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Linux Systems Administrator Resume Profile



With over five years experience in Systems Administration, Networking, and Programming, seeking a Systems Administration position in a high-energy environment with creative minds, where my experiences, background knowledge, and skill set will be fully utilized while fitting into companies' expectations, needs, and corporate culture.


Operating Systems

Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / 7, Linux Red Hat EL 4/5 , Debian UNIX BSD , VMWare ESX Enterprise 4.0 / ESXi 4.1 / ESXi 3.5 / Cisco IOS, Mac OS 1.0 10.6

Programming Languages

BASH, PHP, PERL, SQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Regex


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Flatfile

Network Technologies

Cisco ACLs, Cisco vLANs, Cisco IOS, Packet Filtering, QoS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, NFS, IP Tables, FireWall, secure service tunneling, interconnecting unrelated networks, IP Routing, VPN, IPSEC, SSL, AES Encryption, Fiber Optics, ATM Loops, DSL, Dial-up, T1, iSCSI, Link Aggregation: PAgP, LACP, Port Bonding, NIC Teaming

Server Software

Apache, MySQL, eMail: postfix / sendmail / cyrus / ClamAV / Mailman, Plesk, MailEnable, BillMax, Postini SPAM, OpenSRS SPAM, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL Server MS SQL , Microsoft Access, Exchange, Active Directory, Microsoft Office 97-2008, Visio, LDAP, multiple eMail clients, web browsers both graphical and non-graphical, Remote Desktop, VNC, off onsite data replication: full, differential, incremental, and full delta, RADIUS, Cacti, Nagios, What's Up Gold, Request Tracker, as well as a myriad of UNIX command line tools.


Functional and working knowledge of computer hardware and components, server maintenance, LANS, WANS, Wireless WANs, Cisco / Netgear / HP / VMWare, vSphere 4.0, VLANs, Cisco 7200 routers, Cisco 4506 L2/L3 switches, Cisco 2950 switches managed , Cisco 3560G switches, Dell servers, Apple servers, RAID mass storage systems, nested RAID such as 10 and 50, SANs, VoIP Phones Linksys , SonicWall routers, Uninterruptable Power Supplies UPS monitoring and maintenance, Environmental Monitoring Units EMU , heat dissipation units.


Netrepid is a professional services company focused on business class IT solutions specializing in long distance wireless point-to-point radio communications.

Job Position: UNIX / Linux Systems Cisco Network Administrator

UNIX / Linux Systems Administrator

  • Migrated company's Data Center physical location , maintained, and enhanced its functional status.
  • Migrated all customers eMail SPAM services to another filtering provider.
  • Planned for immediate and future technical business needs.
  • Established VPN connectivity for work from home employees.

Data Storage

  • Maintained daily file-level and machine-level backups, off-site data replication and synchronization.
  • Provisioned and configured Dell PowerVault MD3000 for use with VMware ESX servers via iSCSI.


  • Migrated all company physical and virtual machines to VMware ESX Enterprise VSphere 4.0.
  • Maintained new and existing VMware virtual machines, and their resource allocation.


  • Created auditing scripts as needed to enhance server effectiveness.
  • Maintained scripts that automated manual processes.

Routing and Switching

  • Established redundant routers, switching, and uplinks to providers such as Level 3 and Cogent.
  • Designed and implemented networks for both company and customer needs.
  • Managed collocated customer networks.


  • Ensuring Data Center, company, and customer servers and networks were always online and accessible.
  • Internal systems and network reliability, utilization, and load balancing.
  • Monitored point-to-point radio links, signal quality, and other radio vitals.
  • Security auditing.

Technical Support


Pennsylvania Online is an Internet Service Provider ISP local to the area of Harrisburg, PA. Providing Internet connectivity, web and eMail hosting services to residential and business class customers.

Job Position: Jr. UNIX / Linux Systems Cisco Network Administrator

Jr. UNIX / Linux Systems Administrator

  • Worked together with Sr. Systems Administrator, ensuring day-to-day operation of the company.
  • Anticipating and planning for immediate and future technical business needs.
  • Identifying inefficiencies in the system and proposing ways of handling them.
  • Maintained the functioning status of the Data Center.

Data Storage

  • File level backups of each company server Full, Differential, and Incremental.
  • Keeping the company and customer servers lean, identifying and clearing out outdated files.
  • Maintaining machine level backups.
  • Hardware and Software based RAID management.


  • Migrating all physical servers into four VMware ESXi hosts.
  • Provisioning new Virtual Machines.
  • Maintaining VMware virtualized environment.


  • Created billing audits identifying recoverable revenue and over paid expenses.
  • Creating tools for Tier 1 and 2 support staff to enhance customer service.
  • Writing, modifying, and maintaining various scripts that would automate otherwise manual processes.

Routing and Switching

  • Maintaining backbone uplinks to the Internet.
  • Provisioning collocated customer VLANs, bandwidth allocation, IP space, and subnet size.
  • Maintained router ACLs and FireWalls.
  • Ensuring T1, DSL, and dial up users were always able to connect.


  • Ensuring Data Center, company, and customer servers were always online and accessible.
  • Network reliability, utilization, and load balancing.
  • Security auditing.

Technical Support

  • Tier 3 and 4 support.
  • Rotating 24x7 on-call schedule.


Job Position: UNIX / Linux / Apple Macintosh Systems Administrator

Systems Administrator - Servers

  • Architected, built, implemented, and maintained a multi-server solution for the Graphic Arts department.
  • Centralized user account parameters via LDAP.
  • Monitored the reliability and uptime of the Servers.
  • Planned and implemented upgrades to both server software and hardware.

Systems Administrator Workstations

  • Designed, implemented, and supported over 50 high-end Graphic Arts and Video Workstations.
  • Weekly distribution of vendor software, operating system, and workstation functionality updates.
  • Planed and deployed new workstation hardware and peripherals.
  • Ensured availability and reliability of all Workstations and Instructor systems.

Network Design

Worked with network engineers to optimize existing network to gigabit performance over jumbo 9000 frames, to provide the required high bandwidth, low latency, data transport overhead.

Data Storage

  • High Bandwidth data storage and availability via Fibre Channel.
  • Management of multi-terabyte RAID storage arrays, maintenance, and quota enforcement.
  • Designed, and implemented a method to automate nightly backups, replication, compression, and rotation of users' files.


  • As needed, wrote programs to facilitate the automation of operations regularly performed manually.
  • Built auditing programs that identified and reported resource utilization, including, but not limited to Servers, Workstations, and printers.

Personnel Manager

  • Created a rotating schedule for work-study student employees.
  • Reschedule when conflicts would occur, or when an employee was unavailable.

Technical Support

  • Supported both student and faculty technical needs.
  • Repaired hardware in the event of device failure.
  • Graphic art printers troubleshooting, laser, and 44 plotter.

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