops/aws Cloud Administrator Resume

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  • 6+ Years of Experience as support engineer with 3+ years in Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Release Management and 2+ years in Cloud Implementations.
  • Over 2+ year of experience in using configuration management tools like Chef/Ansible/Puppet.
  • Worked in an agile development team to deliver an end to end continuous integration/continuous delivery(CI/CD) product in an open source environment using tools like Chef, Puppet & Jenkins.
  • ExperiencewithDocker and GIT/GitHub.
  • Experienced in branching & merging strategies using GIT onLinux platform.
  • Experienced in Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Configuration, performance tuning on Linux system software & hardware.Working on Nagios Monitoring tool installation, Configuration to monitor 100’s of servers in the Linux environment.
  • Supported AWS Cloud environmentwith200+ AWS instances and configured Elastic IP & Elastic Block Storage and also experience working on implemented security groups.
  • Expert level knowledge of Amazon EC2, S3, Simple DB, RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, and other services in AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Scaled AWS Cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience in setting up Chef Server, workstation, client to deploy applications.
  • Experience with AWS components such as EC2, S3, Elastic IPs, EBS, Security Groups, Route 53, VPC, ElastiCache, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS and Cloud Formation.
  • Configured AWS IAM and Security Group in Public and Private Subnets in VPC.
  • Architected, Designed and Developed the Backup and Archiving, Disaster Recovery in AWS Cloud.
  • Experienced in Amazon EC2 setting up instances, virtual private cloud (VPCs), and security groups.
  • Worked on many proof of concept (POC) assignments on Amazon Web Services, Puppet and Ansible automation tools.
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Good knowledge of UNIX shell scripts for software automation.
  • Capable of quickly learning and delivering solutions as an individual and as part of a team.
  • Hands - on experience in JIRA & ServiceNow for ticketing system.
  • Excellent Communication skills and can interact supportively within a team environment.


Operating System: Windows, Unix, Linux.

CI / CD Tools: Jenkins2.0

Scripting Languages: Unix Shell, Python

Build Tools: Maven

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere, Weblogic

Database: SQL, MY SQL, SQL Server

Version Control: Subversion 1.5 & 1.6, GIT

Monitoring Tools: Nagios

Configuration Management tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible


Confidential, NY

Devops/AWS Cloud Administrator


  • Involved in designing and deploying applications utilizing almost all of the AWS stack (Including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, SNS, SQS, IAM) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Migrated the current Linux environment to AWS/RHEL Linux environment and used auto scaling feature.
  • Installed and configured chef server / workstation and nodes via CLI tools to AWS nodes.
  • Created users and groups using IAM and assigned individual policies to each group.
  • Increased EBS backed volume storage capacity when the root volume is full using AWS EBS Volume feature.
  • Took snapshots of EBS volumes and copied in different availability zones and attached to new instances.
  • Secured a private subnet by placing a NAT Gateway and Bastion Host in public subnet to allow internet access to private subnet via bastion host.
  • Created S3 backups using versioning enable and moved objects to Amazon Glacier for archiving purpose.
  • Created SNS notifications and assigned ARN to S3 for object loss notifications.
  • Created load balancers (ELB) and used Route53 with failover and latency options for high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Experience with monitoring tools such as Cloud Watch.
  • Used GIT version control to manage the source code and integrating GITwithJenkins to support build automation.
  • Setup Chef Server, workstation, client and used scripts to deploy applications.
  • Experience in creating VPC and Security groups.
  • Implementing new projects builds framework using Jenkins & maven as build framework tools implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Chef, Maven in Linux environment.
  • Design and build Docker tools, integrations like Docker images and Docker Plugins.
  • Designed and implemented continuous deployment pipeline to demonstrate design-to-deployment lifecycle resource reduction for dramatic time and cost savings, and deployment to AWS and internal hosts from single set of tools.
  • Maintain AWS deployment, configuration tools and transform them into a robust system to auto-scale our platform.
  • Automated deployment of builds to different environments using Jenkins build pipeline plugin.
  • Used Chef Recipes for Deployment on build on internal Data Centre Servers. Also, re-used and modified same Chef Recipes to create a Deployment directly into Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Delivered specific versions of various components of an application into target environments.
  • Worked withAgile Scrum development.
  • Proposed and implemented branching strategy suitable for Agile development in Subversion.

Environment: Chef, Docker, AWS, EC2, S3, ELB, EBS, R53, Cloudformation, Git, GitHub, Jenkins & RedHat Linux.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

Devops Engineer


  • Configured Jenkins for doing the build in all the non-production environments.
  • Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Created CI/CD pipeline and wrote Ansible playbooks for deployment.
  • Setup and configuration of GIT, created users, repositories, branches, tags, involved in merging activities.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day GIT support for different projects.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using GIT source control.
  • Performed EBS snapshots and attached to new instances in AWS.
  • Changed the Launch configuration for minimum and maximum EC2 instances.
  • Created cloud watch alarms for Auto scaling groups in AWS.
  • Created AMI for the Instances to add in the launch configuration.
  • Deploying the AWS components on multimode with high availability environment.
  • Handled Jira tickets for SCM Support activities.
  • Creating user level of access for related GitHub project directories to the code changes.
  • Used Artifactory as internal repository manager for maintaining the build artifacts & other packages.
  • Used Puppet modules for installing and managing java versions.
  • Managed Jenkins, GitHub, Puppet, Artifactory, and all internal build systems for the coredevelopment team on an enterprise-level Java-based Automation tool.

Environment: Artifactory, Puppet, AWS, Maven, Jenkins, Linux, Jira, Ansible, Nagios & Tomcat.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Devops Engineer


  • Developed and implemented the software release management for the release of web applications.
  • Worked with ANT and MAVEN build scripts to simplify build process. Configured Bamboo jobs for doing the build in all thenon-productionand production environments for various project teams.
  • Developed and maintained automated deployment scripts in Linuxusing Chef.
  • Developed a continuous deployment pipeline using Jenkins, Chef and Shell Scripts.
  • Integrated Maven with Jenkins for the builds as the Continuous Integration process.
  • Wrote shell/python scripts to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Strong ability to utilize Linux Shell Programming methods.
  • Assisted in supporting and updating Linux control programs.
  • Implemented Subversion(SVN) branching and merging operations forJavaSource Code.
  • Experience in administering Linux servers in a corporate environment such as CentOS, Ubuntu.
  • Creating scalable clouds with AWS, VMware.
  • Responsible for code build, deploy, release and maintaining Environment specific configuration on Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Designed and deployed AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic load Balancer, Auto scaling groups.
  • Interacted with the Business Users to document the existing application.
  • Arranged analysis reports and be accountable to answer any queries, complaints or proposal.

Environment: ANT, Maven, Subversion, Python, Chef, Bamboo, AWS, EC2, S3, DNS, Web Sphere, Open Stack, CentOS GIT, CentOS, Ubuntu, Jenkins & RHEL6.5


Systems/Application Support Engineer


  • Developed build and deployment processes.
  • Perform software builds using SVN as version control.
  • Managed SVN repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Developed Shell/Batch Scripts for automation purpose.
  • Resolving merging issues during build and release by conducting meetings with developers and managers.
  • Worked closely with software developers and middleware engineering team to debug application and system issues.
  • Developed and maintained integration and release processes.
  • Maintained and coordinated environment configuration, controls, code integrity, and code conflict resolution.
  • Implemented Maven builds to automate JAR and WAR.
  • Used Hudson for Continuous Integration and deployment into Tomcat Application Server.
  • Supported and developed tools for integration, automated testing and release management.

Environment: Subversion (SVN), Hudson, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, XML &Tomcat.


Jr. Linux Admin(Intern)


  • Creating, maintaining of user accounts locally and administration of local and global groups on Red Hat Linux platforms.
  • Installed and configured Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, Sun Solaris 9, 10 and IBM AIX 5L 5.x operating systems on large distributed environment.
  • Provided administration and support for Servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x and Sun Solaris 9, 10 operating systems.
  • LAN installing, configuring and troubleshooting. Supports desktop hardware, software and applications.
  • Managed Windows/Linux Hosted servers across all locations with respect to Applications/DB.
  • Administered Windows/Linux Active Directory, Proxy Server, Web Server, Log server, Repository and MySQL server.
  • Scheduled and ensured proper Backups of all Application Databases.
  • Worked with Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and YUM.
  • Deployed and installed New Servers for various Applications Windows/Linux.
  • Automated in the form of tools and Scripts to reduce IT Work bare minimum.
  • Resolved Operation issues which comes in the form of Tickets across all locations.
  • Process/Agent Calls and Quality management - includes calls storage, retention, conversion, server management.

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