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Storage Administrator Resume Profile



Excellent customer rapport, superior troubleshooting skills, very robust deep technical skills, excellent quality of work, quick response times, well documented service reports, complete tough projects, read and follows plans, efficient use of available tools. I am a self sufficient will fulfill my role more person that works well in a team pulling together the individual skills of the team for the best results. I have been in this field for 20 plus years operating at a high performance level at all stops I am resourceful coming up with resolutions of tough issues for the short long term. I maintain my technical skills with dedicated personal computer laboratory with over 10 different servers custom built and a few proprietary, managed switches, tape libraries, ESXi, Linux, Windows etc...


Basic to complex networking, Hubs Concentrators, Routers, backup software/DRP, scripting OS administration processes, complex system integration, clusters hardware and software, high availability solutions, performance optimization, load balancing, database concepts, data migrations audio video streaming, remote system administration and troubleshooting. Solution architect, design system, storage, SOW creation using Visio, Powepoint and other presentation methods. Deep debugging of application and OS to the kernel levels, including core file analysis. I am able to architect solutions from beginning to production. Hardware firmware debugging. I have done numerous POC's proof of Concepts and R D prototype testing.


  • OS: HP-UX, Solaris, Linux Red Hat, SUSE, Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE etc.. , Windows All NT technologies, up to W2008 r2 , Cloud Technologies limited AIX, SGI, NCR, SCO, BSD. Perl, Python. PHP
  • Applications:
  • Storage: Data Protector, Openview Storage Mirroring, Storage Essentials, Openview Storage Area Manager, Asynchronous Synchronous replication. Snap Shot management, CommVault, Veritas, Deduplication, FreeNAS, HP Virtual Library
  • Monitoring System Administration tools Utilities: Nagios, Cacti, Openview Operations, Network Node Manager NNM, Puppet
  • Web Web 2.0: Mysql, Apache, Movabletype Blog software, Joomla Drupal CMS, Gallery2, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl. MySQL
  • Desktop: Windows Office Suites, Microsoft Project Visio
  • Other: NIS, Visio, headless Xterminals/thin clients, BDNA, Vmware, Spacial Audio, LVM, Veritas Volume Manager, IPTables, Selinux, Modsecurity, FTP, SSH, Clustering ServiceGuard Windows , Oracle, Vmware, ESX ESXi , IPTables, Selinux.Java NFS,TCP/IP, RAID, Business Continuity, Load Balancing, Continous Access, Disaster Recovery. EMC clarion, EMC Navisphere,. Powerpath, iSCSI initiators. ILO, IPMI, Double-Take Availability,


HP 9000 platform, HP Proliant, x86, x86 64 Intel AMD platforms, PARSC, IA Itanium , tape libraries, VTL Virtual Tape Libraries , EVA disk arrays, MSA Disk Arrays, NAS SAN devices, SAN switches like Brocade Cisco, printer setup, UPS, KVM, LAN VLAN layered 2 switches, SAS, SCSI, SATA, Storage Tiering concepts, RAID, C7000 Blades, NAS.I have performed project design for entire NOC's to single user systems literally over 10,000 documented custom systems so it is second nature to me. I have designed projects with all direct DC powered systems with backup power or AC.

EMPLOYMENT Experis/Accenture

Storage Administrator Confidential

Storage support for clients storage platforms including Data Protector, HP EVA's. Answering support tickets and monitoring day to say activities of storage infrastructure reactively and proactively.

Nelson Technology/ Quest/McKesson Systems Engineer Confidential

Performing migrations and system refresh builds of various systems in the customer's infrastructure of this large Fortune 14 customer's datacenter. We are doing this in the local data center as well as performing virtual migrations in other data centers as needed. The migrations can be Windows or Linux, Virtual or Physical. We also performed migrations to storage platform's to data centers from remote file servers to centrally located NAS devices for business units. Migrations methods moving databases like SQL setting web applications that used Apache and IIS. Interacted with application developers for web based applications and provided and environment for PHP, Python, C based applications.

Confidential IT Production Support Analyst

I Helped POS Finacial client implement control of newly acquired application infrastructure so that it could be brought into the larger mature IT environment. Technologies in place to use are Nagios, Linux OS, Centos, Red Hat, VMWare, Solaris, SVN, MySQL, LAMP, Tomcat, PHP, Python based applications.

Storage System Analyst / Solutions Consultant Western Blue/NWN Confidential

  • I worked from within the Data Center practice implementing solutions and system integrations within general, storage, Red Hat SUSE Linux, UNIX Windows for public sector commercial clients.
  • Helped carry forward as the sole technical resource from company to scan California states infrastructure to find what applications and devices resided on their network using BDNA technology.
  • I also performed consolidation with Virtualization technology VMware C7000 HP Blades on the hardware side.
  • Setup SAN's, NAS and Enterprise backups with HP Data Protector CommVault, along with Veritas.
  • Explored Open Source storage and NAS opportunities.
  • I worked with Dell, HP, Cisco, Brocade and other technologies in this position.
  • This position required heavy travel within state and outside of state.
  • Proof of concepts with SUSE, Red Hat kernel dump creation and analysis of the Kernel with crash.


Mission Critical Technical Account Manager/Storage TAM ,

  • Provided support for customers within HP with the highest level of support HP offers for the customers SAN/storage environment including their backup software Disk arrays, blades HP Openview Data Protector and OS support, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2008 Windows 2003, clusters etc..
  • I became fluent and part of customer's environment acting proactively to environmental issues suggesting updates and fixes as well as providing immediate reactive support.


Response Center Openview Engineer Storage emphasis

  • Provided support for many of HP's Storage Applications such as Enterprise backup application Data Protector, SAN NAS management software Open View Storage Area Manager Storage Essentials, Storage Mirroring. All software mentioned resides on heterogeneous platforms and integrates with several 3rd party applications. I also briefly supported NNM Network Node Manager and Openview Operations .
  • I was Lab Administrator for our worldwide support lab and setting up planning and maintaining setting all our lab infrastructure hardware. Setup lab and team website with PHP CMS based logic.
  • Lab hardware included Intel AMD, SAN/NAS HW including Disk Arrays. VTL and software that connected to the various software we supported via API's such as Oracle, Informix, SQL MS Exchange, MS Cluster, Service Guard etc... I planned and ordered all lab purchases, configured, systems, applications for the global team to use the labs for support using physical and virtual Vmware/Hyper-V systems along with my normal duties.
  • OS included, SUSE, Red Hat, HP-UX, Various Windows Server versions
  • Worked with development team on deep application debugging and patching for site specific patches.

Confidential Response Center UNIX Engineer

  • I provided phone support for HP-UX customers with contracts. This includes all phases of the HPUX OS.
  • Kernel Tuning, print spool, LVM, backup, core analysis, system tuning, X-Windows Support, filesystem, System maintenance, hardware peripheral inclusion and many other HP-UX system support functions.

Confidential Response Center UNIX Engineer

  • I provided phone support for HPUX customers with contracts. This includes all phases of the HPUX OS.
  • Kernel Tuning, print spool, LVM, backup, core analysis, system tuning, X-Windows Support, filesystem, System maintenance, hardware peripheral inclusion and many other HP-UX system support functions.

Confidential Network Equipment Engineer Manager

  • As Level one manager I performed Project Management of Telecom Equipment. This includes power, structural, switch, network and computer technologies. The network I managed was the network that monitored the company's entire network in my area which included one of the largest population centers in the state. My tasks to perform the above included working from detailed drawings and locating equipment in best location for present and future growth. Laying out and deciding what type of earthquake bracing, power requirements, backup and DRP redundant solutions, future service requirements, network loads, network down time and bidding all portions out to appropriate approved vendors and then grading vendors and in house personnel on performance of tasks.
  • My territory was from the south started Carmel CA to Petaluma to the North then as far East as Livermore, one of the densest collections of Central office equipment you can get including the labs.

Confidential Software Integration Engineer

In HPUX performed custom software solutions for customers working closely with other engineers and various Business Partners on custom software installations and integrations. I also insured inspected the custom hardware installations and signed them off for the hardware team before beginning my custom software installations on the equipment/projects. These installations would include worldwide systems that included every element and could be one single cabinet to dozens of cabinets of equipment.

Confidential Storage Customer Support Engineer

  • I provided phone on-site support, network design OS support for large customer base that purchased systems and/or peripherals on various UNIX platforms as well as non-UNIX platforms Windows.
  • Testing and trouble-shooting in lab as well. In this company we built custom RAID peripherals from ground up and dealt with SCSI at the protocol level.
  • Liason between 3rd party developers and company, providing support for company's backup application.
  • We worked with all flavors of UNIX, SGI, NCR, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris as well as Linux Red Hat, Windows NT

Confidential Field System Engineer

  • Custom enterprise level configuration of software hardware solutions and integration of Windows UNIX servers' workstations and PC's on-site and in-house in custom configuration room.
  • Travel up and down the state almost 75 of time mostly working with telecom cellular companies.
  • Worked with SUN, HP, AT T, Compaq, and IBM compatibles in this position Helped pre-sales, post-sales support.
  • Support of in house developed applications.
  • Made sure all proprietary Enterprise software developed was proper version and quality leaving company.
  • Tracked all Pacific Access proprietary software. Tested and documented all RMA returns.
  • Automated over network loading of Solaris using NIS Jumpstart . Worked on entire line of Sun equipment they had in their lineup during this period. With me as an integral part and in charge of the entire hardware and OS and application configuration we did entire NOC's for large small companies.
  • OS's worked with included SCO, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, NT 3.51, NCR UNIX

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