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Windows Systems Administrator Resume Profile



  • Seasoned, articulate, highly motivated and responsible professional with outstanding verbal, written and interpersonal communications skills, advanced IT knowledge and 16 years experience in various facets of the fields of computers, network security, and project management including expert experience with hardware troubleshooting of servers and workstations. Skills include:
  • Wireless Networking MS Office Active Directory HP OpenView VMWare ESX4 ESX5
  • Hyper-V Active Directory Exchange Server Distributed File System Documentation WSUS Configuring file, share and group level security Design/build Intel and AMD based PC's and Servers
  • Windows 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 98, 95, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and NT 4.0 OS's
  • UPS PC Server hardware WINTEL

Professional Experience


Infrastructure Management Analyst Windows Server Engineer

Large scale 300 per month WINTEL P2V conversion of server farms using DoubleTake software with some V2P and numerous new virtual server builds in an environment of about 3500 servers. Team member of the build and deployment team building and deploying physical and virtual Windows 2008R2 and 2012 servers and domain controllers about 200 per month across a team of 8. Responsible for large scale active directory integration and streamlining of active directory access and security configurations. Technical Project Manager for server build/deploy projects coordinating several groups of technical persons. Position is 100 work from home.


Windows Systems Administrator Server Administrator and Limited Desktop Support

  • Imaged desktops and laptops for new users and servers for enterprise needs using existing, government approved, hardened hard drive images. Encrypted laptop hard drives. Install various different kinds of specialized law enforcement hardware and applications on user computers. Work as primary Tier 2 contact for desktop, laptop and server related trouble tickets. Performed these and other administrative duties as needed in an enterprise LAN/WAN environment of 480 users, often being the sole administrator for the entire facility of 175 local campus users. Often assisted and/or mentored other admins with resolution of technical issues.
  • Active Directory Admin: Add/Delete user network accounts, add/delete/modify security groups, move users from one OU to another who transferred from other facilities.
  • Exchange Server Admin: add/delete/update user email accounts, distribution group creation and maintenance, add/delete group mailboxes, add/delete/manage mailing distribution lists
  • Technical group lead - Oversee, manage and sign off on migration projects from old server hardware to new Server 2003/2008 installations at various remote locations
  • Maintained server tape backups and occasionally restored files as needed.
  • Performed occasional remote maintenance of offsite servers via LAN/WAN or VPN connection.
  • Occasionally assisted users with problems using Landesk or Remote Desktop remote control software.
  • Troubleshooting via phone and in person to include all hardware, software, connectivity, and application problems, taking all problems to resolution in a timely manner.
  • Reporting issues and documenting work/resolutions via a ticket system
  • Running routine reports to check backups, server utilization, and computer inventory
  • Upgrade/replace hardware and software systems for servers, workstations, notebooks, docking stations, data backup
  • Installation and configuration of VMware virtual server software per enterprise requirements
  • Place replacement hardware parts orders for servers and workstations
  • Cable plant management for equipment racks and cable trays
  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 support, installation, upgrades, patches and maintenance
  • Windows Desktop Support: installation, configuration and support of Windows 7 and XP OS's
  • Blackberry support with Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • MS Office and Outlook client support MS Office 97/2003/2007
  • VPN support for notebook users
  • Basic network connectivity troubleshooting
  • Anti-Virus, malware, and security update experience.
  • Hard drive imaging and data recovery experience server and desktops


Windows Systems Administrator Transition project

Short term contract Assist with managing and troubleshooting enterprise messaging systems on MS Exchange Server and Blackberry Enterprise Server for a 300,000 user Lan/Wan virtual server/VMWare environment.


Windows Server Systems Security Auditor for DOD Server Audit Project

Short term contract - Audited DOD connected Windows 2000/2003/2008 servers for 100 security compliance checkpoints and provided remedial action recommendations to remove numerous security risks and deficiencies that were discovered during the audit. Participated in planning team to coordinate necessary actions to bring servers running in a VMWare virtual server environment into compliance DOD security specs.


Windows Systems Administrator Server Admin and Desktop Support

  • Confidential
  • Duties identical with Department of Transportation DOT. See entry above.
  • Played major role in re-working and updating infrastructure, wiring, racks, servers and so on.
  • Windows System Administrator Server Admin and Desktop Support
  • Design, build, implement, secure and manage a network of desktops and servers for the operation and total operational support of an e-commerce business in a cost-effective manner while ensuring secure operation, speed and user-friendliness. This involved building all PC's and servers from the ground up, installing and maintaining all SMTP, DNS, and Web servers and consolidating some servers into VMWare virtual servers. This was a Windows Server 2003 environment.
  • Designed, built, installed, managed and maintained all of the following: PC's and Windows 2000/2003 servers, network hardware and configuration
  • Set up and configured two VLAN's using NAT, WAN connectivity to the internet
  • Set up and configured soho switches, soho firewalls linksys, d-link, netgear, network ice and others , soho routers linksys, d-link and netgear and wireless access points d-link with the objectives of cost effectiveness, speed, high security and maximum uptime.
  • Set up and configured an iMail SMTP mail server
  • Designed and implemented the world's first online totally automated satellite television subscription management and authorization system.
  • Designed, and maintained corporate sales website infrastructure
  • Designed a unique firewall and security system to prevent security breaches from the internet.


Windows Network Administrator 6 month Contract Position AD Administrator

  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of user accounts and systems configurations on a vast array of applications and systems in an enterprise environment of 28,000 users worldwide using HP OpenView and other management systems. These systems include, but are not limited to: Extensive Microsoft Active Directory experience, Exchange Server and e-mail services, VPN and WLAN remote access and vendor access systems in a large VMWare virtual server environment. Regulated access to data files using standardized access methods. Windows Server 2003 environment.
  • Identified and developed new procedures and processes that resulted in vast improvements in access request processing time that resulted in an improvement from 25 on time SLA to 95 on time SLA
  • Duties included extensive use of Active Directory 7 hours/day 35hrs/week for the length of contract
  • Analyzed user requirements and based on those requirements and the standard requirements of the department the user was in, provided tailored access to a varied selection of 150 network applications, email and mobile access and wireless LAN access. Also configured read only or read/write access to various network shares based on user requirements and SOX compliance regulations. Wrote work requests to other network administrators when new network shares had to be added.
  • Analyzed departmental procedures and problems to automate or improve efficiency of existing systems and review computer system capabilities
  • Developed and prepared documentation required to support recommendation/solution to the business, IT End User Organizations. Included technical materials, such as equipment manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions


Network System Server Administrator Contract Position Server Upgrade Project

  • Teaming with engineers to ensure accuracy of depot and field upgrade of Windows NT servers to Windows 2000 server, migration procedures and documentation used in the upgrade, migration and maintenance of 163 IBM PC and IBM Netfinity servers. Wiped and re-configured raid arrays, installed and configured Windows NT server 4.0 and all support apps such as anti-virus and remote control software. Also built numerous IBM Netfinity servers and installed OS. Provided level 3 support when required. Read, analyze and interpret technical procedures and manufacturers' technical documents. Write technical reports, procedures and correspondence.
  • Showed the Confidential how to use Ghost to image new servers to reduce upgrade downtime.


Windows Systems Administrator / programmer

  • Design, build, implement, secure and manage a network of PC's and Windows NT 3.51 servers for the operation and total operational support of an e-commerce business in a cost-effective manner while ensuring secure operation, speed and user-friendliness. This involved building all PC's and servers from the ground up, installing and maintaining all SMTP, DNS, and Web servers.
  • Designed on-line forms for web user feedback. This was a new concept at the time
  • Trained users as needed on how to use MS Word, Excel, Access and the Windows 98 operating system
  • Acted as Level 1 and 2 support for end users


Network Administrator / Network Planner Workstation and Server Installation and Setup Project

Designed and implemented a new 20 node TCP/IP corporate network and coordinated effort to get the network connected to the internet complete with intra-office and internet email for all workstations, including adding users, setup and configure DNS and SMTP servers, setup and install printers and print shares.


Network Administrator / Planner

  • Designed and coordinated effort to get the 200 node LAN of the Comptroller's office securely connected to the internet complete with email and a web page on new departmental servers.
  • Coordinated arrangements with the phone company for installation of a T1 line and Cisco office router, requested 2 class C address assignments and domain name from the dot.US authority
  • Configured an HP-4 port router to route IP traffic from the Cisco router into three subnets, completely designed and set up the department's first web presence, and set up primary and secondary DNS server configuration.
  • This job was being worked concurrently with my job at UCF.


Data Communications Engineering Field Systems Specialist

  • Prepared, issued and coordinated work orders, procedures, schedules and technical CAD drawings for teams of technicians in field operations, maintenance and installation of T1, T3, OC1, OC3 data systems, LAN/WAN and other data communications facilities and equipment in accordance with NASA and NASA contractor requirements.
  • Worked directly with other design engineers and NASA to design and implement Kennedy Space Center's first high speed network on a combination of copper and fiber infrastructure
  • Cable plant design and management for equipment racks and cable trays
  • Resolved resource and manpower scheduling conflicts. Reviewed work for technical completeness and NASA standards compliance. Worked with design engineers and verified/corrected design engineering blueprints in a team effort to design and implement Kennedy Space Center's first high speed data network.

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