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Wayne, PA

OBJECTIVE To become a Storage Engineer, to utilize my expertise in supporting thecompany'sendeavors andenhancing productivity while expanding myknowledge.


SAN: Brocade Fabrics, DCX, 48K, 24K, 5100B, 4100, DCFM, BNA, WebTools, FOS 5.2-7.0, Inrange 512

STORAGE: EMC VMAX, VNX, DMX4, Celerra NAS, NAVISECCLI, Symmwin, SMC,SolutionsEnabler,Inlines, SymCLI,Enginuity code 5670-5874, HDS USP-V, Storage Navigator, VSP,IBM DS8800,DS8300, XIV, TPC, 3Par,HP EVA6000, HP P9500

NAS: NetApp 3020, EMC Celerra, DART 5.6, EMC VNX7500, UniSphere, Infrant TechnologiesReadyNAS

HP9000 IA/PA-RISC : SuperDome 64K, RX8640, RX6600, RP8400,N4000,HP-UX 10.20 32 bit -11iv2IA 11.2364bit , Reflections, MC/ServiceGuard A11.15, MirrorUX, Online JFS,Ignite-UX, Posix shell Scripting, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4 5for Integrity Servers,HP Open View Storage DataProtector 5.5, Symantec Veritas NetBackup 6.x

HP3000: 987, 995, 997, MPE/iX 5.5 - 7.5, Sysgen, NMMGR, Mapper

Oracle/SUN Micro: E10K, E450, E420R, E6500, Solaris 9-10

DEC: Alpha Server 2100 4/275, VAX 6000-420, VAX 4000/300, DEC 3000-300LX,VAX Stations,

VMS 6.1, Open VMS HP Integrity,DCL Programming

Intel/AMD: HP ProLiant Server, Microsoft Server 2008/2003, WindowsHome Server,Windows 7, Vista,XP, 2000, 98, DOS, Batch programming, Quick Basic,Apache, HTML, PPL PC BoardProgramming Language ,VMware Workstation 6.0.2, VMware ESXi Server, VMware Client,Radius,Red Hat Linux RHEL 5, Solaris 10 Intel Version, MS Office, Open Office

Tape: IBM 3584, Oracle/SUN/STK SL8500, EKM, KMS 1.2 - 2.2, KMA, VOP,ACSLS, STK L700,LTO1-LTO5, DLT, SDLT, 9840, 9940, STK9710,ADIC Scalar i2000, Decru DatafortFC1020




  • Assist as needed with large customers Disaster Recovery processes by performing recovery on HP-UX, MPE/iX, Windows Servers, VMware, VMS, and other unix/linux systems.


Senior Consulting Engineer


  • Manage, maintain, implement and support Brocade SAN Fabrics DCX's, 48K's, 5100b's, 4100's, etc. , HP and IBM Blade Enclosures, EMC 2 VMAX, 6 VNX7500, 2 VNX5700, 3 VNX5300, 2 DMX-4, CLARiiON CX2-240, CX4-240, CX4-480/NS-480, CX300, 2 AX4-5, and AX150 Blockand File NAS Storage Arrays, EMC Atmos, Centera, and Rainfinity archive devices, and Recover Point Manager and SRDF Disaster Recovery replication across the East coast from Florida to Maine. Some sites have Cisco MDS 9134 Fabric switches, but the bulk of the SAN is largely Brocade Core/Edge design. Applications utilized for provisioning, mapping, and masking are ECC, SMC, Unisphere, SYMCLI, and NAVISECCLI. SAN applications utilized consist of webtools, DCFM 10.4.5 CMDCE , Cisco Device Manger, Cisco Fabric Manager, Telnet, and Putty. Also assist Unix team with HP-UX systems as needed.


Systems Engineer

  • Fabric on the East Coast consisting of 15 DCX switches each containing 4-8 x 48 port blades with 4gb to
  • 8gb SFP's totaling over 5,643 port count and growing. Also responsible for provisioning, documentation,
  • and troubleshooting Fiber SAN Block and NAS Disk Arrays such as EMC V-MAX, VNX, Symmetrix
  • DMX-3/DMX-4, Celerra NAS ,HDS USP-V, VSP , HP P9500, EVA , IBM DS8300, DS8800, XIV , 3PAR, and NetApp. Handling customer High Availability Fabric ISL connections to hot site servers and devices. Tape library troubleshooting escalations including IBM 3584, Oracle/SUN/STK SL8500, Web access, encryption setup. Maintain Storage infrastructure for SAN, Disk, and Tape for DR. Creating Virtual Fabric creations via BNA for Virtual ISL connections. WWN Port Number and port zoning via BNA, DCFM,Web Tools, and Telnet scripts. Provide 24/7 escalation support for the operations team and clients on allplatforms storage: HP-UX, SUN Micro/Oracle Solaris , RS/6000 AIX , AS/400, Intel Windows Server/VMWare/Linux , DEC VMS , Tandem, and some IBM Main Frame.DASD provisioningdone viaSymmwin, SMC, Unisphere, Storage Navigator, HP Web Console,InServ., TPC.

Sr. Recovery Specialist


  • support for Open Systems team and clients.I am now an HP-UX Certified Systems Engineer CSE ,
  • HP-UX Certified System Administrator CSA prerequisite for the CSE, and a Brocade Certified Fabric
  • Professional BCFP . I've also reloaded bin files onto EMC Symmetrix, DMX800, and DMX1000 disk
  • array frames via Symmwin and Anatemain. Configured zoning on fabric switches such as Brocade
  • Silkworm DCX,48K, 24K, 12K, 3900, 2800 and an Inrange 512 port switch. During my time at SunGard I
  • have received a total of 59 ACES Awards which are customer appointed awards given toSunGard
  • employees foroutstandingachievements during their DR tests and disasters. I had also received ACES of
  • the MONTH twice, once in July 2001 and once in July 2003. I had received the ACES of the Year Award
  • in 2001issued by customer response.


Recovery Specialist

  • andtroubleshoot hardware/software issues that emerged during client's DR tests and actual disasters.
  • Clients I assisted were on HP3000 MPE/iX 5.5 7.5 , HP9000 HP-UX 10.20 32 bit 11iv2 64 bit , and
  • SUN Mirco platforms or a combination of each depending on what that client had in their data center at
  • their base locations. I primarily worked with HP9000 and HP3000 platforms. Our data center was
  • comprised of over 53 HP servers: 5 SuperDome's, 7 RP8400's, 9 RP7420's, 12 N4000's, 3
  • V2500's, 1 A500, 7 K580's, 4 K570's, 1 K400, 2 T600's, and 2 997. I've assisted clients with
  • SLT installs, SYSGEN reconfiguration of all attached hardware, NMMGR DTC and Networking
  • configurations on MPE class systems. On HP-UX I've assisted with Ignite recovery's, LVM maintenance
  • recreating volume groups and file systems, swinstall any needed drivers, network configuration and
  • troubleshooting, and any other administration assistance needed. Attended HP training classes while
  • working for Sungard to improve my skills to better serve their customers. I have written procedures and
  • shared notes with employees andcustomers on items such as How to VTOC an EMC frame, How to setup
  • and configure an HP3000MPE/iX operating system, and HP-UX Troubleshooting Guide. For internal
  • SunGard use I created the chkdsk and tt scripts on our Ignite server to assist in speeding up setups in testing
  • all tape devices and verifying all disks are usable on the external EMC frames as well as internally. I have
  • also created and maintained the original Setup/QC sheets containing hardware I/O paths for the customers.
  • I've also had some experience with Data Protector 5.5, MC Service Guard, and MirrorUX.


Computer Operator / Programmer

  • systems comprised of micro and mainframe VMS, UNIX, Ultrix, IRIX, and Open VMS machines. These
  • systems were dedicated to TFTR and PBX Plasma Burning Experiment Reactor to acquire data from
  • PBX and analyze data from both reactors. Specific duties included monitoring systems, troubleshooting,
  • system backups, and archiving raw data. Developed and maintained DCLprograms to simplify tasks and
  • improve operations.

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