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Network Administrator Resume Profile


Profile Summary

  • Results-oriented, seasoned emerging technology guru, and visionary architect specialized in Big Data/cloud/SOA/EA.
  • Proven project experience in connecting dots to solve challenging complex business problems with ambiguity and deliver awarding-winning enterprise solutions, to adaptively align IT capabilities with ever-changing business demands/priorities.
  • Recognized industry thought leader and versatile practitioner adept at adopting, developing, and converging strategic technologies and unified/agile methodologies to rapidly apply best-of-breed disciplines for iterative IT transformation.
  • Unique blend of business and technical skill sets to pragmatically innovate and pioneer cutting-edge products and services.

Professional Experience

Project Lead/Cloud/SOA/Big Data Architect/Sr. Delivery Manager.


  • Drove holistic tech transformation to big data platform for 14B largest media company create strategy, define blueprint, design roadmap, build end-to-end stack, evaluate leading technology options, benchmark selected products, prototype/POC solutions, migrate products, reconstruct information architecture, introduce metadata management, leverage machine learning, productionize consolidated data store: Hadoop, MR, Mahout, Redshift, BigQuery, EMR, OpenRefine, Datameer.
  • Revamped the Attribution Model for online advertisement link impression, click, and conversions, develop statistical models, conduct predictive analysis report, connect to real-time bidding RTB : R, Revolution R, Hadoop, Hive, Good Data
  • Productized cloud and big data services/solutions in the format of platform killer applications spur and promote incremental adoption of advanced technologies, such as industry-leading real-time BI in supply chain quality management, migrate a large system, profile and enhance cluster performance: Hadoop, Pentaho, Talend, Fuse, Mule, Hyperic, Ganglia
  • Introduced cloud database and integration as a service to a big hotel chain to initiate hybrid use of NoSQL data repositories and enforce interoperability Oracle DBMS on RDS, Cassandra data store for ODS, POC, supplement to EDW, schema.
  • Designed an innovative data ingestion method to accelerate HBase loading 50X faster load rate via native HFile/splitting.
  • Transformed applications to big data cloud migrate to Hive, Hypertable, local clustering on HDFS, EMR on EC2, Azure.
  • Built a platform for data collection and visual ETL with MapReduce parallelize multi-source feeding with compression.
  • Constructed big data solution to phase out a traditional EDW at a large Telecom firm Hive, Tableau, HDFS cluster, sizing
  • Cloudified 7B complex healthcare systems with SOA to align with business strategy by operationalizing maturity-driven systematic migration process-driven analysis, service discovery, integration patterns, reference architecture, cloud delivery.
  • Baselined the cloud-centric SOA execution in a 2B insurance firm for IT modernization with phased transition to service portfolio define service strategy, create SOA program, publish service inventory, introduce service lifecycle practices, build naming convention, establish governance process, enable REST, monitor services, design scorecard, drive maturity growth.
  • Created a comprehensive architecture strategy and conversion roadmap for life insurance platform consolidate and migrate Ingenuim, externalize commission, enable straight-through processing for e-app, agency portal at 1.3B insurance company.
  • Defined enterprise architecture roadmap to realign IT with business strategy for a good balance of strategic vision and tactics in 6B credit rating firm redo operation plan, extract reusable components, develop platforms, construct shared services.
  • Directed EA consulting delivery to large-size clients for MM engagements in Fortune 100 companies government agencies design EA management in DoD/DoJ B budget SOA/Cloud programs, state IT Strategic Plan at South Carolina.
  • Advised CXO of big firms on adopting disruptive solutions of next-generation technologies pragmatically for Enterprise 2.0 perform technology roadmapping with progressive phases for Bank Transaction Services at 10B LoB in the largest bank.
  • Designed reference architecture, service-oriented cloud-based disciplines, value engineering for world largest telecom vendor
  • Led ideation and incubated new offerings create ground-breaking cloud accelerators, lead cloud CoE, develop cloud/big data service catalog, define cloud products/platforms, initiate cloud jumpstart program, conceive Azure migration/dev kit.
  • Acted as a practice facilitator and hands-on innovator to define capability vision, blueprint, and core technology directions in innovative technology space end-to-end enablement and acceleration from new business development to solution execution.

Practice Lead Executive Architect/Strategist Senior Technical Staff Member .

  • Pioneered the first-ever IBM public storage cloud product develop completely disruptive virtual store from the ground up.
  • Provided consulting of system engineering to large clients like eBay turnkey solutions, system scaling strategy, HPC
  • Devised unified cloud roadmaps with phased buildouts and work tracks cross-disciplinary blueprint for operationalization.
  • Managed a cross-functional team to evolve the product line of systems services overhaul existing suites for lower TCO.
  • Strategized adaptive portfolio product line engineering practices and operationalized effective asset-based R D, GTM, commercialization and convergence advise and consult big companies on IT rationalization and infrastructure optimization.
  • Designed the client-facing portal architecture process server, app server, DBMS, UI navigation sitemap, storyboarding wireframes, integration with OSS Tivoli , SSO LDAP , billing and pricing engine Highdeal , iRise and RSA/RSM UML.
  • Implemented BSS/UX core capabilities detailed functional non-functional requirements, SWOT analysis via market intelligence assessment on productizability, modeling, architecture design, development, testing, integration, pilots, rollout
  • Directed LOB product development with IBM Research define themes, joint project proposals, university program topics.
  • Propelled the technical maturity growth in new releases of products like A2I mapping tool for right tiering in ILM.
  • Drove customer-facing consulting and advisory of system services consolidation engineer multi-dimensional simplification.
  • Built a product evolution map and HERB strategy to drive disruptive offerings Kaizen-style function consolidation.

SOA Strategy Lead Adjunct Professor.


  • team lead of a matrixed group.
  • Innovated a SOA strategy metamodel and oversaw the architecture roadmapping establish governance and management.
  • Led annual planning of SOA technology to prioritize initiatives estimate budgets accelerate SOA execution by 80 rate.
  • Created a service spectrum, service specification template and design guidelines set up service registry/repository for reuse.
  • Defined SOA work tracks with focus on critical service aspects lead workgroups on service method, ESB, taxonomy, etc.

Chief Architect/Team Lead Adjunct Professor.


  • Served as Chief Architect for Basel risk projects 100 M spending architecture oversight, design, guide and governance.
  • Directed lifecycle development of award-winning IT systems as lead of various complex projects, cutting cost/time in half: Enterprise on-demand knowledge portal first-of-a-kind 0-search platform for 50K users . Push Messaging System delivery to >6M customers, 20X increase of marketing permissions , industry-first event-driven account alerts system, online banking
  • Spearheaded the shared services CIO group Developer's Forum buildout of CoEs and expert groups for tech incubation.
  • Introduced key emerging technologies to the organization like Ajax and REST mitigate risks via POC/POT and pilots.

Enterprise Architect/Emerging Technology Planner.


  • Planned the technical strategy of the telecommunications network product line holistic roadmapping and productization.
  • Prototyped a first-of-a-kind web interface to a Unix CUI system inventive solution for largest Telco network vendors.
  • Guided proof-of-concept design of pen-based handheld devices launch a mobile solution with critical differentiators.
  • Reengineered and hardened a dataload application for ETL and rearchitected an interactive voice-response IVR system.

Senior Consultant.


  • Led system analysis and design of large-scale fundraising database systems embedded SQL and COBOL in legacy system.
  • Migrated a mainframe database application to an Internet-based client/server modernize a multi-user database system.
  • Researched feasible approaches of direct web access to the distributed relational databases explore Java client technology.
  • Initiated an applicability study of a pattern-driven rapid development approach widgets for feature-rich GUI templates.

Tech Lead/Researcher/Freelancer.

Lead System Designer/Solution Architect.

Consultant/Research Assistant.


Computing Skill Set and Expertise partial listing

Enterprise Architecture

Big Data/Cloud

Service/Cloud Engineering Stack

  • Views: Contextual, conceptual, logical, physical, and deployment
  • Styles: Business, process, app, service, platform, tech, data
  • Tooling: Troux, RSA/Popkin, Sparx EA, BiZZdesign, Mega, OpenText Metastorm. Shipley.
  • Service modeling: SML, UML, SOAML, SysML, DSL, and SCA
  • SOA method: SOMF, SOMA, SOAD, mainstream, SODDM
  • Practice 50 Frameworks RUP, EUP, OpenUP, MSF, MDA, Zachman, TOGAF, FEA, SPL, GERAM, TRAK, E2AF, BMM, APQC PCF, SPEM, CBM, I , MOF, Archimate, ARIS, XP, SCRUM, DSDM, ITIL, CMMi, COBIT, ATAM, Six Sigma
  • NoSQL store: HBase, Hive, Hypertable, Cassandra, BigQuery, Infobright, CDH, MapR, Big Insights, Neo4j, MongoDB, CouchDB, Drill, S3
  • Data ingestion: Talend, HParser
  • Data presentation: Pentaho, BIRT, JasperReport, SpangoBI, Quantum 4D, Datameer, Kitenga, QlikView, Tableau
  • Management: Fuse Fabric, Hyperic HQ, Groundwork, CDH, Hortonworks
  • Appliance: Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica, Big Data Appliance
  • Processing: MapReduce, HDFS, Pig, Solr, ElasticSearch, Lucene, R, Storm, Kafka, Revolution, Marklogic, YARN
  • Analytics: Mahout, Weka, Tika, Splunk
  • PaaS: Azure, GAE, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, force.com, EC2, Redshift
  • Container: OSGi, AppFabric
  • Web/portal server: Apache, Jetspeed, Liferay, eXo, iPlanet, Weblogic/Aqualogic, IIS, Ajax
  • Process server: BPMN, BPEL, ActiveBPEL, jBPM, WPS, WSO2 BPS, ODE, BizTalk
  • App server: Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, JRun, JServ, JONAS, Struts, JSF, Spring
  • Store: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, EDW, ODS
  • Middleware/MQ: WMQ, MQSeries, MSMQ, ActiveMQ, SonicMQ, SwiftMQ
  • ESB/XML Appliance: WMB, Datapower, ServiceMix, Camel, Mule iON, OpenJMS, Open ESB, Fuse ESB, BizTalk
  • Business rule engine: iLOG, Blaze, Drools, NxBRE, SweetRules
  • Auth/auz/audit: OpenID, oAuth, JOSSO, Yale CAS, Acegi, Securent, JSSE, JCE, BSafe, Cryptix, Ping Identity, Oracle IDAM
  • Security: OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Jacksum, OpenSAML, Enhydra Oyster

SOA/Web Services

Programming/Design Language

Web Application Frameworks

  • WSRR, Systinet, RAM, Flashline, webMethods, Infravio, CMDB
  • Axis, CFX, Camel, WSO2, XACML
  • Java, C , Ruby on Rails, C/C , VB .Net, Visual C , IDL, ML, JavaBeans, UML, XML, XSL, WML, WSDL, WSSL, WSFL, WSXL, BPEL, BMPN, WSCL, SAML, XACML, DSML, SQL, SQLJ, PL/SQL, ESQL/PROC, dBase, VRML, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, JScript, VBScript, Latex, OpenGL, Perl, Smalltalk, COBOL, JCL, Fortran, Pascal, Python, PHP
  • SCA, Ajax, REST, Struts/Shale, JSF/MyFaces, Tapestry, Webwork, Stripes, Wicket, RIFE
  • Spring, Keel, Beehive, SEAM, OpenLaszlo, Dojo, DWR, Echo2, JSON-RPC, GWT
  • Yahoo UI, OFBiz, Sofia, Expresso
  • EJB session/entity/message beans, JDO, SDO, Hibernate, OJB, Castor, ADO.NET, iBatis, Cayenne
  • Microsoft Application Blocks/Enterprise Library, CORBA, ORB/IIOP, COM /DCOM

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